Pray for Others

Pray with me that I become closer to the lord, and my prayer life become stronger. Please pray for my family and our finances.
Also asking that for my son;s job to start back at full capacity of work and he work 40 hours or more per week every week.

Dear Lord, please direct me to a job, help me with my decisions in life, grant me the peace I need. Thank you for my health and forgive me of my sins, and please shine your light upon me.
inyour name, I pray. Amen

Jonathan, my son, is job-hunting. Please pray for his success. Thank you!

Please pray for Cameron asking God to help him to make good choices in life. Pray for Tim and Laura, Matt, Amber, and family, Sherry, John and Molly. Pray for Aunt Margie and ask God to help her as cope and accept the help of others. Pray for me and my wife. Thank you.

prayer for peace and guidance to help to resolve my home and health care problems.

Please pray for Joe and Laura that they make the correct decisions in their lives and if possible that they get back together again.
Also pray for Matt & Lisa that Lisa will come to her senses and turn her life around and return to Matt and that Matt will be able to accept her back and that he is able to endure all his suffering along the way.

Dear Lord
I pray that mr daughter gets called for second interviews this week. She is well qualified for the positions, has been unemployed for 3 months and has nearly depleted her savings.
Lord I trust that your will be done, but pray that she gets these long awaited calls today. There is nothing else on her horizon and she is so scared about want will happen to her.

Please pray that I find a job soon, since I recently lost my job. I'm praying if it's God's will its a job that I can help someone. Thank you.

Requesting prayer for a sensitive situation in my life right now. I know god will lead me to the path that he sees fit. I pray he takes care if me and my family in our time of need. Also I need him to forgive me for all my sins. Please pray that this situation turns out in a good way for us. Thank you in advance.

Please pray for Cerimae (Sarah Mae)...
She specifically asked
PLEASE pray in agreement with us. It's too complicated to explain.
It needs to end IMMEDIATELY!
God bless you!
P.S. - "T***R" is an ungodly man