Pray for Others

My son, Randy is currently incarcerated on a drug charge. He wants to go to a rehab program here in our state for a clean start. Please agree that, God willing, he will be sentenced to the rehab program and not just be let out on the streets. Thank you, Audrey -

Please could you pray for me for a fresh inspiration from the Holy Spirit to write and His thoughts on my new book? I need clarity and focussedness and His help. Also for digestive healing and my overall wellbeing and sharpness? Thank you. Janet

For my grandaughter, who has been misbehaving, has been caught steeling small things. She tries to dodge homework. She lives with her dad, who is engaged to be married, no date at this point. Her dad & her mother have not been together since she was a baby. She doesn't have much contact with her mother, whick is her mom's choice. Her mother recently got out of prison for her 5th OWI. Her dad has been trying hard to straighten her out.
As grandparents we have been trying to let her know that she is loved. We have been trying to teach her about Jesus when we can. Pleaswe pray for her.

Zac - son - please pray hard for this son to remain alcohol free and to graduate from college a.s.a.p.

I need prayer for healing, starting treatment for Cancer that the Dr's say I have, I am healed by the Word of God. Trusting in Him.

Elva - healing for diabetes, high blood pressure, leaky valve in heart. Thank you.

Please pray for my daughter Christy that she will come back to the Lord. She is 26 years old and has had several relationships with different men. When she gets out of a relationship she turns to hard drinking and drugs. She is back in trouble now so please help me to be able to turn her around and lead her back to the Lord.

I pray for the victims of the school shooting. Prayer for the shooter, he really needs help now as people may be judging him. Prayer for the people who are trying to decide why and don't stop to think it has happened and it is now time to help each other out.

I lift up my parents today as they face another day of not really knowing what is wrong with dad. I ask that we find someone to help him. I lift up my friend Michele. Please give her the strength to face the answers from surgery Thursday. I ask for guidance with the future. Thanks for all blessings. Help me to be a better witness in my everyday life.

Please pray for my son Micah. He needs God's guidance and strength. He's a good young man and needs prayer and blessings. He's learning and developing and with God's help and your prayers he will stay on the straight path. Thank you so very mcuh.