Pray for Others

Lord, Bless me with the strength, courage, energy ,and conviction to succeed.I still feel overwhelmed by everything and now have my the positive state of mind to defeat Evil.The Evil of Cancer, some people's deeds, and lies seems to never give up, but I pray for the Lord’s help.The battles continue with bills, getting medicine,and just trying to get help day to day(with little energy). With so many surgeries and radiation last year, I am tired,the fear and the pain of Evil keeps me from sleeping and healing. Nothing is easy, must keep my Faith in Jesus. God’s guidance gives me the direction and paths to take.I must keep my faith strong and pray for wisdom and guidance only the Lord can give me. Hope and Spirit have returned. Jesus, Bless my day and may Evil of all nature be Gone Forever.Let the Holy Spirit soar thru my soul, return my strength and clear my mind..Evil still knocks on my door and will not go away. Lord hears my prayers, and be by my side, Faith and resolve will prevail.

Pray for my husband. He had a eye operation for a detached retina. He is off work for 2 weeks.

please keep kauai in prayers, very hard rainfall, flash flood warning, and a black out.. also very hard to see the road when driving. May the Lord guide our way and keep us safe from harm. Light the way Lord and protect us. Please slow down the rainstorm father. In your name we pray, Amen

Please pray for my son Jason -. He is in - WY. He will register for school Monday, and please pray that all goes well with getting back into school. He has no money, and is bad need of a job. I am barely getting by, and not able to help much financially. His spirits have been very low, and he is a new Christian, and is just learning the Christian life. Thank you for your prayers for him!!!

I would realy like you to pray for my beloved mum who is suffering from an intestine cancer

For our pets as we return home from a trip that they are secure and safe and that our home will be fine as we have been away for a few days. Thanks.

For our daughter, Katie, to be safe from harm and that she will make good friends that are good influences on her and that she will be ready to work well as an IHOP server and save her earnings. Thanks.

Pray for our adult children to forgive my ex-husband and me for the mistakes we made in their upbringing. We tried to do our best and it appears there are hard feelings of things that happened over 20 years ago. Please find it in their hearts to forgive as I have forgiven and been forgiven. Pray that God shows us the plan He has for our lives and we are able to live out those plans to the fullest.

Duty calls, I have to leave for 1 Month to work in another state, I have my daughter & 2 dogs, I've never leave for more than 3 days in the pass... Although I know they'll be taken care of, the Mommy in me will miss them like Crazy. Please pray for us...

My son Antonio has been in the hospital in the icu for 5 days. His platelets are low and doctors cannot figure out why. They have tried several medications and are not working. Please pray for him. Thank you