Pray for Others

I am under a burden of much money which I owe to most of the people I borrowed for the wedding of my daughter. The wedding of my daughter was settled blessfully but I being her father am under a burden. Pray for my release of this burden thru the grace of our Lord soon so that I could arrange my other daughter's wedding. May the Lord be with you always. Amen
Be Blessed and guided for prayers.

Pray for me this morning. It has been a tiring and stress filled week. May my strength be renvewed and would I be able to have balance in my life so that I may more effectively minister to those whom God has called me to serve alongside. Ask God for his protection to be raised about me and for the light to shine forth through me in all things.

I am facing open-heart surgery in the near future and need strength for myself and patience and understanding for my spouse. We will have to travel to another city, so we need protection in travel.

My adult son Leif is not motivated to work in any conventional ways. He keeps trying to do "his own thing" and pays a high price of homelessness for it. He never uses any substances. He no longer believes in the Bible as Truth about God, the Son and Spirit. He has been a loner in many ways for years now. I pray he would seek some serious counceling anywhere and that he would embrace the truth of who God is. Pray he will connect with the right people.amen.

Hi my name sukhwinder my husband name is sukhraj we got married in april 10,2011 some time i am get upset my heart is feeling that my husband is playing with me i love him so much and i want a peace in my life we are try to concive baby but i am not getting pregaent please do some thing for me i am all the time ffeel very saD some time thx plz pray for me .

Please pray for my sister Debra, for God's healing for her and His guidance.

Please pray for my son Ryan, for God's guidance and healing.

I would like to request prayers for my daughter-in-law's sister who has breast cancer and must undergo a second surgery-her name is Brenda. also I would like to have prayers said for my oldest friend's pet dog -he had surgery on a lump in his mouth and she is waiting to hear lab results-his name is Andy. many thanks --blessings on you all--Patricia

Please pray for my wonderful son Joey who is 14 years old and is
very angry at times. Now I think he is internalizing the anger and becoming depressed. Please pray for satan's touch on my son's life to be lifted and removed. Pray his sense of adventure and love for people will return. He is a winsome guy when these moods are not hitting. My husband and I need wisdom. thank you

Pray for my daughter that she will pick up hours at work and that she will be able to refinance her house for lower payments. Pray peace in her decision she made to break off getting married. She was seeing signs that led her to believe their marrying and following God together was not going to be.
Pray she will know Gods will, right now with finances, work hours, and her breakup-she is downcast, wondering where things are going. In Jesus Name!!