Pray for Others

Thought for today. I would like to say how good I feel at this moment and how grateful I am for what all the Blessed Lord has brought through. Thank you, Richard -

My Son Barry is going thru some difficult times; he has been paralyzed for over 30 yrs, due to a sports accident.
He is currently dealing with an infected bone in one of his feet that came about from an external blister that got infected & couldn't be healed, The infection is now in his foot bone & he will be starting some long extensive treatment to get that bone infection healed next Monday Feb 27th, 2hrs a day/5days a week/for a period of 4wks! Please pray for his healing!!!

several days ago I posted a prayer for my daughter's family, for my daughter, her husband and her baby. Truth is I have mixed feelings about her husband, he is a highschool drop out and I did not trust him to be an honest hard working person. I think he abused my daughter and he lied a lot and they did some bad things such as breaking in her father's home and stealing. However I do have compassion for him and I want to be able to help him. My deep and strong belief is that only education can lead to a better life and if is GOD's plan and will for us I want to help him get a GED and continue in college.
Well anyways, just few days after posting my prayers I got the news that he found a job in a moving comapny but in a different state which means he will have to live away from my daughter and the baby for a while. He is leaving on Monday to start this job. I want to pray for his safety and protection.
Please pray for Leo to grow up and be able to work hard and be succesful and be able to save money for his family. If is GOD's will and plan for us please pray that they will come here to be with us asap so we can help them complete their education and start a better life.
In the name of the Father the Son and The Holy Spirit

pray for a huge turn around for kristyn at college. she will talk to every teacher and see how she can improve her grades. she may fail a few courses. pray for a determined spirit for her and the Lord will touch her mind. bind the world, fleshy and the devil from affecting her school work.. pray she will not be discouraged but have hop in him.

pray for kristyn and her studies at college. she is not doing well and may be failing a class or two. pray the Lord will remove her test anxiety.. (in part do to her bi-polar mom who has told her she iss stupid).. pray she will have the mind of Christ and will have the courage to talk to the teachers and ask for help. pray they will bring up giving her extra time to finish the exams.. speak to her mind that she will not be discouraged or depressed. pray she will mount up with wings like eagles. she will understand her identity in Christ. bind the world, the flesh and the devil from her studies and mind...pray she will get the 3.0 to get into the special education program at school (unc). speak to this obstacle .. pray for a peaceful ending to a relationship dave is in.. Liz has a non -biblical view on pre-marital sex, and dave is ready to walk..

I ask for prayer for my friend Tencia and her husband. She has contacted me and asked for prayer.

I wake up every morning with this feeling of anxiety weighing on my chest. This feeling of a heavy weight of fear and worry of what might happen. I am a mother of 3 young children who is divorced and I work a full time job. I say my prayers every morning to lift that feeling off my chest and give thanks for all my blessings; but I still feel this weight. I pray for inner peace and work on that every day. I read in one of your Guideposts booklets of how a woman prayed for a stranger a day and I try to do that also and encourage my children to do that as we say our bedtime prayers together which we just started doing for Lent. I thought this would bring us closer together as a family and to God. I just pray for continued health for me and my family and that I can work through this anxiety and find peace of mind and spirit through Christ.

Praise God for Jess going to the rehab center!! But- please take away Rachel's anxieties!!

I need continual prayer for my mom who has dementia. Her dementia shows no sign of improving and her mobility is almost exclusive to a wheel chair. I pray for her safety and care by the nursing home nurses. I also ask for guidance and help in paying for her care and medical bills.

My mother Helen - has been in hospital for almost a year now with blood poisoning from dialysis. She has had 7 major surgeries, has lost alot of weight and hair, and has recently gone blind in both eyes. She is unable to walk or stand up, and is very depressed. The Dr. says he thinks she had a stroke a couple of days ago, and she has not been responding very well when we talk to her. She is very depressed and worried, and the Dr. is wanting to admit her into hospice soon, but I believe in the power of prayer and have faith that God can heal her. Also give my father (Harvey -) strength, peace and comfort as we are dealing with this, he is hurting and taking it hard. I pray we can keep our faith and not lose hope, and believe in the power of prayer. Thank you so much, and God Bless you. Brandi -