Pray for Others

For John my tenant in a commericl building, that he be prospered in his business and enlightened in the love of teh Lord. Tomt

Please pray for my son, ERIC. He is bound by addiction. Please pray for his SALVATION, deliverence, abstinence, safety and recovery. Please ask God to work in his life, convict his soul, lift the veil of disbelief, soften his heart and open his mind to the truth of the gospel and his great need for salvation and deliverence. Pray that he will repent, turn from evil and turn to our Lord Jesus Christ for help, deliverence and salvation. His struggle with addition has been going on for overy twenty years. I have done everything I can and it is very painful to watch what is happening to him. It has taken a great toll on all of us. We really need a miracle. God is Mighty and a God of miracles. He has perform miracles since the beginning of time. It is God's desire to save. Please pray for a MIRACLE in my son's life. Please ask God to increase my faith and belief and give me hope as I continue to pray for my son. Thank you so much for praying for Eric. Your prayers are deeply appreciated. May God abundantly bless you and work in the lives of all those that request prayer on OurPrayer. In the Precious, Holy and Mighty name of Jesus Christ I humbly ask! Eric's Mom (Linda)

My son-in-law was just informed that his position, which he has held satisfactorily for 11 years, was just eliminated. He has a wife and three children. His son is on a medication that is covered by the family health insurance which will be cancelled on February 1. His two daughters are in special schools which are paid by tuition. They have a house mortgage and a car mortgage. Please pray that God will open the door for him to find employment soon. They are a Christian family and well grounded in the scriptures.

Lord I pray for the financial wisdom to pay off my debt and create no more debt. Lord I pray John Riley and myself have a lifetime of peace and happiness together. Lord I pray our relationship is based in love trust honesty respect and open communication. Lord I pray I am able to purchase this house in September 2012. Amen

Please pray for my son, Tim. Ask God to never let him go back to drugs and the life he was once living. Thank you God for bringing back from the clutches of death. Pray for him daily, please. Pray for Cameron and help him to be as grown up as he wants to be by making good decisions in life. Pray for all of my children, grandchildren, and for me and my wife. Thank you!

dear GOD in heaven,please help me find a job and help me with Lisa,in your name I pray,AMEN

Please pray for Georgia. She was injured in an explosion and is burned really bad. The doctors are having problems stablizing her heart beat and breathing. Thank you.

Please pray that I receive the financial blessing that I have been praying a long time for. Please pray that I receive a job that pays well so that I can pay all of my bills and have enough left over for food. Please pray that God sends financial help to my mother so that she can get out of debt, buy a refrigerator and stove and also fix up her house so that it is comfortable for her. Please pray that my mother is relieved of worry over her finances. Please pray for my brother Brian that he overcomes his mean-spirited nature. Please pray that my brother Bruce receives a better paying job in a very nice environment. Please pray that Scott is given the boost that he needs to become the chef that he dreams of being. Thank you Father for answering my prayers. Thank you for turning my negative financial situation into a financial breakthrough that will help myself and many others. Thank you to everyone that prays for me. May God bless everyone.

pray stacey get taxes done soon n able to claim carrielynn nathan heidi judy without any probs n get alot back n split equal with heidi like he stacey has in the last 4 yrs /ft job heidi,pray eric start payin childsuport he 4 months behind n back childsupport that owed to carrie

Please pray for our daughter Sarah, whom we adopted 26 yrs ago from -, Africa. She is bi-polar, alcoholic, smokes and uses marijuana when she can get it. She's had 2 abortions, been attacked and raped a few times. Has a beautiful son 6yrs old from a former marriage, a 3 yr old that she gave up for adoption. She had Hepatitis C now, probably from the last rape by a homeless person. She is presently living with us and it's not a good situation. Please pray for her salvation and God's plan for her life. - Thank you and blessings, claudette