Pray for Others

Good morning,
Lord god, please release me from issues I am experiencing with my finances.

I ask for prayer for God to continue to guide me through my financial crisis and to be able to pay my bills and keep my home. I pray to mend relationships with friends, keep my marriage/family together, and to find a permanent job. I praise God for filling my heart with the Holy Spirit. Thank you

My request is for Lafonda kidz to be bless

Please pray about my wife's job. She has an interview this coming Monday. Pray that God's will will be done. This job will be much closer to our home and we will not have to stay out of town all week. We just want God's will in our lives and to be able to work in our local church more.

Please pray for my son, David M. who has been out of work now for 4 months as a pipefitter due to another layoff. This time, he has had a car repossessed, may lose his home and truck, has a 2 year old to raise and another on the way. His unemployment got cancelled, and he is starting to get very discouraged and depressed. Everywhere he applies they say that either they are not hiring, or that he isn't qualified. Please pray for God to open the door miraculously to a new, longer lasting job as soon as possible. Thankyou for your prayers. In Christ, Jeri M.

Please pray for my son Daniel. He has been diagnosed with Pervasive Developemental Delay (on autism spectrum). He is now 13 and is having more behavioral problems such as an increse in outbursts. Please help me know how to help him and give God the rest. Thank you. Susan

Please pray for my mum(kamla) & dad(Ishwar)...pray that God must restore their health...please pray for the cancer in my dad to be gone in Jesus name.& for my mum's health to be restored.Please pray for long life and good health over my parents.Pray for God's devine mercies and favor upon them.Please pray for strength over my that he can eat and be strong.Pray for him to be painfree. Thank you

Father I pray for your protection over Vanessa her son Elijah and all of us from lying tongues and deceitful lips. I believe and declare that no weapon formed against us will prosper and every tongue unjustly rising against us will be condemned. Father you know Justin has framed all false allegation against Vanessa and gone to the court for a divorce. Father I pray that you will stop false witnesses that speak against Vanessa and us and cause them to be caught in their own trap. Help us Lord as we approach our reply in defense. Let your Spirit give us the words to speak when we need them. In the name of Jesus, I now cast the care of this court case upon YOU. I resist anxiety and I receive calmness and peace. I believe that YOUR favor will surround Vanessa, her son Elijah and all of us like a shield. Lord your word also declares that YOU will perfect that which concerns me, so we receive YOUR perfected end. I give YOU all glory, honour and Praise for all that will be accomplished and I will testify of YOUR goodness always. In Jesus' name I pray. AMEN.""

My life has been out of control for years due to family illness, unemployment, mental illness and bad decisions. I pray every day for the Lord to forgive me and show me the way to get out of darkness and back on my feet. I pray for guidance and to find happiness, love and contentment once more.

Please pray with me for peace and emotional healing. Also pray with me for my marriage. That we grow closer and stronger together.