Pray for Others

Please pray for my husband's business, collections have gone way down and we need something to come in.

we need to get an insurance problem solved very soon.the accident we had over 2 years ago has not been was the other guy's fault,but his insurance refuses to pay.

My brother in law, dave was diagnosed with esophageal cancer and will have to have his esophagus taken out, he won't be able to work and I don't know how they can pay their mortgage. The doctors don't know if it is in his lymph glands. Please pray for my sister and her husband and their 2 little girls.

Please pray for my sister Julia she has unforgiveness toward me I have not done anything to offend or hurt her that God would reveal himself to her and change her heart conditionin Jesus name

please pray for me so that I get a good health report

Please pray for my son Ryan, for God's guidance and healing.

please pray for and with us so that the house will be sold

Lord, i just pray that if it is your will for me to study at U-, please give me a confirmation. thank You. in Jesus' name, amen.

Please pray that our grand-daughters hand is ok,I think she fell on it the wrong way,she is only 1yr.old.It hurts her.please pray thatshe will be healed.Thank you

Please pray for my sister Debra, for God to remove the hate from her heart and the grief. To help her do make the right choice.