Pray for Others

Please pray for my daughter--that her test results come back good and that they will just do this surgery that she needs and get it over with so she can heal. She is so young and her son and husband need her! Also please pray that my father's cardiologist visit turns out alright and nothing is wrong with him. God Bless and thank you.

Tyler (18) improve relationship with mother.
Chase 3 1/2 behavioral problems.

Heavenly Father, in the name of your son the Lord Jesus Christ, if this is your will, please bring my wife Carderra back to me from our brief marriage. I have made so many mistakes, but want to be the Christian husband that she so deserves and that you require of me. I understand the committment and hard work that this will be, but I'm ready for all of this to bring glory to your holy name, in your son I pray, AMEN.

I studying for the ACCA exams schedule for June 2012. I have two papers to sit that I want to pass so dearly. Please pray that God gives me strength, wisdom and understanding that will enable me to make a pass.

prayer is needed for the past due tax refund we so desperately need. thank you

Please pray for me and my family and please pray for us for a long time please pray for my depression

Please pray for me that my wife that I love so much will come home to me from Brazil. Please pray for me that she is not cheating on my and that she knows that I marriage is real and happy. Please GOD help me . Please GOD I need you help and miracles. I love my wife very much and I am very faithful to her. Please GOD I hope and pray that she is faithful to me. give to me a miracle please. I pray this in GOD;s name Amen

Prayer for forgiveness of my sins, that I shall keep my Heart,Mind and Soul on my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ,to Pray without ceasing for those in need and are hurting . Help me to be the best I can be for him . David

I am looking for a teaching job for next school year. One that will be a blessing to my family both financially, but more importantly, one that will allow me to be here for my family. We moved last June when my husband was given an amazing job with a new company after being told that his current employer was eliminating his position. A difficult move for myself and our 16 year old daughter and 12 year old son. I have been able to stay home to help our family adjust to our new life, but I need to go back to work next year so that we will have the money to help our children go to college when the time comes. I am hoping to teach in a nearby school district, or online and if nothing is available, then I will sub. I just pray that wherever I teach, I will be able to give my family the love and care that I have had the time to give this year and that I will make enough to meet our future financial needs. Thank you for praying for my family!

please pray that someday I have husband and kids. And problems dont seem so bad. To point can't handle them anymore.