Pray for Others

A wonderful young lady could sure use some prayers that she be hired for a job she interviewed for she deserves this job and has struggled for two years since she graduated college PLEASE PRAY for her thank you so much

I ask for prayer for wisdom. To follow God & do His will. Prayer for healing for myself & my husband. Prayer for financial blessings so we will no longer be in bondage. Prayer that my family will draw closer to the Lord.

I ask prayer for my son Ted to get a job that will be right for him as he just lost his after 18 years. I also ask for health for my family and I, and for financial blessings. Please help us to sell our condo as it is very difficult in retirement now.
I pray for Larry's health and for Dan to also get a job.

Please Pray that I get my Husbands Postal Number as soon as possible on the Computer so he can come home from Mexico. Also Pray that I sell My Camper today for $3500.00. Thank-you.

I still have a lack of money, haven't found a job yet and I'm still suffering from digestive disorders that cause insomnia and this in turn sometimes causes depression. I need your prayers.

My husbamd and I are adopting a older child and we have not been approved yet .We need prayers that it will happen.this is a dream of ours to give a little girl a home please pray for us thank you

Please pray for my neither Diane to beat her cancer, also my friend Maryallan - to recover soon from her knee replaement aloso the M- boy who has come so far through prayer to fully recover with Go's help. Thank You!

Dear God, thank you for all the blessings you have showered upon us, specially for our family and business,thank you that we have buyers in our business. Dear God i lift up everything in your hands and decision.I know you know whats best for all of us.Please lead to us good clients and projects.Please direct our decision and goals and please spare us from unscrupulous people. Lord may your will be done. Amen

I recently submitted a prayer for KK. This is Kathy K. Now she has requested that we pray for Dustin, the boyfriend of Cassie, Kathy's grand-daughter who decided to keep her baby. Dustin needs an encounter with the Lord. Cassie herself needs a mentor to come alongside her to walk with her through trying times. Pray for the Lord to intervene, and work in hearts.

Please pray for my Aunt Joan. She is in the hospital, with fluid on her lungs, heart failure, her kidneys and bladdar are not functioning properly. She is in rough shape. Pray that she can and will be healed.