Pray for Others

Please pray for Robin. She had a job interview today for a badly needed job. Please pray she gets the job.


My neighbor lady was murdered last night by her husband. Her son from a previous marriage found her. Please pray for the son. He must be hurting really bad. Also please pray for the husband. He is at large right now. He was a good man until he started drinking. Please pray for all concerned.

I received this note from Sherry W-:
a very special friend of mine is...sadly..about to lose the cancer odds...but i still believe in prayer , hope n if you could all please all untite it through positive thought or prayer,,id appreciate it - ty!! Her name is Samantha ♥

Thank You Lord Jesus, those who pray, God Bless You, for C's healed teeth jaws head neck circulation tissues bones (especially strong & stable after recent alignment shifts), for enough sleep for C & M, freedom from negative emotions/energies. We Love You Lord! Amen.

Most Beloved Lord Jesus Thank You for Your clear guidance, direction & support during our LC appartment application period, clarity of right path. Thank You for a perfect ground-floor apartment, carpet preferably or wood floors, far enough away from laundry for clean air; with reasonably quiet neighbors that we can mutually work things out with, on the west end of the complex. Thank You for the perfect availability & timing of our apartment for weather & healing considerations (April 15 to June 1, hopefully). Thank You for consistent resonance of what is needed about this appartment/move & readiness. Thank You Lord Jesus everyone needing housing is blessed to find it. Amen.

I am currently working in a job that has its high points but also its lows as well. I believe that God placed me here to free me from fears and doubts that have stunted me for most of my life but everytime i think i break free i find myself even deeper than before.
I pray that I will find a renewed sense of purpose for my life free from doubts and fears and equipped with the faith to move mountains.

Prayer for Joe, a friend of mine who may have had a stroke. He is diabetic and had been fighting medical problems for years. Injured his back a while back and then was in a car accident and that only made it worse. He He has a wife and 3 kids and things are just starting to go the right way for them. He is at the hospital and undergoing tests to see what is going on. Please pray for him that the Lord will shine Mercy and Grace in his life.

Thank you for this site. It makes me feel better knowing that I'm doing something. Please pray for my daughter tomorrow. She's 36 and has been a model citizen, CEO of her company, great mother, etc. She made a bad decision and now is in trouble. We're going to talk with someone tomorrow who may be able to help. Please pray that it goes well and she gets some peace. I'm so afraid for her. Amen.

I want everyone to pray for my family, my son Michael who is 3 has been sick for a week or so. I would like for everyone to pray for my friend Tim who has Muscular dystrophy back in May 2011 we lost his brother Joey due to the same disease, pray for his family's dog who has had to have cancer removed from her ear and now she is having knots coming up all over her body and they keep growing the family does not have the money to have the surgery she needs to get the tumors removed. Dawn , Tim and Stella the Yorkshire Terror has been a part of my family for over 12 years they have helped me and my family through so much stuff like me and my fiance getting off crack which we have been clean for 5 years please pray for my family to get our bills payed and to have good health and to keep people who are evil out of our life Thank You Wendy B- from South Carolina