Pray for Others

my mother passed away this past December. I miss her so much and would like to ask that you will pray for her in heaven with God. Please pray for myself and my sisters that we will be strong and care for each other now that mom is gone. Thank you

I need prayer about my moving situation that it will go smoothly and work out for me and my son. also godly christian friends.for me and my son.

RR has a meeting at 9:30 tomorrow please pray that he has self-control and that he gets what he wants.

That Chuck pays what is owed to me soon. That him and Pat will break up soon. Special intention for my job. Speical intention for my house.

clear my debts..and be blessed with health and some other form of income to help me to pays these debts as soon is possible....I feel asfixieded...sinking...may Goad help me..

please pray for franices fowler we work for her daugther and now franices has lost so coins all in quther in three bags she said no one had ever seen the bags the ones who work here but now they are missing frances said could you pray for her to let god let her fine them they are here some where in house she moved them and forgot where she moved them she has the starting of old timers the nurse said and told us to watch out it could be bad so we need a prayer that cions are found in her house and where she put them pleease pry and let god show us where the quaters are that are in three bags thanks

Please pray for Rick who has just been diagnosed with the worst kind of pancreatic cancer. The doctors aren't giving the family much hope. Please keep his wife, Molly, in your prayers.
My daughter, Amy, just lost her baby in miscarriage. She had been told that she couldn't have any more children, so was really feeling that this (the baby) was really a miracle. She is very sad and because of her age doesn't think that it will happen again..please keep her in your prayers. Thank you, Colleen

This prayer is for my 23 year old son David. He has an alcohol and drug addiction that he does not admit to. Today he told someone it would be easier if he died. He thinks he has made to big of a mess of his life that he cannot fix. I don't know how to help him or talk to him. He has so much potentional. He is very
bright and talented. Please pray for us and especially for him to want to get better.

Please prayer that god rekindles the love between my husband and I removing any boundary or person getting in the way of this. That god illuminates his word on my husband and he sees thus is not gods word or will. That god is performing. A miracle on our dead marriage and showing me how to get ready for when my husband suddenly comes home thank you

Please pray for my dear friend Cinda, she has pancreatic cancer that has gone to the liver. She is such a strong faithful christian. And she is loved by many, and she inspires so many. Even now with her cancer, and seeing how it affects her. She is still showing joy and faith. I can't imagine what she is going through personally. But pray that she does stay very strong in her faith and won't be moved, and that God will heal her, and that she will be a miracle for His glory and that we all will see God's mighty wonderful power through her miraculous healing, because God can heal her, He can do the impossible. Pray that we all can see this glorious miracle, and will give God all the glory and that it will change people's lives and bring them to God. Let this healing on Cinda be a witness to bring people to Jesus and that they will give him glory, praise and worship, and that they will repent and surrender to Jesus and He will be their Lord and Savior. Thank You LORD. Amen.