Pray for Others

My daughter Michelle 23, is about to give birth any day now to a baby boy.Please pray she will have a smooth and problem-free delivery and that the baby will be healthy.Please pray for grace,calmness,for Michelle and be with the doctors and nurses during her delivery and recovery.

Please pray for husband Steve who is struggling with his emotional, physical, financial & spiritual health. Having difficulty in reinventing his career after being laid off. Also, please pray for my son, Ryan, who is struggling with anxiety and paranoia issues and unable to finish college or maintain employment. Please pray for healing, direction and peace in our lives.

Dear Friends:
Please pray for Mrs Celie W and her family (and medical team). There are many health-related, financial and emotionl burdens they're dealing with...
Thank you & God Bless you!

Please pray for my friend that she doesn't have STD's.

For customers for our business so that we may be financially sound.

Please pray for Bryan and his family. Bryan was hit broadside by a buss which left him with horrific enjuries. It has torn the family and they are about to loose their home. His court date is on Tues. . Thank You.

Please pray that I will go in the right direction concerning my calling, that I can find the right training. And also that I can find income for myself to pay bills, and get out of debt. Thank you.

Pls pray for my cousin Jarome. He is in need of a heart trsnsplant. Praying healing over him

our church is growing rapidly.And we need powerful,strong godly people to help the ministry,the numbers increase every service,our pastor needs help.pray god assigns the people to this growing church.we lack good rough bible studies on mondays for the womens ministry.May God lift a warrior for it.also in all the age groups.

Please continue prayers for my uplifting from depression and anxiety and that I can start a new life over tomorrow. That tomorrow will be a new beginning of another chapter of my life.