Pray for Others

pray for my friend Steph that she will receive salvation. also that she will be financially blessed....also, she is very lonely please bless her with a husband and with amazing friends. she lives in another country and she is so lonely.

I am having a major financial need. My boss hasn't paid me in 3 weeks. I am out of money. He will not respond to my calls or texts. Please pray that God will burden my boss's heart to pay me this week.

Please pray for my son Franz who smokes ,I pray that he stops and find something else as a hobby, May God change the way he thinks and he speaks as though he is always angry. May God grant him a make over ,amen

john my boyfriend guidance in his walk with the Lord. I dont think he feels truly loved and forgiven.

Please help all the torando viticms ,hold them in your hand lord, keep us safe in our travles ,keepus safe from harm,keep our troops safe and our leaders,say a pray for two people battling cancer in your name Amen

i a christian who has not worked for the past 2 mouths , i am asking gob to bless me with a job . to pay my bills and be used by him. he still has not answer me n money is short why he dont asnwer my prayer.

Please pray for my daughter's physical and mental health. She just had a baby and is suffereing with anxiety and depression which is affecting her health. With everyone's prayers, she will return to her confident, motivated self.

Recently I found out my son is gay and is going down the wrong path. Through a difficult journey of my own, I discovered I was to blame. A hovering mother and distant father turns a beautiful boy into a gay young man. Please pray for him that he chooses a the right path towards God. Also pray for my husband, my other wonderful son and me that we have strength in our journey towards peace and to be a happy family.

my cousin Gloria is scheduled for another heart test. Pray they can cure the blockage by a stent.

Please pray for us. My husband has been out of work since August sent out over 1000 resumes with no luck. Must find something soon or we will have to rent out house and move in with relatives. Please ask God to open employers hearts for older workers.