Pray for Others

my children's salvation my son's with a woman that is causing much dissension in the family. Please pray for a godly woman into my son's life and for his salvation. my son anthony and his wife also need salvation and deliverance.

Please pray that Michael does the right thing by Melanie and gabe. That he stops cheating on Melanie, takes care of his lawful and only real wife Mel. Thank you friends, the enemy is hitting close to home here, I need your prayers. Thank you taking time out.

Yes I believe all things are possible with God. I am serving a living God an amazing and awesome God no matter what bad is my situation God will surely turn round for GOOD thanks Lord of lords I believe it

in need of prayer for anxiety and health issues thank you and God Bless..

For those who are unemployed or underemployed.

Please continue to pray that my daughter, Jessica -, will land a new job. She has an interview, Thursday, 2/23.
My tenant (Ian -) now has a FT job and a second job so that prayer is answered, now that the $ starts flowing for the back rent and to get current.
Also, my home (one property with 2 homes on it/one well so it has to be sold as one) is again on the market and I pray for a buyer.

jim and pam and ray and irv elderly disabled
staying in their home
health care providers
follow through
health both physical and mental

Please pray that my health would get better and that I could be more functional at home and at church. And that my chronic cough would cease.

Please pray that my autistic grandson can learn to speak.

Please pray daily that our daughter Jenny and her husband Jason conceive a baby. They have been trying without success and are desperate to have a baby. They would make wonderful parents. They started the 4th round of IUI (intrauterine injection) on 2/15/12. Please pray for them that they experience the miracle of conception this time. Thank you.
Patty and Andy