Pray for Others

Please pray for Lisa and Dwyanne. They are both suffering the effects of chronic Lymes. Pray that He will heal them. Pray that Lisa and Dwaynne trust in the Lord.
God Bless You!

Please pray for Dwaynne. He was laid off quite unexpectedly. Pray that our Father opens another door for Dwaynne and his family.

Dear Team,
I went to the jazz concert last night and I was so calm and composed and rocked to the music so thanks for the prayers.My left hand is still numb and I pray that the numbness goes away.I pray for my thoughts that they are of God and not of worry as I want so much to be a good child of God.I pray for my family that their challenges with God covering them in His cloak and that there is peace in their homes.Thank you for your prayers.Marion

Dear brother/sister,
Many thanks for this channel where i can send my prayer request.God bless.
Please help me pray for the following requests:
1. My husband Lorenzo has been sick for almost a year. He is also suffering from severe depression. He eats a little, drinks a little too. He has not taken a bath since the last week of May 2011 and does not like to have his hair cut and finger and toe nails also. His weight went down terribly.He can not sleep well. He is irritable. Help me pray for his recovery.
2. My brother John oftentimes encounter trouble specially if he is under alcohol. Please help me pray for him to stop drinking and be a mature christian.
Thank you very much for you efforts and time. More power.

My daughter Sonia just had an operation where they found ovarian cancer please pray for her that we will be free of this decease after chemo.
Also they found a cyst in my breast I am a cancer survivor I needs your prayers I am also Sonia.

I am consumed by worry for my health, probably unreasonably so. I also am thrown into a stress-filled frenzy every time there's even a minor change in my life's circumstance.

lord please guide me take care of me as i go to my doctors appointment this morning plus i think i may have forgotten to take my blood pressure pills last night, but did take my potassium, so you see i am worried though i don't think that 1 miss will effect me enough to cause any trouble. please ease my mind lord and help me through this, keep me safe as you always do lord. please let my blood pressure be as close to perfect.
thank you lord amen.
lord please keep my children katie and steven safe and sound as they return home today. thank you lord,amen

Please pray for my parents, Bob and Sally. He keeps my mother up at night saying his legs hurt, wanting them up, then down off the bed. He is crippled, but, he never seems to relax and let sleep take over. He is 81 and my mother is 65. She works in a school cafeteria and hasn't been sleeping. She can't even nap after work since he constantly calls on her. Please pray that both my parents get some much needed sleep, for the sake of their health. It is weighing them down.

After 5 ruptured discs and surgeries to correct the problem and relieve the pain, I have ruptured another disc (#6). I am now scheduled to have major back surgery on March 14th when the Surgeon will fuse 3 vertebra (L-4, L-5 and S-1). I am scared, nervous, anxious and dreading the procedure. I will have to wear a back brace for 3 months and recovery time will be 6 to 9 months. I believe in prayer and believe prayer in numbers is an added blessing. Please pray for my surgeon, Dr. -, his team, for this procedure to go as smoothly as possible & my recovery to be swift. Pray for my husband as he will be my caregiver.

please pray for my son his life is a mess all around, also for me to let go of my problems and get a closer relationship with God.