Pray for Others

I have a big test at work today so I ask for prayer for confidence, composure and calm. I have prepared and studied. Help me reflect God during this test. Thank you!

Pray for Eva (93) as she undergoes surgery today.

Please pray for me to make it through the work day. I have been absent for two days. I have a rough class this school year. I do not want to go to work because I have several boys that act up and administration is doing very little to help. I love to teach but I cannot because of constant interruptions from the boys.

i am so lonely,, I was with the person I love for 4 years ,I found him in bed with my friend,, I took him back because i loved him now he doesnt want to be with me ,he would rather go do his own thing ..I am hurting in side , I am very lonely ,it has been 6 months now.. I just cant seem to get over the lonely.. I pray every day for the lord to help me ,,,I need a miracle in my life

Dear God please lead me to the right path for me to secure employment at which I can provide for all my needs and medications. I trust in you Jesus.

Please pray for the safety of my Grandson George who is in a Texas Prison. He has made some foolish decisions that landed him there but deep down is a really precious, vulnerable,and broken young soul.
Thank You!!!

Lord please hear my prayers urgent
Lord please help us get paid today so we can carry on we need this very important please let the contractor understand our situation lord please ..

.. help of heaven in all my necessities, tribulations, and sufferings, particularly faith, health, love, hope and prosperity for RC, JJBCA, DSBC, EDDB, JSAB, CBSP, TBAW, DB's dedcision, as well as for all family and friends

Please pray for our bright, beautiful and creative grandson. He has felt unloved by his stepfather for years and his emotions reflect those feelings. They have placed him in a psyc hospital to be diagnosed. Pray for the Drs to have wisdom and that his mother would have God's vision in this matter. He is 9 years old and he is loving and sweet and generous.

Please pray for my sister, Kim. Her health insurance doesn't cover the cost of her medications. So she does without them.
She is always having problems with her bladder. Years ago she had mesh inserted for the bladder. She can't prove that the mesh is at fault. She is depressed, worried and in pain. Pray for a healing.
Thank you, God bless, Edie