Pray for Others

Please pray for Shannon tomorrow and the next few days while she takes the bar exam. May God be with her and guide thru the exam to victory and may no weapon formed against her prosper during the exam. Thank you.

I am praying for financial free and becoming debt free. I currently have more money going out then coming in.I am in need of a financial breakthrough. Hoping God bless me with better job and debt free.

My brother and sister has lost their jobs, please pray for them.

Pray for the peace of Israel. Pray also for Gods true people to "watch and pray" make their selves ready for the return of Christ.

Please pray I am offered the job I so much want.

Please pray that DC hears good news regarding a. job offer soon. Thank you!

Please pray for Chad wife filed restraint order cannot see his kids so worried what he will do

please pray for my restaurant business which is located inside a small airport in L.A.County. I may lose it as I was given 30 day notice to leave with no reason. I have obligations and commitments that are scheduled, some monthly,others are private functions, I pray that the County and the airport managers will turn their decision around. May our Lords will be done, as much as I want to stay and make it profitable. I do not want to file for bankruptsy, I simply want to pay my debts and taxes , Amen

Dear God,
Help me with my spouse raymond in his health, he got Mild stroke and will needed to be hospitalized, please give us his family the strenght and may your power overshadow on him and take away his illness, We pray for his recovery God, We lift to you his condition with hope and trust in your heart.. Show us your power that will work wonders and healing Amen

Hello - I was diagnosed with oral cancer ( I never smoked or anything!) and I will be going into an operation this friday. Please pray that the surgery will be successful in removing all the cancer. I just had a PET and CAT scan done - will have the results before the surgery. I pray they will be fine and show no cancer anywhere else except the small legion under my tongue. Thanks - Paige O