Pray for Others

Pray that my husband & I get financially stable again so we can help our parents & kids. Please lead us in the right direction for us. Wrap your loving arms around us.

Pray that my son & his girlfriend do not stray from each other. Pray that they create a stable & loving home from their son (my grandson). Pray that they become financially secure. Let them know you are always with them.

Pray for my oldest son & grandson that they stay together & have happiness. Pray that the ones that have lied & hurt them leave them alone. Pray that his girlfriend does not betray him & they get their finances under control. Pray that my husband finds a job that pays our bills so I can continue to keep our grandson. Pray that my youngest son finds happiness & a job he enjoys. Pray that my mom & mother in law get their BPs under control & they feel better. Pray that my family has health, happiness, love, peace, safety, strength & financial security. May GOD Bless You All. In THY name I pray,

Please pray for my sister, Marie. She is in desperate financial difficulty, and is making some very bad decisions because of it.

If it be your will, God, please give Timmy a job in his chosen Profession. He is such a good man, but getting so discouraged after a year of searching for any full-time position.

Please pray that God will guide me in selecting the proper training in a new career direction without setting unrealistic goals. And that I can also find immediate income in the meantime while starting school, to help pay for school and to pay other bills. Thank you for praying for me.

Pray that I can rid my life of marijuana and alchohol addiction forever!!!!
I am done, no more. Release me from Satan and his evil ways. Remove all self doubt and return my faith in you and living a sober life.
Thank you in Jesus's name!!!

I have started a new job and the owners of the company are very difficult to work for. Please pray for me and them, so that we may have a more pleasant work enviroment and for them to realize that I am trying my best and to have patience with me. It is a financial investment group and I have never worked in this field before. Please pray that I learn it quickly and that I will not be under so much stress. I am having to take valium to get me through most days and this is not a good thing.
Thank you for your prayers

please pray for my son and daughter-in-law to get back in church and grandsons james cody and shane to be saved I love them dearly also i need pray for financially. i love guidepost have gotten books many years. Thanks.

Pray for seven hundred people who is considering to have an abortion today. Ask the Lord to drop the scales from there eyes. To give them clarity to see that it is evil that wants death for there children. Give them hope, that the child that God created inside of them, will give God glory in all they do outside of them. God has great plans for you and your Child. Thanks and God Bless. Thanks and God Bless. Worthy is the Lamb.