Pray for Others

Please pray for the man I am interested in and pray for me that we may know God's will and may have the strength to follow it to be together or apart.

Yes, thank you. Please pray for the safety and well-being of my grandsons William & Sam today through Wednesday as they will be in the care of other people.
Thank you and I ask our Lord to bless you for your kindness and faith.
Judy T.

heavenly father GOD, your will be done, I ask for blessing Michelle -with contacting me this evening, I ask for blessingher with the strenght that can only con from you, I ask for blessing her with a blessed evening, I ask that we can talk about your faithfulness, I ask for blessing us with a place to live, thank you in jesus name, Amen.

I have been providing in home daycare for the past 9 years so I can also be a stay at home mom. Early last month one of my 3 full time kids left unexpectedly and another dropped down to part time. This has caused my weekely income to drop and has been causing finacial stress for my family.
My prayer request is that I find another full time child to watch.

My daughter and son n law need wisdom and direction how to budget their finances. That their financail mess will not come between them

Pray for the children in the intensive care due to a horrific bus crash with a dump truck in -, NJ. One girl died at the scene. She was one of three sisters (triplets). Pray also for her family.

May my daughter, Jenny and my co-worker Christine get pregnant soon..Their both married and trying to get pregnant to start their families pray for their husband's too Elliott and Todd.
May my husband Dan keep his job and me too we are in the 60's.
Patricia -

my older son Chris who is turning 29 would like to share his life with a special person. He is a good person, but he shy and quite and he comes across desperate. I need prayer for a mate for him thank you and God Bless you

I'm in need of a job with benefits. I had given mine up to move to another state to help my daughter and son n law with babysitting. I'm due to have a diagnostic mamogram in may and I have no job or insurance

I need prayers for two of my children. One is job searching. His name is Jeramie. He is becoming depressed because of the lack of opportunities. he was just laid off right after christmas.After he had only been hired in November. He is a college graduate with an art degree. He would like to get a job in advertising. My other son Joseph,needs prayers for strength and guidance.He is working to get his life together and a focus or purpose for his life. He keeps having setbacks. He has lymes disease. God Bless you all. And thank you L D.