Pray for Others

Pl. in Jesus name be in agreement with me an my sister ,that groom is what we need to do,im a barber but no longer want that an my sister an i have talked of this dream for a while she has burr sitetus an i ask she be healed in Jesus name an bless us Lord with our dream an help to make it come true.

Please pray for me. I had an ablation procedure done on my heart in June of 2010. It has gone well except for episodes of my heart racing again for several minutes. This is suppose to subside after a few weeks and though the episodes are farther apart, they are still troublng for me and I believe in prayer with all my heart. Where two or more are gathered in his name that he will be there also so please pray for me. God Bless you and this prayer ministry you have and this is not the first time I have sent a prayer request to you. Thank you, Regina

Please Pray for 2 co-workers sons one had surgery on his recovery and one son had a motorcycle accident for reovery and healing

Im needing to buy a shed,so my sister an i can start,grooming dogs together,In Jesus name lead me the right way an just what you would have for us to groom in Jesus name.Amen.

I was recently diagnosed with having a light stroke and I blacked out driving home. please pray that it won't happen again or I won't have any more either small or light strokes. I am taking medication and it is working.

Sean to pass GED and get in Job Corp for a new beginning.

protection and safety over Israel, Jeresualum, USA, and that we as a nation would bow down before GOD and repent of our sins against him and turn to him and that he will forgive us and heal and bless our country again and that our leaders will come to Jesus, repent and govern in GOD'S way and not their own greedy way and help the people of this country with jobs, not handouts, for all world leaders to come to Jesus, repent and lead their countries in GOD'S ways not their own.

Dear Heavenly Father why can't My Marriage be save why can"t my Prayers be answer why can"t I get help healing and love I am so alone it hurt so much I have done all I can to save my Marriage and evrything I do is wrong what wrong with me why can"t I fix me why can't I save my Marriage Why I am so afarid What can I do Please Pray for Michael and Charleszetta - please Pray for us please I need all the prayers that I can get right now please in Jeusu name Please In Jeusu name in Jesus name amen. CRF

I pray for Sean to pass this exam today as well as the 5 that he will take in the future. Pray for him to have the knowledge, skills and confidence to pass all six of these on the first try which will lead to him becoming a licensed architect.

Please pray for Amy who has iv stage cancer. She had her radiation today on her pelvic area. Please pray that it kills the cancer cells in that area. She is in so much pain it is so hard to watch my precious daughter suffer. Her dad is searching for clinical trails for her because the chemo is not killing the cancer. Please pray for her ask GOD to send her faith, healing, strength and peace. We need a miracle for our daughter. Thank you and God Bless. Barbara