Pray for Others

My husband of ten years has decided to move out of the home we share with our two young children, 6 and 4. He has said that his intention is divorce, but he hasn't filed any paperwork, and it's taken him 18 weeks to make the move, after he told me of his plans. I know that God won't overcome someone's free will, so my prayer request would be that I stop trying to control the situation and let go. I can't seem to fully put my trust in God that he will take care of the situation, as He sees fit. My mouth says the words, but I can't wrap my brain around it. Please pray for strength and courage to let God make His plan known to me, and for me to accept whatever that may be. Thank you.

Healing for my grand mother Jackie's ailments. Her sarcoidosis is flaring up as well as other issues seriously affecting her well being.

I need a job and a better place to live. I need help with the grieving process, I lost my mother on November 21, 2011 and it still hurts so bad.

Please pray God will bless, heal and protect me and my family. God can do anything. I love the Lord and I ask you to please help our family pray that He will stop and remove the burdens in our lives and protect us. I thank you for your prayers.

I,Mrs.Surin request the volunteers to pray for my husband Mr.Surin,who is dependent on alcohol for several years and keeps a very low self esteem,has been absenting from office work as well.Please pray for him that he gets cured of this disease and gains his self confidence and resumes his work with full confidence.Please pray that he also keeps a loving relationship with all his near and dear ones.

Please pray with me to be delivered from all curses upon my earthly life and be blessed with friends and a partner to share life with. I've met affliction, defeat, loneliness, misfortune, rejection, sickness and other bad things in life constantly, I'm saved, and all these bad things cannot be from God, but a generational curse, so please pray for these curse/hexes to be removed by the power of the Blood and name of Jesus - must the devil and his demons flee!

I need prayers for a safe trip for me, my daughter and my son. I pray for MIC, CRC, CML, HJV, JCS, RCS, MEC, OSC. May God grant them good health and make their dreams come true. I ask this in the name of your son Jesus. Amen.

relief from severe pain in left forearm, left elbow, and left shoulder blade. on pain meds, need relief so I can get off them, please. for Janice thank you.

Lord, Bless me with the strength, courage, energy ,and conviction to succeed.I still feel overwhelmed by everything and now have my the positive state of mind to defeat Evil.The Evil of Cancer, some people's deeds, and lies seems to never give up, but I pray for the Lord’s help.The battles continue with bills, getting medicine,and just trying to get help day to day(with little energy). With so many surgeries and radiation last year, I am tired,the fear and the pain of Evil keeps me from sleeping and healing. Nothing is easy, must keep my Faith in Jesus. God’s guidance gives me the direction and path to take.I must keep my faith strong, pray for wisdom and guidance only the Lord can give me. Hope and Spirit have returned. Jesus, Bless my day and may Evil of all nature be Gone Forever.Let the Holy Spirit soar thru my soul, return my strength and clear my mind..Evil still knocks on my door and will not go away. Lord hears my prayers, and by my side, Faith and resolve will prevail.Cancer be Gone

lord we pray for a healing in each one of us my family as you know each of us has some problems we are struggling with. amen
thank you lord and thanks to all who pray for us amen