Pray for Others

Thank You Beloved Lord Jesus for Genelle's easy recovery from recent medical procedure, that any stressed body areas heal quickly, that her general healing continues easily, depression gone, easy brief emotional clearings as needed. Amen.

Thank You Lord Jesus, those who pray, God Bless You, for C's healed teeth jaws circulation tissues bones, for enough sleep for C & M, freedom from negative emotions/energies. We Love You Lord! Amen.

Lord I know when two or more come together the power of prayer is released. I humbly ask for the following folks be lifted in prayer by all that see this request.
Nancy - for supernatural healing, wisdom and peace. She is struggling with stage 4 breast cancer. For her husband and children who are in pain watching their loved one struggle.
Rick - for his hardened heart due to many disappointments, allow him to see the way Jesus would have him behave and forgiviness is key. For the realization that your body is your temple and start taking care of himself.
Pam - For the awareness to love herself as the Lord, her Father does and know that she is valued and loved beyond measure and the knowledge that she is never along. For supernatural healing mentally and physically.
Ruth - For supernatural healing. For the awareness that she is loved and for her hardened heart to softened by God's loving hand.
For our families, friends, leaders, and country and each soul on our planet earth.
May God continue to bless each of us. Amen.

Please pray for Yolanda,Bradley,Debra B.,Regina and Ella.Later today we will be having Job interviews. Please pray that God's infinite Wisdom be with us. That we are accepted for the positions in which we are qualified for. In Jesus Holy Name Amen.

For our daughter, Katie, that she will be safe from evil and bad influences and people that tempt her and that she will realize her self-worth and potential and save her earnings from work and find good friends. Thanks.

Please pray that with God's help I can find a new job and repair and strengthen my marriage.
Jim -

I have a friend of a friend who is in the hospital. She was only home from the bout with pneumonia that put her in the hospital and short time and now she is back in again. this time, kidneys are failing, has MRSA, found a tumor on the kidney, short of breath and just out of ICU. Waiting for further test results for diagnosis and prognosis. she has had cancer in the past. I would like prayer for her, Pam, and for Jane and for all the family.

please pray for Candie that she might get her son's IEP worked out that his needs might be better met at school. please pray for Jacy that her headaches will be stopped and that the doctor's may help her.please pray for Carol and Julie to have good communication. Please pray that Maria and Brian may have good communication.please pray that Julie and Roy might have good communication and joy in raising their children.please pray that Maria and Brian will be able to rebuild their trust and respect that they might have joy in their life together.please pray for Carol that she might understand her path in life. please pray for all who mourn.please pray for Anna that she and her husband might have good communication and joy in raising their children.please pray for Ben that he might heal well.

Prayer for salvation for husband, kids, son & daughter in law, nephews,. For Restoration of marriage and for our love to be renewed. For Spiritual, physical and emotional healing, financial blessings to pay our debt and be debt free. For the Kingdom of God to be established in our lives, my marriage, my husband and my kids lives. In Jesus Christ name, Amen!               

I am asking for prayer about my schedule at work. I am a Department Manager and my schedule supposed to be 14 day shifts and 6 night shifts.
I have however been working about 14 night shifts and 6 day shifts.
I e-mailed my Direct boss about it and he said he would look into what the rotation was supposed to be but he had been over the Dept for 4 yrs and no one had complained..
I just wander though maybe thats why no one stays as Dept. Manager for more than a yr.
I just ask for prayer that he will see that it isnt Fair or Right to schedule me this way no matter what he has done the past 4 yrs.
I pray for this to come Forth Quick and efficently.
I lay claim to this in my Belief in Jesus and his word.
I ask that you Join me in Believing Prayer.
Rickie -. jr