Pray for Others

My older brother Wayne is in his second round of chemotherapy for throat cancer.

Pray that my son & his girlfriend do not stray from each other. Pray that they create a stable & loving home from their son (my grandson). Pray that they become financially secure. Let them know you are always with them.

guardian angel plese protect mackenzie especially when she is with her mom guide seth and mackenzie in school with grades and help mackenzie to catch up and they both make honor roll

Pray for my oldest son & grandson that they stay together & have happiness. Pray that the ones that have lied & hurt them leave them alone. Pray that his girlfriend does not betray him & they get their finances under control. Pray that my husband finds a job that pays our bills so I can continue to keep our grandson. Pray that my youngest son finds happiness & a job he enjoys. Pray that my mom & mother in law get their BPs under control & they feel better. Pray that my family has health, happiness, love, peace, safety, strength & financial security. May GOD Bless You All. In THY name I pray,

billis not mikies sue good news mikie eyes and kidneys do not get worse corys back better good health for mackenzie seth lacey and baby alecia and ababay mom guardian angel please protect and guide me mike jenny mikie cory lacey seth mackenzie mom linda karen barry ketih gerald and rest of family find dads ring

I need prayer for my business and career. In Jesus' Name, Amen

In the name of Jesus, bind any curse upon my life from the devil and his tools! Pray for all generational curses to be removed from my life and offspring after me, I 'm so tired of the massive misfortune, isolation, rejection, defeat, bad things in my life constantly, Please take authority over all evil force against me through the power of the Lord. The devil has made my life like a nightmare- the worst suffering/affliction is this constant isolation, to be without human relations, no friends, no family support and no one to share life with..

My name is Kathleen and I'm 75 years old. I a have been a widow for 13 years and my health is not good - my back is very bad. I've lived in my 2 story home for 52 years but going up the stairs is very difficult for me. I sleep in a recliner in the living room. I suffer from depression. I need to move to another town and buy a home where my son can live with me and help take care of me. Financially he is unable to help. I need to sell my home in order to have the money to buy another one. My son lives in a trailer which is hard for me to climb the steps in order to enter but I am happier there than here in my own home. My one enjoyment in life is my 9 year old dachshund. I realize that economy is bad and houses are not selling well. Mine has been on the market for 8 months now. I get very depressed knowing that I need to give up this home I've lived in since I was 22 years old but at this point it is what needs to be done. Please pray that God will answer my prayers which will enable to to move on in my life and feel as if I'm living again. Thank you for reading my request.

Please ask God to help me financially. I'm at my wits end. I'm afraid to look in the mailbox. I don't know what to do. Please ask God to liberate me from this awful debt. And please ask God to bless a book I wrote. Thank You. And I pray that God helps you - too. Craig!

lord, i pray that you will bring people into my son alex -'s life today who want to become - advisors and are interested in the- business. lord, i pray that you will bring people into my son alex -'s life today who want to become - distributors and interested in the - business. lord, i pray that you will bring people into my son alex -s life who want to purchase - products and want to learn about the -business. lord, i pray that you will help my son alex - pin silver in march 2012. thank you for helping my son alex - to pin silver in march 2012 and help his -business triple in size today.