Pray for Others

Kindly pray for my fiance that she will seek the Lord and turn away from night life and following friends, for a renewed mind. Thank you Lord for doing it. Thank you for praying.

Thanks for the prayer - it seems my visa application is moving slowly in the right direction.
I would like to ask for your continued prayer of support to my boyfriend Kevin, let us pray together for him to overcome his addiction battle and let God fill the spot that the addiction now takes up in his life.
Please pray for me for strength and to be the person I am meant to be this week as I do double duty teaching and playing a concert next week Sunday.
Thank you.

Dear Friends,
Please pray for me and my family complete healing, we have bad flu-like symptoms. Please pray that God heals us all in the name of Jesus Christ.
Isaiah 53: 5 But he was wounded for our transgressions, he was bruised for our iniquities: the chastisement of our peace was upon him; and with his stripes we are healed.

please pray for my brother's healing and taht the lord will 0vertake him with His mercy

Pray for me that I would not enter into temptation and have my deepest prayers answered. Thank you and AMEN.

I need God's favor I have no one to called my friend, my friends and love one are nowhere to be found. I am just a single mother, struggling with school but I'm not making it. I feel oppressed but I can't figure out why. Everyday i live in fear and sorrow. I am weak both physically and spiritually, I want God to stregthen me and help me to stand again and be able to do what I need to do. Thank you all for your supports.

Pray that my only job remains secure for me . That I continue to do excellent work and keep a peaceful attitude on all situations that are negative. I ask for deliverance and any unhandle duties in my job that were not fulfilled. I as for forgiveness for any wrong doings.

Lord thank you for all your many gifts in my life.I have been unemployed for 2 yrs stressed and feeling sorry for myself.I have worked for 25 yrs prior to this situation I am currently in because you blessed me too.I ask if it be your will that you show mercy again and bless me with a job with good pay in Jesus name I humble ask and give thanks Amen.

Dear Prayers Warriors:
In the last few months my situation is particularly bad.
1, My wife to get back at me who lied to the court that said me have assaulted my son, the Hayward Court setting will be held on March 7.
2, I in unusual circumstances of extreme financial difficulties, until today I still owed four months of rent. Landlord requirements I must pay off all debt in the near future.
3, My wife in her boyfriend encouraged by cohabitation, have prosecution to court and asked divorce with me.
4, I hope I can moved to Union City, away from the Church close to the residence, this makes it easy to me to church, I wish I had more time and opportunity to the Church to pray, I really like praying in this Church!
In this Sunday I hope our church will special pray for me, I need healing prayer! A long time, because in my wife got stuck in the sin of fornication, I have been tormented by evil spirits, there is always a hard block on my chest, very hard, sleep is not well every day. Therefore, I am particularly anxious for the healing of God!
Thanks you very much!
God blessing everyone!

Please pray for the continued healing of my father-in-law, Art as he recovers from lung surgery. He is improving but has a long way to go to return to health. He is a truly loved man and an inspiration in Christian living.
Please pray for my wife, Christine to find peace in her life and that we may restore our ailing marriage. I love her so very dearly and I'm heartily sorry for the pain I have caused. I hope most for her peace and happiness.