Pray for Others

i am praying healing of my body.i hsve tingly/itching over my entire body. help me not do be afraid of death.

I have a prayer request for my son James - Jr since he was 15 yrs of age, he is been in and out of jail, now he is 30 yrs of age and he said that this will be the last time, that he wont go back to jail, but after 8 months out, he went to school and graduate for Air condition technician, got his drivers license his wife is going to have his four baby, but then he said that he was feeling frustated because of his bad record he was not able to find a job, so he was feeling weak and he start doing drugs, didnt report to his parole so now he has a warrent for his arrest but he doesnt want to turn him self in, and I ask to my sisters and brothers warriors of prayer to pray for my son James Jr so he will turn himself in and for my son James to come back to the feets of God and to God be merciful with him, and protect his body mind and soul from the drugs and the spirit of God be my son James lawyer in court. I thank God, for you my brothers and sisters warriors of prayer. God bless you all.

Thank you for being a prayer warrior! Be blessed! Please pray for a family friend, Randy to be completely healed, Lord you know. Also pray for his salvation. Thank you.

Thank you for being a prayer warrior! Be Blessed! Please pray for complete healing for little J, of childhood leukemia. With love in Christ.

i need prayer today for my breathing and my oxygen and my sugar and my chest and my body thank you

Please pray for my marriage to J. We both have things that need to be worked on. J is in the middle of a mid-life crisis. He has moved out and is persuing a divorce. Also, please pray for my job. I am really strugglng. My supervisor doesn't like me and critizes everything I do. Heavely Father, I pray for my marrige, family and job. Take over God, I give it all to you. I can't fix it alone. In the name and blood of Jesus, I ask this. Amen!

for my niece, Sue, who does so much for others. She has her hands full with her own child, but continues to help others. Asking for prayers and blessings for her and her family. thanks

Asking for prayer for so many who are ill. Billy,Claudia,Claudette,Mary,Katy,Ralph, Virginia,Barbara,Barbara W.,Ryan,Mike,James,Jim,Bill, Bud, Kim,
Renate, and any that I might overlook. thanks

Please pray or the "insane" wherever they may be on this Earth! Pray that their stigma and gifts are reflected by their Godly living!

Thank you for all your prayer warriors and helping others! God bless you! Please pray for a friend, D, complete healing for an aortic aneurism, her overall health to improve and complete healing from high blood pressure. Please also pray for her salvation. Thank you.