Pray for Others

My sister in law Carol, has a lot of heart troubles, and will have to see the doctor to get the news what to do. Please pray all comes out good and she doesn't need an operation

Dear God, I am sending this prayer to you in hopes that it reaches you. I have been homeless since 12/30/11. I have looked high and I have looked low for a new place I am having trouble finding a place. they dont want my dog.I have even gone to the agencies and they wont help us.All I am looking for is a home/room with a roof and heat. Please dear Lord help me!! Amen!

Jesus bless me,with a positive attitude, no more depression,and feel good about myself. It would be nice to help others who also are sick from Evil.My eyes have seen all the greed ,lies, and hate for the ill, This must stop,Lord open their minds and hearts.May the Lord bless me,;;with Prayer and Jesus let my spirit above all that is Evil and Prevail.Lord. With Prayers are coming, all Evil will lose.May the Lord hear my Prayer,and those Prayers of all others to stop Evil.May all problems and issues be solved , and the Lord stop all Evil for everyone.The Holy Spirit will vanish all Evil and go through my soul to give me the energy and strength to succeed.Faith Conquers and Prayer brings it home.My Fears, pain,and cancer will vanish with the power of the Lord, Jesus, and the Holy Spirit. Lord, we all need help here, give us all that help, the strength and wisdom to succeed and stop all Evil.Forgive and Bless all of Us. May our day and life be Blessed

Please pray for my son Eric - that God open his brain so that he can pull his grades up and that he can do better when he plays basketball since he is on a basketball scholarship. He's not focus and will like to see him get focus. I don't have money for college so I need him to do what he needs to do.

Our son Derek is scheduled to take the officer's test this Saturday for the Air Force. He is leaning in the direction of the military, but isn't entirely sure. The test does not commit him to the Air Force, but he's still been studying very hard to do well.If he passes, he wants to be considered for their foreign language program. Please pray that his efforts will pay off, and he'll be open to the leading of the Holy Spirit. Thank you and GOD bless all of you. Sincerely,Don and Carleen

Dear Brothers and sister in Christ,
Please pray for my wife's mayoma. She's suffering pain every monthly menstruation.May the Lord heal her and May God provide us financial needs to undergo operation as doctor advice about it.
Let us pray....
Father in heaven, I thank you for Your kindness and mercy to us. Thanks for giving me such a lovely wife I had now. Thanks for all Your blessings.
My dear Lord Jesus, I ask forgiveness for all the sins we had in you. I ask your divine healing for my wife. Please Lord I need your help, Please God have Mercy to Bing, my wife. Please Lord Please Please! Please! We ask Your throne of grace have mercy on us. May Your powerful hands lay upon us and healed us especially my wife for her mayoma. Lord, We do commit ourselves to you. Please Lord Please I need your help! Please forgive me for having doubts of your faithfulness in us! I am worried and have doubts on how we can can pass through this trial.
I love my wife and we love each other serving you as couple. Lord of these things we had. I entrusted you everything 'cause we have nothing without you!
This I pray in Jesus name! Amen

My husband, Hugh and grown son, Jason are at war when truly I believe they want the same results. I know that God can touch both their hearts and turn this around. Our family is suffering from this and I , too am torn trying to make sense of why they are so convinced their way is the only way. Please pray for God to intervene and help these two work things out in a loving way with no lingering hard feelings or ill effects. I believe there is power in prayer and I know God truly answers pray. Thank-you for praying with me.

My husband is struggling with an addiction. We all are in some way but know it is a battle for him right now. As a wife i want to jump in and save him all the time but that is not the answer. I know that fear is building in him which leads to addiction. Please help me pray for him to get through this dark time. Thank you and God Bless!

Keep me in about my job I may be loseing it

please pray for me i am about to go crazy my daugher has lied to me so many times she is using drugs and i have her 2 sweet babies and lord i have tried to help her but nothing works i want her to get better sooo bad and i want her safe i am so scared she is going to get the babies back and they will be in danger please HELP ME THANK YOU