Pray for Others

I have not talked to or seen my youngest son in a year. He charged several thousands of dollars in my name. When I confronted him about the charges, he became hostile. Please pray for him and for me in regards to this. I have forgiven him and hope to speak to him. I am sad because of this negativity. Not only is he not taking to me, he is not taking to his sister, my daughter also. Please pray foe me and my children.
Thank you!

Please pray for me. Please ask our dear Lord to give me good results for the medical test I am having Wednesday. thank you.

Please pray that my wife Mary Jo will begin to get job leads, offers, etc, since she is getting extremely (lack of any phone calls/e-mails) discouraged from her job lay-off in early September. She had a marvelous 16 year career with the same woman's closthing chain, but her company filled for bankruptcy and were forced to lay off employees, close some stores, etc. I also am trying hard to find a higher paying Professor or Dean position, but am now in a low paying one. I am going to try an sell a TV show/s idea, so can you pray that I am able to option/sell them? We are getting very worried about running out of money, so could you please pray that money and job leads/offers will begin to flow to both of us? Please pray that we don't lose our home, can pay our bills, keep our wonderful dog McKenzie, etc. Thank you so much for your (very much needed) prays, service you provide, support, etc.
Ray -

Please pray for my two neices who come from a very dysfunctional family with two parents that are unfit to be parents. I worry about their future and what will happen to them. They need a special guardian angel to help them get thru this. Thank You

Please pray for my health. I need healing for my IBS. It comes and goes. I need it to go and stay gone. I also need my sons to reconcile. Thank you so much.

Lord we come to you in prayer for Frank, he has kidney failure. We are asking for healing for him, if in your will Lord. In Jesus name, Amen

Please pray that I can start a new life tomorrow and start following guidelines of the counsellors. Today I failed. Please help me to overcome this depression and anxiety. Thankyou for all of your support.

For a sons sobriety

Please pray for continued restoration and healing between G and I. Things have gotten better but there's still work to be done. Please pray that God helps continue to open our hearts to each other. Thank you!

Please pray for my sister-in-law Kelley. She is going to have some tests done tomorrow and we are praying that it is nothing serious. She has 5 beautiful children and a great husband who need her very much. She is a giving, loving person - - and needs your prayers very much. Thank you.