Pray for Others

My 31 yr. old daughter, Bobbie, has been emailing a young man on the internet. She met him thru a dating site. He lives in Tunisia and is an Arab. He is 28 yrs. old. All of the relationships she has been in she was not respected or treated very well. Now we have this very smooth talking young man who is saying all the beautiful words to her that she has never heard before.He is even talking about getting married as soon as she gets there. She has already booked a flight for 10 days in March. I am frightened. So many things have been said about what happens to American women when they marry an Arab. I don't know where to turn but to God. Please help!! My name is Margaret Thank you for your time and God bless you.

Please pray for Joe as he mourns the loss of his beloved twenty-year old cat. Thank you.

I am asking for your prayers for my daughter she is 40 years old not married no children,but she is having problems.Fibroids.Very heavy bleeding and extreme pain.dr.wants to do a hysterectomy,take out the uterus romove the fibroids and replace the uterus.I pray this will work because my daughter want to have a baby some day.I pray it is not to late.
Also,that both my son and daughter can get jobs to better take care of themselves.
Thank you. i

Dear God, thank you for all your blessings. Please I deseperately beg you with all my heart to protect my son from evilness. My friend had a bad vision about him and it worries me deeply. At first I got scare but then I looked up at you lord and said, My god you are more powerful than the evil and that you would protect him and save my son from evilness. He is trying to have you in his life, and he is trying to better himself, lord please guide and protect him always. Remove the evilness that surrounds him and send down your angels to protect and guide him, strong, healthy, full of love, healthy, happiness and positive energy. In jesus name I pray, please bless us and my family with a miracle, amen

Please pray that Vicki and Dave and Jimmy and Rene have strong, healthy, happy, loving, caring and spiritual marriages. Thank you.

Please pray for the health of Joe, Joan, Frank, Meghann, Tara, Rene, Anna, Adam, Drew and Grant. Thank you.

I am coming to a crossroads in my life and need prayer. I was recently divorced, (a good thing) and my youngest is about to graduate from high school. I have a home that needs major repairs and I'm unsure whether to refinance and fix it up, or to sell it. My kids want me to keep it, yet, I would like to sell. However, the thought of moving after 20 years is almost overwhelming. In addition, I am eligible for retirement, but will need another income to supplement my retirement. I'm hoping the right opportunity comes up soon. I need prayers for which road I am to take in the near future.

Please pray that Jimmy, Mary, Carl, Jill and Mark get jobs. They are all good people who need and want jobs so that they can support themselves and their families. Please say a prayer of thanks for Dave and Ashley getting jobs and that they do well in their jobs. Thank you.

Pray God will heal my Daddy, Ray C.-. He went to the doctor last week and he was bleeding internally, his sugar was too high and his blood too low. He had to have more tests and will get the results tomorrow. Pray that the tests will turn out good and that God has healed him. Pray that God will also heal my Mama, Wanda -of the bad lung infection she has. Pray that she will start feeling better when she gets off the antibotic she is taking and the new medicine will work

please pray for our marriage(jab&aab) communication,reconcilation,restoration,healing,unity,peace,love in JESUS NAME.