Pray for Others


I am asking prayer for myself. My Doctor told me I have onset diabetes. Please pray and with me that God will deliver me from this bad news. I know God is a healer. I believe in his word, love him, and if it's his will, I feel he will move this onset of diabetes away from me. God bless and Amen.

My husband is to have gall bladder surgery within the next two days if tests show there is no obstruction in his bile duct. Please pray there is no obstruction and that the surgery will be completely successful.

i need prayer deliverance from addictions


Please pray for my grand daugther, Kristen, 2years old, she getsup in the night and cries a lot, and gives troulbe to eat also.So pray that she sleeps and eats, she has been on medications and therphy also.

Lynn has been falsely accused of abuse in an attempt to overturn custody of his two teen girls. A court hearing has been set for Monday. Lynn needs God’s guidance and peace as this allegation will affect him as a dad and in his professional career. May the court have discernment as the oldest teen will support her mother’s false claims. Thank you for your faithful prayers.

I am requesting prayer to be reunited and reconciled with my ex-fionce Lesley she broke up with me six months ago we have two daughters together i ask for prayer thet GOD would remove all negative feelings and blocks keeping us apart thank you

I am asking to PLEASE pray God helps me and heals me. I need prayers for physical healing (financially too). I am having big issues with my diverticulitis as well as a horrible sinus infection and cant seem to catch my breath. If there is anything that causes me great anxiety its not being able to breath. I need to feel God's presence and know He is here with me. It just seems like nothing is going right in my life right now and I need this cleared up so I can get through everything else. I have faith, I just need people to pray for me :)
Thank You so very much for your prayer and God Bless

Please pray for my husband Gary. He has taken good care of me for the last two years. We have been searching for a medicne that will work controling my seizures. This has taken a toll on him and he is no longer working his AA recovery program and is in a dry drunk. He also has developed a growth in is bladder and other health issues mentally and physically. I also need prayer for finding a way to control the seizures.
Thank You,