Pray for Others

i confess my sins. i have sin( disobeyed mother, fornication, lust,and (et cetera)so on and(et cetera)so on and (et cetera)so on please pray that god and jesus forgive my sins and heal every part of my body and guide me so that when i die i inherate my place in hevan.

For Kathy to get the visas and passport forms she needs.

Please pray for financial help. I am trying to get a loan to help my son with school and lower our house payment, but I know my credit is not that great anymore. Please help me.

please pray for me that soon, very soon I will no longer be in the need to depend FINANCIALLY on my sister, she makes me feel so bad.
Thank You n May GOD BLESS

Please pray for leadership and unity at my church. Tonight at 6:30PM Feb. 27th we are having a wide Prayer Meeting.

Please pray for my boyfriend Michael and me that he know Christ,and know how much I care fore him.

I am a retired Teacher and have started teaching the Piano at home. I need a few more committed students to enable me to earn some more money to supplement our income. Please pray that God sends me the above and that He makes me the best teacher I can be. Thanks you. God bless.

Please pray for my son Brian. He needs God's guidance. He is 24 and so confused about his future. He got into some legal trouble about a year ago (possession of marijuana) and this is making it very difficult for him to find employment. Please pray for God to lead him.

I would appreciate prayer very much. I'm very depressed, anxious, and alone. I feel frightened and I don't think God is hearing my prayers at all. I can't figure out how to feel him in my heart. He seems obtainable to everyone but me. Thank you for any prayer you might say on my behalf.

Yes thank you.. I would like a prayer to be directed to my perfect job and employer. With total gratitude.