Pray for Others

please pray for the cleaning stuff to come in at work and for me and brendon for him not to move away or philander and for his lung cancer and leg cancer and for any treat ments he needs or money and for us not to be homeless and for grandad witrh liver and bowel cancer and ivy with parkinsons and families

Please..Please..pray for the woman I take care of and her dog...they are both in critical condition and i am heartbroken. I love them both very much.

Dear Lord plz restore my marriage restore my family , its impossible for me but i know it snot with u Dear Father help me out of this bondage, bless my 2 dauthers , restore my husband love for us n bring him back home, in Yr Merciful Name Amen....

that my family find the right RENTAL HOME at the right price to move in before March 2012

Jesus bless me,with a positive attitude, no more depression,and feel good about myself. It would be nice to help others who also are sick from Evil.My eyes have seen all the greed ,lies, and hate for the ill, This must stop,Lord open their minds and hearts.May the Lord bless me-with Prayer and Jesus lift my spirit above all that is Evil and Prevail. When Prayers are coming, all Evil will lose.May the Lord hear my Prayer,and those Prayers of all others to stop Evil.May all my problems and issues be solved by the Lord, stop all Evil for everyone.May the Holy Spirit will vanish all Evil in my soul to give me the energy and strength to succeed.Faith Conquers and my Prayer give us Hope.My Fears, pain,and cancer will vanish with the power of the Lord, Jesus, and the Holy Spirit. Lord, we all need help here, ,.give us all that help, the strength and wisdom to succeed and stop all Evil. Lord forgive and Bless all of Us. Bless us with all with Goodness.

I am from - of Hawaii and I am in desperate need of prayer for my 10 year old son and a whole pile of kids my distant cousin who is a drug dealer for one lives above an elementary school and is teaching people wrong ways of praying or doing things and I believe he is bringing the devil. He dosent want to leave me alone and thinks when I pray that I maybe want to pick a fight but I assure you it is only to remove him. He is suicidal and a drunken druggy and bad things happen when he is around. Please help me and my family and the rest of the people out there especially the kids. Thank you and god bless Rosanne -

We have been struggling for so long with our Finances. I feel that we are doing most everything we can to get by and try to get ahead. Im asking for Gods blessing on my venture and present financial situations.

Please heal Becca free of all her cancer so she can be with her children, it is in her kidneys and liver, thank you for your prayers.

My Faith has waivered lately. Im asking for prayer to strengthen my trust and faith and submission to God.

I pray that my car sells for the price I asked or higher. thank you