Pray for Others

Urgent - Our daughter, Crystal, had a caesarian (her first baby) a few months ago and now she has gone through another surgery again. Her liver enzymes are high and I am concerned since my sister died four years ago from complications from high liver enzymes also. Please pray that her liver will be healed quickly and there will be no complications since her baby needs her.


Please pray that I find a better job: one where I use much more of my technical skills, allows me to fulfill both of the professional experience requirements, have more decision making authority and more distance from my supervisor and a raise in pay that reflects how hard I’ve worked to obtain my certifications. Please pray that I can find a job in a professional but relaxed environment with room for growth within the company.
Until then, please pray that my current job is less stressful and that my supervisor and I get along. Please pray that I am out of this job soon as I have been working hard to improve my resume. Please pray that the contacts I have made will help me to find my next position soon.

please pray that the relationship is restored between my former boyfriend and me. we've been broken up for 2 months and I miss him and love him


Thank you that Matt's phone interview went well. Prayers that he will get called for an in-person interview. Thank you.

I need help, I need to feel like I am needed at work. I need to feel like the owners do not think I am stupid. I feel so down all the time because I don't ever get asked to do anything new or different and I don't feel important. I need help not feel hate and anger at the owner lady and the HR person, who really bother me. I am truly depressed about this. I need to know where to go and what to do Lord. I need direction and I need help getting through this. It hurts. I just don't get it, I am a hard worker, more qualified than anyone and I just don't get asked to be a part of anything.

For my wife to forgive me, soften her heart and want to reconcile our marriage.

Dear God I come to you tonight in prayer an seeking your protecting for my family and I as we rest tonight,let no harm come to us,give us strength to be strong.I come to you tonight God an prayer seeking your help.God I don't have one dollar to my name and need to pay my water bill tomorrow and I know I will get a shut off cause I don't have the money.need food in my house,need money for my rent,light,etc bill.God I wish you would send someone to help me tomorrow with a donate so big that I wouldn't know what to do with jesus name God I put this in your hand as I rest tonight and hoping for a rescue from you on tomorrow amen Dianne.

Someone always sick in our house. Illnesses are now getting more serious. Non Christian couple lived here before. We have been here 7 yrs & someone always sick. We bought fixer upper but feel it is more than that. Pray God will bind all illnesses, powers & principalities. Because of my present illness, which doctors can't figure out, I have trouble with breathing. Non smoker. Thank you.