Pray for Others

Our LOrd's healing touch on our sister, Patty.
Thank you

Please pray for my brother, for his financial and relationship troubles & that he won't have to struggle anymore and that he won't give up

Please pray my mother, Clara S., who is 78 will be healed and her body will be strong and healthy. Please pray her swelling of legs and abdomen will go away and her health will improve. Please pray her coughing and asthma will be healed and she will be strong and healthy. Thank you

God, grant me justice against my adversary! Bring her face to face with her sin. Convict her of her guilt and shame. Expose her adultery and her unfaithfulness. Make her blood guilty, O God, until she repents.

please pray for my parents...their emotional and mental health, their anxiety, stress and struggles..

please pray for my friend who's mom passed away last week..pray for strenght for her and her sister and the rest of the family!

Please Pray For Stephen/Steve New Friendship Pray Steve Won't Feel So Shy around Stephen and Steve Will Use The Contact INFO That Stephen Left Him and We Will Share More Of The Common Intrests off His Bus Route and Steve Will Open His Heart With Stephen and Thur Prayers We Will Be The Best Of Friends Always Thanks For Praying New Friends Steve and Stephen..

Help us Lord!!!! Stephanie needs to get her disability payments set up desperately. Sarah needs healing in her mind, soul & body. She needs a job. Matt needs not to get laid off from his job and he needs salvation. His mother, Leshia, needs healing. Matthew, Kyra, Chris needs Jesus. We need God to help us. Thank you for praying.

My name is Milca. Please pray for me because my husband was wrongly accused by someone from his church and who knows his family very well because they grew up together and will be appearing before a Judge this Wednesday, in the morning. I pray that God makes the Judge dismiss the case. I pray that God allows him to gain his job back and for his school to allow him to finish the 1 class and for the state to allow us to keep our baby with no care and supervision. I pray that God gives us the victory over the devil because the devil attacked us in all aspects of our life. I pray for the lady who attacked us so that she can become a true Christian.

Please pray for 9 yr old Allen - and his family. Allen is about to go home to be with our Lord and Savior. He has brain cancer and has already lived 6 mos longer than drs said he would. His lungs are filled with fluid, his organs shutting down and he is totally unresponsive since last night. Please pray for a peaceful passing and for the love and peace of Jesus Christ be with his family.