Pray for Others

Pray for me to make right decisions. God knows my needs.
In Jesus name amen

Thank you in advance for your prayers...Please pray for my dear nephew, Sean, who is suffering from chronic drug addiction. Please pray that God blesses him with healing and recovery. We pray that Sean will stay on God's path and become the man God wants him to be. Thank you so much for your kindness...God bless you all

Pray for Domi, 88 years old, and is on a respirator in NM. Previously had a stroke. Now fell and broke a hip. Pray for the whole family as they have to make a decision tomorrow AM regarding the removal of respirator. Pray for Priscilla who has been their angel and continues. Norm-just diagnosed with terminal cancer. Pray for Jan-bad migraine headaches.

Please pray for Karen. She needs healing and repentance. Please pray that God will deliver her from her addiction to attention and her self-deception. Pray that God will give her a hunger for his word and that she will seek him through it and find him there.

My name is Denise, I live in California and I am a young mother. My husband was arrested a year ago after he crashed into an undercover cop vehicle while trying to evade. He is on parole and an ex gang member.I believe him when he says that he did not know they were cops and he was simply scared and was trying to get away.Unfortunately, they are charging him with 4 counts of Assault with a Deadly weapon. He was not trying to hurt anybody and it breaks my heart that he has been gone so long and his case has not been resolved. Recently his mother passed away and I know this is so hard on him. His lost his mother and gained a new son all while being locked up. Please brothers and sisters pray for my husband Gonzalo Torres, that he may be granted a just sentence and that he come back to me soon. His children need him, I need him. I know that the Lord frowns upon corruption and I know that he is the only one that can help us in this time. Also brothers and sisters, I recently got hired for a job, I should start in a week. Please pray for me that I may be an excellent employee and that this job be a long lasting one. Also pray that I may be able to support my family, as well as save to fix my car and save for a small apartment for when my husband gets out. Only through the Lords infinite kindness will this be possible.
Thank you
Denise in California

Please pray for my family and friends that those who need Jesus in their lives will seek Him soon. Pray also for all those who have no one else to pray for them and for the children who need someone in their lives who will love and care about them. Pray for our country and our leaders that they will have the wisdom to come together and get this country working again. Thank you in Jesus name Amen Margo

Please pray that Andrew would be given the strength not to use drugs, and that he would accept the strength that God is giving him. Please pray that he would serve and love Christ.

Praying for God to lead me in the right direction of giving up a school bus route after this school year is over with for something Fun and less stress in Jesus Name Amen

Please, my grandson, James,is autistic and has been refused SSI. Family is reapplying and can succeed with your prayers. Perhaps we should be praying that his autism be lifted from him. But he is limited and needs support. Thank you. You are lifechanging.

I request prayer for my roommate, Alvin. He is dealing with a melanoma diagnosis that is advanced. Thank you and God bless you for all that you do.