Pray for Others

please pray for geraldine a miracle healing from congested heart failure.

I pray for God to destroy active evil in the worlds governments. I pray for the way forward which brings about the greatest good and the least evil.

please agree with me, i was involved in a car accident 2wks ago, with the other driver slaming into the back left side of my vehicle and throwing me on a pole, but i walked away unhurt in jesus name, the other driver is not taking responsibility, so need agreement that insurance covers my damages and that the vehicles are repaired efficiently for a resonable price.....

Dear Lord thank you for this day and for helping me through another night. My brother Jason is facing a diificult time and is in need of your peace and comfort to know is a child of the most high and you are with him always. Amen

I pray that my focus stays on God.I also ask God to answer all prayer requests in Jesus name amen.Tim

I am a 41 year old woman of South Africa, i've got only one sister and she lives in Canada, my dream was to join her, now i have a possible opportunity with a company in Canada. I will be meeting them next week, i have no funds and is praying to God that they will help me and my 2children to get to Canada. Please pray that it will be done in the Name of Jesus. Thank you

Please pray with me in the name of JESUS and by His blood as I rebuke the spirit of curses and all the works of the devil in my health and life. Thank you and God bless you too. - Lou

1. Please pray for my cousin Tommy who has brain cancer with many side effects from treatments for the past year (violence and mental problems). 2. Also pray for his wife Vickie and son Kenny who are his main caregivers.

Continue to pray with me that I will receive an offer for a job soon.
James -

1. Please pray for my friend Cheryl's continued healing from her stomach surgery, she continues to be in a lot of pain even now 5 weeks after surgery. 2. Also please pray for Cheryl's Mother Annie who is very sick. 3. And Cheryl's sister Tina who is taking care of their Mother and handicapped brother.