Pray for Others

i ask for prayer for more and more and more Christian laborers with more Biblical accuracy with the True Gospel with more courage throughout the earth to the Glory of God now and into the future. Thank you.

please pray that god will continue to bring healing in my body regarding a couple of health issues I am going through. Also that my home will be refinaced and modified so that my husband and I can stay in it with a comfortable mortgage payment and feel secure in our home. thank you.

For Steve to be ready when the time comes. For all of use to be guided about his future.


safe flights for my husband on wednesday.Thank you

i have been i constant pain sincei had mastectomany two year ago.i was told everythingwas fine i had x-ray six days ago my doctor has asked me to come in too discuss x-ray results sometime this week i know the x-ray must have shown something for the surgery to phone me to come in please pray it is nothing vert serious.

I am going through some ups and downs and it seems my faith is being tested; both personally and professionally. Please pray for me to make it through this tough time and find the strength I need to get through each and every day with hope.
Thanks for your kind prayers -
Carrie Z / Montana

Please pray for my grandson who is on drugs. He wants to live for God but keeps falling back into this. Thank you so much.

Please pray that I find hope to live a happier, less painful, less ill, depressing, anxious, stressful daily life. My body, heart, mind are overwhelmed & not responding well to any of the multiple meds tried in a very long year. My body is so inflammed that everything is painful. I've been in the hospital 7x last year & will find out soon if I have to go again. Living with so much misery & pain for over 20 yrs & constant deterioration, no hope for improvement or goodness to look forward to, is enough reason for me to beg for grace to please take me peacefully in my sleep, no complications for my daughter, whom I adore & is all of our treasure, but whose life I am now a burden because I am so dependent. The constant meds experimentation to eventually find one that my body accepts & benefits my body & mind is exhausting & has had an overwhelming toll on us, along with your forgiveness for all the mistakes I've made & am truly sorry for. I just cannot take it any more. Please dear Heavenly Father, be gracious & generous & loving as I know you are, & give me the relief I so desparately need & hopefully deserve. In everlasting gratitude, Silvia

Need prayer for a man named Jim he was arrested for a dwi last May since then he has completely turned his life around voluntarily taken drug and alcohol classes and completing them, plus many other positive steps and stayed alcohol free he goes to court on Feb 14 we are praying that he will be able to serve his punishment in inhome detention so he can continue to work on getting his life back in order. Prayers needed.