Pray for Others

Please pray that I find a better job: one where I use much more of my technical skills, allows me to fulfill both of the professional experience requirements, have more decision making authority and more distance from my supervisor and a raise in pay that reflects how hard I’ve worked to obtain my certifications. Please pray that I can find a job in a professional but relaxed environment with room for growth within the company.
Until then, please pray that my current job is less stressful and that my supervisor and I get along. Please pray that I am out of this job soon as I have been working hard to improve my resume. Please pray that the contacts I have made will help me to find my next position soon.

Please pray for Amy. Lord, let her know that You have not given her more than she can handle, and that You are with her every day, no matter what the circumstances. Let her find happiness in the career you have provided for her. Let her supervisors give her the support she needs so that she can teach and positively influence the children in her special needs classroom. I pray today and always in Your holy name, Jesus.

please pray that my fathers house sells soon so that me and my sister dont have to give it back to the bank and take a big lost for time and money we have spent on it thank you judy -

Please pray that God will mend my broken marriage. I have faith that He will and is working on it right now. Please pray that it will happen very soon.
God Bless Everyone,

Please pray that the Lord will deliver us from this overwhelming debt and we won't lose our home. I have been unemployed for 2 years. Last summer while praying, I heard and felt God tell me we wouldn't lose our home. Miraculously, in October family members that I never would've gone to for help came to me and helped us. Now we are slipping behind again and I am not yet able to pay them back. I started this year feeling hopeful but the worry and depression have taken over and I'm struggling so to just keep going. I ask for help in prayer for strength and courage to live according to God's will. Thanks so much!

I have a job interview Friday at 3 pm ET (:-)where I already work. I feel intimidated by interviewing with my colleagues and peers, but I also feel competent to do the job and that God can only put me in it if I have applied for it and have done my best to prepare and get interviewed. I feel awkward as well because I am temporarily being supervised by the person I would end up working for if I was given the new position, so I worry about how I come across to him, even though we don't have a lot of interaction. I believe my times are in God's hands, but I need prayer to take my thoughts captive to Christ and stop being afraid. I also need prayer that I am able to express myself effectively so my peers and colleagues can get an accurate picture of my abilities and fit for the job. I also need prayer for greater trust in God because some changes may be coming that I don't know how will affect my current position. I am older and don't feel very resilient in the face of such unsteady conditions.... Bottom line, God is sovereign, and I am his child. I want to honor him, but I'm scared right now and don't want to be. Thank you for praying for me.

Prayers for the conflict between my niece Elizabeth and cousin Sharon. A spat erupted 4 years ago and they have not spoken since, and it has escalated to an ugly level. Please pray for this to be resolved, for healing and forgiveness.

My son has asperger and multiple social issue latley he has had terrile paranoa yet he is such a beatifyl person that is stricken with this awful disorder he can be so normal but he has such low self asteem and worry. he is 25 years old and wants to be normal.

Please pray for my daughter, Sara, wo suffers from bipolar disorder. I am praying for God to watch over her and keep her safe from harm.

Prayers for my niece Elizabeth and fiance Doug, in their upcoming July wedding, for their upcoming marriage.