Pray for Others

Good morning prayer partners,
today is Feb 22, 2012 we all are going to the doctors today Raggie to see just what going on in his body by his strip for him no problem with kidney, liver, or heart and the tiredness well be ok,
by his strip he is healed
Sweetpea is going to do blood work today and that the blood that check will be the blood of jesus she is being check for a few reason and she is also a DIABETES by his strip she healed
TO Mildred is going to see about my MRI that was taken about my kidney
by his strip Iam well
God is well and so are we
In the name of Jesus
Thank you all for agreeing with us and standing on the word,
In the name of jesus

Today feels special and I am sure it is, because of God! I again submit my prayer for forgiveness and redemption for my RAS. He has been punished enough for his mistake. I know that although it seems impossible that men will redeem him, everything is possible with God and he will - no doubt be redeemed, and he shall prosper starting now. I ask for your prayer in thanksgiving, for I know my prayer is being answered now. Thank you Lord Heavenly Father, in the name of and through your son, our Lord, Master, and Saviour Jesus Christ. Amen.

i pray for strength and vision to see what is true Lord help me in this trying time in my life AME N

During this Lenten season, I pray that I will grower closer to our Lord Jesus Christ and understand our Father's will in my life. I pray that I can take all He has given me and use it for His will and for good. I thank God for the forgiveness he has granted me and for a new start each and every morning. Thank you for prayers of encouragement for me and my family as we are facing devastating financial losses and past due mortgage, etc. I pray for all who are in this situation and thank our Lord Jesus Christ for bringing us His hope, peace and love. Thanks to all and God's blessings today!

lord, i pray that you will help heather - and stephanie -be successful with their - jewelry parties. thank you for helping heather stewart and stephanie -get 10 orders each for their - - jewelry parties.

My mother was diagnosed with alzheimer's recently. I am believing that the curse of alzheimer's or any form of dementia is reversed from my mother in Jesus' name. Stand in agreement with me for this to come to pass in her life. My mother has the mind of Christ.

Please help my daughter, Barbara to overcome her multiple sclerosis and for my sister Gigi to be healed of her illness. Also, please help me that when I go to the medical doctor that I will not have any health problems and that my back will start to heal and also for the retina specialist not to find any additional problems and for my eyes to heal.

lord, i pray that you will bring people into my son alex -life today who are interested in selling -and want to join the business. lord, i pray that you will help my son alex - be successful with selling - and start to make money selling - today.

Please give my Grandson the will and strength to stop using drugs and clean up his life and get a job

lord, i pray that you will bring people into my life today who are willing to have a - party for me in the month of march 2012. thank you for helping to build my - business and make it successful.