Pray for Others

Father, the battle is not mine, but Yours. I've prayed so long for love leading to a Christ centered marriage to Louis. I place my desires into your hands. Line my desires with Your will. Heal my broken heart and brokenness, severe anxiety and depression; heal and deliver us both. Grant me peace. favor and a miracle turn around according to Your will. In Jesus' name. Amen

Praises and thanks for answered prayers and dodged bullets. Requests for healing, hope in the midst of turmoil, peace of mind, financial security, direction for those whom I care about. Praise the Lord!

Thank you Dear Father God for this beautiful day, your blessings and miracles. Prayer warriors please pray in Jesus name for reconciliation between Toney and his brother and healing to our family. Please pray for protection over Steven and a miracle of healing from Crohn's disease. Please pray that the depression and insomnia lift from me. I am so thankful for all my blessings. Thank you in Jesus name. Amen

Complete physical healing of Colitis..... For me not to be discouraged as have been ill quite a while.

Please pray for Israel M.He has terminal cancer.May God let him go easy and not suffer any more.

R.J. - please pray hard the Lord's protection for me and mine against evil this Friday 13th. Please pray protection for Kent,Scott, Preston and Roberta, as well as myself, Jeanne.

Please pray for strength as I am on a 6 day trip Away from
Home in L. twice .. So tired and almost cannot think at times . Narrowly missed getting hit by a car while walking around . People drive aggressive and I'm not thinking . Also got ripped off in M. because I was too tired to pay attention to bill/tip/change making . So much ️travel thought different time zones and away from children too. All because I suffered persecution on my job and got moved to another one . Bids said it had nothing to do with my job performance. Oh wow . I am open about my faith. They didn't like it. Thank God He is in control really and truly.

Scott - please pray for him to remain alcohol free and turn away from the use of marajuana also. Please pray for him to find his strength in the Lord Jesus.
Presston - please pray hard for him to remain disease free, and that his life will follow the plan the Lord Jesus had in mind for him to follow.

please pray for a hedge of protection to be around my grandson, justin, he is driving for the company he works is a bright red, milk truck shaped delivery truck and it puts a target on him...i pray he doesn't get any more tickets and drives safely...i pray for travel mercy and protection from accitdents ...also, he has a new baby that just had surgery...the baby's family doesn't seem to like justin...i pray for this situation to turn around for good/positive... thank you for your prayers

We need prayer for our Aunt Jan who has been diagnosed with a mass on her lung. More tests are pending.
Thank you so much....Jamie