Pray for Others

Please pray for my granddaughter, Hannah. She has been diagnosed with leukemia at age 13 and in the hospital for eight days getting chemotherapy. Thank you.

For my husband Bill with his depression. He can only work part time and that is a killer. He has an appointment with social secruity this month. Please pray he will focus on God not the problems. Thanks so much.

Heavenly Father, in the name of your son the Lord Jesus Christ, if this is your will, please bring my wife Carderra back to me from our brief marriage. I have made so many mistakes, but want to be the Christian husband that she so deserves and that you require of me. I understand the committment and hard work that this will be, but I'm ready for all of this to bring glory to your holy name, in your son I pray, AMEN.

Asking for prayer regarding challenges at work and askig for a blessing for Family.

Hello my name is Tammy I live in Canada. Please pray for my husband Nixon and I. We are married he lives in H-i, we have applied for permanent residence for him to be with me in Canada. Please pray God hears our prayers to help bring him to me quickly with no problems. Please ask God to bring Nixon home to me , it is so hard being away from him. We need to be together and live by Gods word. Thank you and God Bless.

My name is Doug I am a 46 year old Christian man in a relationship with a 44 Christian women name is Penny.Planning on moving forward together
Marriage etc. Well she recently got cold feet and wanted time
To let things settle in. I said fine ...not one of my strong points(waiting)
Just to come to find out that she has also developed interest in other man
Well he is unsaved, married, with adult kids and grand children.
He has given her a lot of money for a new place to live.With the expectation of getting some thing in return and he is using it as Leverage to manipulate. And I have learned that she is probably not the first one he has done this to. Her response is I feel guilty not to do something Because he has done so much for me. He will hurt her badly, again I
don't believe it is his first time with setting people up for favors
So the request is removal of this guy and other if any
Have her wake up and then reconciliation…To move forward together This is working. Pray it keeps moving and for protection

Dear Heavenly Father I Pray that My Husband caomes back Home April 09,2012 Nad that we Make our Marriage work and please always put God First in our home of life and our Marriage Please in Jesus name I pray that our Father brings him back home in the name of the father son and holy spirit amen. Fernandes

For our daughter, Katie, that she will be safe from harm and evil and that she will make good friends that will allow her to be secure from her evil boyfriend, Andrew, who abuses her financially, spiritually and emotionally. Thanks.

Please pray for our family to regain love and unity. Feelings were hurt during my mother's illness and death. It was all fruitless and senseless. We have been more than two years without talking with the oldest sibling who is the one that will not relent. I ask you to pray for his and his wife's heart to soften and forgive whatever they think has been done to them.

Dear Prayer Warriors: I reach out to you with a request that God grant a miracle to happen for John and I; a windfall of money. Our wish is to semi-retire and pray/listen to God to see where we can utilize our time, talent and treasure whether it is sheltering the homeless, feeding the hungry, helping with Blessings in Backpacks, Guideposts, etc. We can not devote our time while still working to gain money for bills. This miracle would be very beneficial to others around us - it's not the money itself. It is what the money can offer. We have very little time to ourselves with work and the commute. Please send Blessings indeed - that our territory may be enlarged. In Jesus' Name.