Pray for Others

My son Matthew has an extremely important exam at Bible college tomorrow. He has studied but doesn't feel confident he will do well. Please pray that the Lord would bless him with a good result.

Dear Lord God my heart weighs so heavy my husband of 15 years is been staying out and dose not speak to me it's been six months now that he has moved out of our bedroom.Father show him how to find his way back to our marriage heal his heart show him how much I love him if it is your will.Or lead me to my happinest I"m so lonely Lord please hold me father I thank you Father in Jesus name Amen

Thank you for your ministry. Please pray for the salvation of my unsaved loved ones. Please pray that my Mom's surgery will be successful and that she will heal and recover safely. Pray that everyone associated with her surgery will do their job successfully. Thank you. Pray for healing and deliverance where necessary within me and my family. Pray that the Lord will provide me with a full time, excellent paying job in the film/tv production field. Pray that the Lord will provide me with a financial windfall so that I can get caught up on my bills and get ahead on my bills and expenses. Pray that He will give me and my family clear guidance on what we need to do about my Mom, her care, her house, etc. Thank you.

My name is Cynthia and I am in Missouri. I have been praying for God to PLEASE open up another job opportunnity for me. I am praying that one opens soon so I can leave where I have worked for almost 4 years. I am having problems with someone that I don't know how to fix and it is difficult to come to work and focus on my job. I am fearful of continued harrassment. Please pray with me in agreement that I will find another job soon,

To night as a mother I am asking the prayer partner to pray in agreement for my child with me he may need a heart operation, he keep getting tired and he his afraid to be put under he think he may not wake up, he to is to big
I am standing on the word of Jesus he still do healed and he still grant miracle

My friend Will, needs prayer. His mom has cancer and she was hospitalized today. They are still not sure what caused her to collapse. Comfort, guidance and strength for her and her family.

My son Hilton had an interview in Seattle for Med school last week. There were 20 slots out of all the applicants applying from Montana. Thank you for praying for him last week. He feels discouraged as he is older and chances are so slim and I am sure many others will be devastated by their rejection. Please pray for comfort and other open doors from other schools and that God will be with these young people as they seek their futures in serving others in medical fields and finding their way when the process for med school is so arduous, and employment is so difficult to find.

We are in adesparate shape financially. I need to find a good paying job, using my talents.

pray for the woman who came into my office sending out a resume and if there is alittle prayer left...please i really need that job

Please pray for my son Michael he looks troubled but does not want to tell me what's going on in his life. It weighs heavy on me because he has always watched out for me since he was a little boy. I feel it's because we survive but do not have extra money for other things and he needs to see a doctor for his feet but does not have health insurance.
He is a fine person and has never given me any problems in his life. Can you please watch over him and to help him find a positive solution. I am here if he needs me. Thank you in advance for your prayers.