Pray for Others

Please pray for my nephew who is going through some hard emotional times. Pray for his mother who is extemely mentaly stressed. Also the 1,000 persons who will be affected by demontions, pay cuts and layoffs at my organization this year.

Please send financial blessings down on me. Please give me hope that the letter I received is not serious and I may take care of it immediately.

Please pray for my daughter Sherri M.She is in a lot of pain with her back and no insurance or money.The doctor is trying to find the best pain med and so far has had not much luck.She is unemployed and searching for a job and is knowing that God will provide.Her emotional problems have been unsurmountable.She really needs prayers. Thank you so much. Mary B

Please pray for my grandson, Daniel, he is three years old and still can not talk in sentences. He can say words, but he gets frustrated and can not get his thoughts in sentences. He also is having a hard time with the potty training. He can't seem to get to the bathroom in time. He is beginning to hit himself and the doctors tell us it is due to the frustration of not being able to get his thoughts into words, I know the Lord can take care of this, so please help me to pray for him.

Dear God, I need you. I need you to bless me in every area of my existence (you know the list!). Please take care of your child. Give me peace for me and my sons. Give us the resources to live life before I die. Thank you Lord. AMEN.

Please pray for Eleanor and Rudoplh -. I know that God is able.
Thank you

Pray for Dave, who is having an echogram and an angiogram today.
Thank you.

pray for me at my job it is very stressful and direction about changing jobs.

Pray for me and my son in finances and resolving crippling outstanding debt, soon. AMEN

My sweet Christian 19 year old daughter is dying from malnourishment from gastroparesis (a paralyzed stomach) please pray for her healing. She is a bright kind-hearted girl who has done much volunteer work. Her name is Suzanne -. Please pray that God will hela her and restore her health and well-being. Thank you.