Pray for Others

Please pray for my oldest granddaughter. She is leaving, today for a mission trip to Haiti. Please pray that she can let God guide her, and the rest of the team,
in His Will.

Please agree with me that God is in control in my life and that all financial situations will be resolved successfully now-without going into bankruptsy. I know that God has a way beyond all our ways and with Him all things are possible. So that my business which witnesses for Him and my personal life to which I work on walking correctly in His Name, are not shut down by the worlds evil schemes. Thank you for agreeing with me that we are overcomers and in Jesus Name the Name above all others all things are possible......

Please pray for my daughter-in-law. She needs God in her life and pray that she will learn to be happy with what she has. Pray that she will be a help mate to her husband and a model for her children.

Please prayer for the Y-, K-, Z- families --- all need healing/acceptance of physical conditions. Thank you.

Heavenly Father, we pray for Walt's healing of mind, spirit and body, and for strength to endure for his precious sons and their mother. In Jesus' name, Amen.

Please God, open the door and lead me to new friends. I've been so lonely since my friend died last year. Thank you for your prayers.

corys sell house this month better finances for me and mike jenny and mikie cory and lacey pls guide me to do right thing with babalcnes

guardian angel pls be with mackenzie esepcially when she is with her mom protect and guide them today setha nd mackenzie

babies and moms healthy lacey good pregancy mikie eyes and kidneys do not get worse corys back and safe trip good health jenny seth jenny lacdey mom rest of family kens eye guardian agel guide me mike cory lacey seth mackenzie jenny mikie mom linda karen kenny alecia barry keith gerald hanna and rest of families find dads ring

My husband and I desire to adopt two little girls.childrens service says we have to wait until the official approval 2 to 4 weeks before we may apply.please pray these children will not be adopted by then.please we need prayers thank you