Pray for Others

Jesus Help Me Now, please allow my boyfriend to call me tonight and text me back. I am very tired and weak. My children need you more than ever, bless my my children and let your will be done in there lives, bless my finances and your will in my life today. Lord soften my boyfriends heart so he loves me more than ever, does NOT breakup with me or talk about breaking up, clears his issues up, loves me more than ever and we get married. Show me a sign that he loves me more than ever and will NOT breakup with ever. Pray he calls me now please IJN Amen

I want to thank you so much for your prayer you sent back for me & my son Nathan.He had to give up his own place & come back & stay with us,he is 37 yrs old this is very humbling to him,he has applied over & over for work & nothing opens up!He is facing jail if he can't find work because he has to have the ankle monitor put back on which costs "alot"each month!He has come back to the Lord in this process,but feels pretty hopeless with no job or money coming in of his own & facing jail.Please pray for Gods grace & favor for my son,thank you so much!!!Rose -

Hello, I have some severe health issues with breathing and have had it for so long (10+ years) and I am tired of it, I just pray for God to show me what to do, what supplements to take, or which surgeon to see and the procedure I will need done. Also Praise for God helping me and bringing more healing for my mind as I also have a severe anxiety problem that has developed the last 4 years, thank you for helping me with this.

I know that this maybe a small request but to me its big. I have no extra money to take my dog to the vet.
She hurt her leg I'm not sure whats wrong. I just know she needs some help to get better. Please pray for a way for me to help her. Pray for healing. She has been the best dog I have ever had.

Please pray for Amy who has iv stage cancer. I am watching my 34 daughter dying from this horrible disease. They are suppose to give her a different chemo this Friday the chemo is not working. She finished her last radiation treatment today. She is in so much pain but she refuses to give up. I know the reason is because of her 4 year old Grace. Please pray for a miracle for my daughter. Please GOD give Amy faith, healing, peace and strength. Pray for our family please. Thank you and God Bless. Barbara

safety and health of my grandson teddy

Please pray for assistance for Anne,

please pray that clara,donna,paul,kayli,adam,ron,goldie,bobbie,me and all our family will ask GOD to forgive us for not obeying HIM like we need to.thank you

What would God have me do,I feel so unable to overcome my mistakes and sins, May Jesus save and rescue me and show me what to do,I ask for gift of Holy Spirit for Randy and me ,love ones and others.May Lord answer my concerns for love ones,Randy,me and others I see.PM

pray for me I need help. I went to the doctor the other
day and he didn't do anything to help me. I have plantar facitis
so bad and also I have some serious health problems. I have
a fatty liver which I need to lose weight or I'll die. Pray for
some help around the house. My husband works 2 jobs and can't
help. pray for him to vacuum at least. Pray for my son who
has a drinking problem. pray for my husband to be able to get
enough sleep for he works at night. pray for our weather not
to be so bad this week. pray for the doctor who's treating me
for depression. He is kind of mean to me.