Pray for Others

lord, i pray that you will help my son alex - to have a positive attitude about college and getting his college degree. lord, i pray that you will help my son alex - want to be at college and help him to get his college degree. thank you for helping my son alex - want to be at college and get his college degree.

Thank you for your prayers on my daughter wendy.She came through breast removal surgery She is Fine "thank the Lord " She goes to see Doctor I want to pray that the cancer did not spread. She still has the Bone cancer.. Please keep praying for her .
God Bless you all at Guide Post.
Donna -

Lord, i pray that you will help my daughter christina - lose 15 pounds with the 24 day challenge. lord, i pray that you will take away my daughter christina -'s appetite for junk food and help her to lose weight today. lord, i pray that you will take away my appetite for sweets and help me to lose weight today. thank you for helping to take away my daughter christina -'s and my appetite and help us to lose weight today.

Dear heavenly Father,My Lord Jesus please help my husband to find the jod he had applied for at W- F- P- F- L- ASSISTANT.Please dear Lord have mercy on my family,am begging you heavenly father,please shower us with you mercy,help us lift this burden of Finances that we are going through,help us clear everything and be finacialy free,please my Lord help us,please heavenly Father,guide me how to be a perfect wife and a good mother,protect my kids everyday in thier daily activities,give them wisdow to know you and serve you,help me to get the promotion at Work.lORD HELP ME PLEASE MY LORD TO OVERCOME THIS SITUATION TO HAVE A BREAKTHROGH IN OUR FINANCIALS AND PAY EVERY DEBT WE HAVE.IN JESUS NAME AMEN.

Please pray that my brother may have his faith restored, that he may overcome his discouragement and disappointment in himself, God and life.

84 yr old Ray who is having open heart surgery this morning in A- General Hospital in -, PA. They will be removing a clot in his heart, by passing blockage and replacing the battery in his pace maker. Prayer for a successful surgery, quick recovery and a speedy return. Pray for his family that is there with him and those that can't be there because of distance. His son whom has a bad heart also. Pray for the doctors and nurses attending to him through all this.
Pray for my Uncle Les who is having pain in his kidney. He only has one because of cancer, he is being very stubborn and will not go to the doctor to have it checked. Prayer for his daughter Julie for release from worry and for his other daughter and sons that they will see what they need to do to help their parents. The other daughter attends a church but feels she needs to be at the church and with the church people more than her parents when they need her which I feel is wrong. Guidance for everyone in this situation.
Prayer for safe travel for my four friends who will be traveling until Saturday when they return home.
Prayer for a new home for Maliki, a Siberian husky stray at our shelter.

Pray for Tim who is in the last stages of ALS. Pray for peace & comfort. Please pray for Dennis & Arlene who are going through very difficult trial. Pray that truth will be revealed and wrong set right. Please pray for Stephen who is being falsly accused of a terrible act. Pray that truth will be revealed and for mercy and favor towards him. Please pray for Jaeden for healing from diabetes Type 1 (11 yrs old). Pray for salvation for Jaeden and Treven. Pray for healing for Cindy (fibromyalgia/pain) and for Jim (alcoholism/alzheimer symptoms). Please pray for Kim for strength and for protection in her work environment. May no weapons formed against her prosper and every tongue that rises against her be condemned. Please pray for Shelley who is struggling financially and also pray that she will be able to reach her weight loss goals to improve her health. Pray for mercy and for healing for her. I know these are alot of prayers at once, but there are a lot of needs and God Almighty knows about them all and is ABLE to meet these needs. Thank you and thank you Lord Jesus for the love and the sacrifice that we might be saved and made whole. In your name. AMEN

For Evie, Joyce, Deb, Russell, David, Nick the Firefighter, Elise, Emily, and myself,and Courtney

For Evie, Joyce, Deb, Russell, David, Nick the Firefighter, Elise, Emily, and myself

My daughter who suffers with an eating disorder, is willing to try treatment again but needs to find a center which will accept Medicare as she is on disability. Please pray that she will find somewhere.