Pray for Others

prayer request for my son named Dale who is now uncontrollable,,violent and very stranger...we just having an help me pray that the bad spirit in his mind and actions will get rid and may the blood of Jesus will be shed to his life!...thank u very much GOD BLESS U ALL!.this is his MOM MAY..

I need prayer for my wife & I, I am afraid that after only 8 years we have grown apart. I know it sounds negative but as of right now the future does'nt look to good for my marraige.
Thank you,

I'm in financial difficulty at the present time due to illness that I have and need prayers to comfort my thoughts that God will hold me in his arms and melt a my worries that things will work out as time allows it to. Not a prayer for money, but for comfort. Thank you so much

B/F I begin, thank YOU for praying this prayer with me.
I'm battling health issues since birth. I'm older now and I need Gods CLEAR and DIRECT guidance as to where I can find the right supplements so I can get OFF the medications they have me on.
I am asking God to fill me with His love and guide me in ALL aspects of my health to guide and help me live a life with strength where I can encourage others. Thank you.

Paul is my best friend. He's a teacher (and a darn good one) but the job market in California is terrible. PLEASE pray he gets steady employment with benefits and retirement either teaching or in the field of Geology. Thank you cuz prayer we all know! : )

hello,my name is tonya and i recieve Angels on earth.iam a true
believer in GOD,our LORD.I cherish
Angels on earth.I would love for you to pray for me.I ask for healing of my liver,and strenth to
be able to use my left arm,and hand
properly again. Thankyou,and GOD
bless you.

I am asking God to increase my love and capacity for humankind. I have been hurt and deceived and have released the judgment but I need more strength and courage to just "be" and help anyone I can as well I can.
This is HUGE for me because I've been betrayed many times and remember the scars. I am asking God to help me go forward in strength and grace to serve my community. Thank YOU!

Please pray for healing for my husband who has been diagnosed with stage 4 cancer that has metastasized to his skelleton. He is in severe pain and is rapidly losing weight. He needs to be able to eat and keep what he eats down.

Our sis-in-law Ruth is going to be married. She is living in our mom's house. She made an apartment for them in her home when my brother was alive.
I am asking God to guide the relationship between our mom, sis-in-law , and her fiancée because Ruth has MANY emotional and mental problems.
PLEASE pray for the harmony of the three of them getting along since our mom is 87 and needs peace, not problems from Ruth and her ways of deceit. Thank you SO MUCH!

Dear Lord though times like this that i dont have a job i still awaits your blessing for me to be given a stable work and if being granted i pray that i may get back the previous job at the district of north van as a mechanic to help me support my family and loved ones in your Holy Name. Amen