Pray for Others

Please pray for me and my family. Working two jobs is beginning to wear me down, and although I'm considering quiting one of them, I don't know what God wants me to do. Please pray for him to give me guidance. Also, my grandmother, who is dying of Alzheimer's, has started gritting her teeth. She is no longer aware of any pain she may be causing herself, and we've been unable to get her to stop. It's escalated until we can hear the grinding sound all over the house, which has to be doing some damage to her teeth. We're afraid she's going to chip one of them, and possibly swallow it. Yet we can't get through to her that what she's doing is bad. Please pray for God to intervene, to prevent her from hurting herself and to give us some peace. And please pray for my brother, who is going through a nasty breakup. His ex-girlfriend has a cruel streak, and is deliberately goading him. He is hurt and angry, and wants to retaliate. Please pray for God to give him peace, and help him to do the right thing, and pray for his ex to get saved and healed. Her callousness, and tendency to go from one guy to the next, dumping them when she gets bored or doesn't get enough money out of them, is only going to get her hurt one day, and is a shallow, empty way to live. It also puts her little girl in danger.

Please give me the strength not to be angry at my mom all the time. She expects things done for her like a queen and she does not have any illnessess and she works a full work week. I work full time too and pay all the bills and clean the house and she doesn't help me. Please pray for me that I do not do anything irrational.

jobs for my wife and I ,my kids behavior,our financial troubles, thank you

I pray for all who are in need & for our country, economy , jobs, attitudes , relationships, heaings,finances, I pray that God will hear and meet our need both spoken & un spoken in this hour in Jesus Holy Name amen

my son david needs healing prayer, they found another tumor in his shoulder which will be removed within the next 3 wks, he has 3 tumors in his spine, 3 in femer & 1 in back brain, had a huge one removed front brain a yr ago, they put 6 metal plates in his head.iI PRAY NO CANCER GOD !!! He is not right with God nor is his wife chrissy, I dont know how much his illness & finances have to do with not being right with God but I can imagine it has everything to do with it. I just dont know when prayer will turn him around or if it ever will, please pray for david , pray aLSO for m&j pls

Please pray for my husband's sight and for his family to work out issues with his Mother and their health issues.

Pray that my family has safe travels to and from our destinations. Wrap you protective arms around us.

pray for mary who has a cancerous tumor size of baseball between her lungs in chest area, pray for myself as im not feeling up to par and have to at age 61 be able to take care of my mother 81 24 hours total care and living with me and my spouse.

Pray that my Mom’s pulse rate stay up & her BP stays down. Pray that she feels better.

Pray that my son & his girlfriend do not stray from each other. Pray that they create a stable & loving home from their son (my grandson). Pray that they become financially secure. Let them know you are always with them.