Pray for Others

Please pray for my marriage to be healed.

Our family is looking to find a two bedroom handicapped accessible apartment beofore May if possible. Thank you from Pennsylvania.

pray for my grandson, his mother & dad, that god will bring them close together .

I could use some prayers for myself. I have been struggling with depression and homesickness for a long time. I have a real hard time communicating with my husband, which adds to the depression. I really need my family close by, but they are 2000 miles away. I do talk to them on the phone often, and it helps, but when the call is over, I feel even more homesick. When my husband and I met, he wanted to move back to where I came from, but after 10 years of being together, we are no closer now to leaving than we were then. We since have had two children, and I would like them to grow up with cousins and aunts and uncles, and their other grandparents, where they would be able to see them once in a while. My mom and I have always been very close, and when I left, it left a huge void in my life not having her close to me. I feel like I am alone, very lonely most of the time, being as how I don't have any real friends here to talk to. I don't know where to begin praying for my problem, and have a real hard time asking for any kind of help. Thank you.

I'm 75 yrs. young & my wife is right behind me.
We are struggling financially.
Every time we make a few extra dollars there are more bills that come in.
Please pray that God will open a door for me to start making some decent income.
I have no retirement.

Please I request to prayed for ,my financial situation gets better and I can afford to live decent I'm staying positive and continue to pray however I feel like I'm running out of hope I continue to stay grateful as well always praiseing my father for walking with me in troubled times,

My car is broke and it needs 700.00$ worth of work done please pray for my situation thank you monica

I know this sounds selfish but I need some prayers on my financial situation for myself and 2 kids. I work hard and am a small business owner. Times are difficult right now and I try to see my kids have all they need. I just want some financial peace only to pay my bills. Thank you

please pray my amazing uncle named johnny got sentenced to life in prison and me and my family are in a grieving process about 4 months ago we lost two important family members in our family it was a horrible tragedy and now my uncle made a mistake and is gone for life in prison but he loves god and knows every line from the bible me and my family are barely standing we have faith that god will give him one more chance and cleanse and purify him i ask you please pray he ask god forgiveness on his knees every second he gets he has a great heart and prays all the time me and my family need your help please god we have faith and we will never give up please pray for us we need strength and a miracles that he gets out please pray i'm begging you please pray with all your heart god bless you all thank you if you do pray it would help my struggling family so much PLEASE PRAY!! god be with you's all

Thank You Lord Jesus where in Your Will & Grace, forest fires are put out, other extreme weather is reduced or eliminated. Thank You for rain, snow & Cold Cold Cold temperatures everywhere, only where needed, incl Western U.S., Oregon, California. We pray all weather is safe for all life, fuels heat food water & property, in Your Name we Pray! Amen.