Pray for Others

Thank you for your prayers. This morning I have several pray requests. I know that there are many people who probably need your prayers more than I. I am sorry to be so selfish. But if you all have time can you pray for:
1. My husband, that he is able to tolerate his work and that his employers are reasonable in their requests.
2. My son-in-law that he finds employment with the firm he has sent his resume to in New York so that they can move.
3. My son, that he realizes that he needs GOD thru his life, that he praises God and gives him thanks for everyday. May God send his angels to be with him as he moves out on his own, and may God bless him with good health.
4. My daughter, may God be with her as she prepares to get pregnant and start a family.
5. For me, as I guide my family along, bless me with good health and patience.
Thank you so much.

Father God Please let today be the day my prayers are answered...Please let today be the day you take all of Alisonss burdens and pain from the past and she becomes ready for a relationship with me. Please bring us back together today. In Jesus Christ name Amen

My name is Roseline-i' m in need for prayers more than i have my first born who's 12 years old she's deaf its very hard for me because i have the financial support to help her in some of her needs i feel like i'm failings as a mother please help me reach God.I know with him everything is possible.her name is kimbsia -

Please pray for Janet that she will get well.
Pray that my daughter Stephanie will find a job...she really needs a diversion after the death of her son.
Thank you

Greetings In the name of Jesus Christ. My name is Sandy A.A and I am requesting prayer.
Prayer Request.
To break all strongholds, foul spirit, charms and all evil attack from satan and his demons over my life, children, relationship and family.
For my son to be successful and in his 2012 exams
To heal my sons of his unknown source of seizures
For me to retain all what I study and be successful in my exams and education and remove negative and evil obstacles
Break negative spirit of lack in finances, strife, disunity, procrastination, fear, and foul spirit
Renew my mind and live victorious, undefeated, stable, happy, and peaceful
Bless me with the spirit of discernment, deeper faith, love, consistency, completion, knowledge, favor, grace and strength
Healing mentally, physically, spiritually,emotionally, psychologically, internally, socially and finacially
Pray for my children to be obedient and respectful
Pray for a convenient and good job and bless my mother and all my family
Thank you and God bless you.
Sandy A. A.

I'm asking for prayer for my husband Jim and his job...I'm asking for favor, confusion to the plan of the enemy, blessings on the people at his work...thank you!!!

Please pray that Vicki and Dave and Jimmy and Rene have strong, healthy, happy, loving, caring and spiritual marriages. Thank you.

Please pray for the health of Joe, Joan, Frank, Meghann, Tara, Rene, Anna, Adam, Drew, Grant, Bill, Linda and Liam. Thank you.

Please pray for my niece, Olivia. She is 14 months old and is having trouble with loss of appetite and some vomiting. Thank you and God bless you.

Please pray that Jimmy, Mary, Carl, Jill and Mark get jobs. They are all good people who need and want jobs so that they can support themselves and their families. Please say a prayer of thanks for Dave, Rene and Ashley getting jobs and that they do well. Thank you.