Pray for Others

Pray for God to hear us. He must be bombarded because it seems as if the whole world is falling apart. Shootings, businesses not being able to pay their bills, etc. etc. People suffering all over the country. Pray for sanity for those who are going through all of this. Pray for the strength that can only come from God. He is always there, as He promised, but let us not forget. Thank Him for His wonder and eternal love. Anonymous

Please pray for me. I am in deep depression and do a lot of worrying, peay that I will let my worries go and let God be in charge. I have not been able to do this and I need prayers desperately. thank you. JOANN

1. I may be laid off from my job in the next month. Please pray that I am able to keep my job. I am an insulin-dependent diabetic, and I need my health benefits.
2. My parents health.

Pray for God's direction.

in need of prayer for employment , thank you and God Bless

Thank you to all who prayed on my behalf regarding a phone interview I had last week. I've advanced to the next level -- a face-to-face interview that is scheduled March 8. I ask for continued prayer support for the face-to-face. This job would be an answer to many of my prayers and concerns; and I ask that God grant me this opportunity. I am truly grateful for His help and support; and I appreciate your voices raised with mine in prayer that this job come my way. N

i confess my sins. i have sin( disobeyed mother, fornication, lust,and (et cetera)so on and(et cetera)so on and (et cetera)so on please pray that god and jesus forgive my sins and heal every part of my body and guide me so that when i die i inherate my place in hevan.

For Kathy to get the visas and passport forms she needs.

Please pray for financial help. I am trying to get a loan to help my son with school and lower our house payment, but I know my credit is not that great anymore. Please help me.

please pray for me that soon, very soon I will no longer be in the need to depend FINANCIALLY on my sister, she makes me feel so bad.
Thank You n May GOD BLESS