Pray for Others

Greetings Beloved Saints!
REQUEST: Immediate housing for a 3-month sabbatical
I'm an urban missionary who recently completed an 18-month commitment serving with an inner-city homeless ministry. I received no salary but live in the shelter. It is closing and I will need immediate housing for a much needed season of rest and preparation for next.
As always, I'm trusting God for provision and finances. Thank you very much and God bless you for praying and believing with me.
In His Love,

Our Christian school is under a satanic attack. Please pray for us. Thank you, and God bless you!

Please pray that H. will have a good week at work, and that he will experience peace and joy in his life. Please also pray that Joe will be able to adapt to his new living situation, and to find peace and joy in his life, as well. Thanks.

I'm consumed with worry. What if neither of my sons can find a job? It seems I've been praying for so long. I know God knows the perfect time to answer prayers, but I can't seem to stop obsessing about my sons' lack of opportunities.

Please pray for our finances. Pray for prosperity so that my husband will want to stay and not leave due to the stresses. He is battling alot of problelms and he needs release from many strongholds on his life. Pray that he stays and finds comfort from me and our family and our marriage.

Please pray for my mother, Vickie. We are moving her and my father who requires medical care into a retirement center and my mother is angry and agitated and very resistant. Pray for peace and understanding that this is what is best for both of them. Thank you

please pray for my 11 year old son. He is in middle school and not doing well with his science, math and english. I am afraid for him and him being promoted to the 7th grade. I am asking God to touch and elevate his mind so that he will have understanding and knowledge of his educational goals. please stand and agree that his grades will improve and he will be promoted.

I need prayer for strength and finances and most of all closure to my sons death.

Please pray that my husband and adult son will forgive each other and talk to each other respectfully again soon. Bringing peace back to our family

My husband has become a "pack rat" over the past several years and it's beginning to concern me more than just a little. Some of his behaviors have changed and he won't communicate at all. Does not know Jesus as his Savior.