Pray for Others

My friend's brother-in-law has a brain tumor and needs his second surgery. Please pray for him and his family.

I am having a hard time lately believing God is faithful and will restore my marriage. After 18 years of marriage and 23 years together, my spouse just left our family and remarried 2 months later! He barely says two words to me or our daughters. It is hard standing. I want to believe so badly, but my faith is waivering. I'm feeling really hopeless, and I need prayer so badly. I feel like God has forsaken me, and I feel awful for feeling this way! I cry out to Jesus everyday, but I can't hear him! It is so discouraging! I pray for other standers, and I honestly pray that your marriages are healed and restored, and also for other people in prayer, that any needs you have will be met in the name of Jesus! Please pray for me, that my faith is renewed.

please pray for a single mom who just found out she is pregnant. please pray she will hear direction from God. thanks!

please pray for a single mom who just found out she is pregnant. pray she will hear direction from God. thanks!

I am asking for prayer for my son who is a marine stationed in
San Diego. He recently learned his wife of 1 1/2 years was having an affair with a fellow marine. He is deeply hurt, his love for her was in every fiber of his being. He needs wisdom and strength on how to proceed. God Bless You

Pls pray for my uncomfortable feeling like a reflux...make me always forever strong, healthy, wealthy and wise; and for the best caregivers in my old age now being in my 70s...IN JESUS NAME...amen and amen!!!Thank You Lord for answered prayers and for those volunteers praying for my requests....

Please pray for Mary's health and well-being, that she has a good check up and for all the intentions in her heart and in the hearts of her children and grandchildren. Thanks

Please pray for Todd's health and well-being; that he finds a wonderful lady to share his life with; and for all the intentions in his heart. Thanks

Please pray for Jill's health and well-being and for the job situation to improve. Thanks

Pray that god would send me the job in his will for me and help my finances and family regeina-