Pray for Others

Angelique - prayers for health

I pray that my daughter be blessed with a job soon, she has been out of a job for a year and it has really been very so stressful for me as I have been helping her with her bills. I am so stressed out I'm feeling depressed more and more. Please pray for us. Also pray for my husband as he suffers from parkinsons and dementia, it is getting harder for him to walk. Thank you, Janie.

Please pray with me that God bless me with a good,stable,Job. I am now working a part of a part-time job and it is not enough to pay my monthly bills. I know God is my source, and trust him. But the worry of finances are getting to me. Also for my daughters health. She has symtoms of MS, but the doctors won't make the official diagnosis yet. I pray that she is healed with no diagnosis. Thank you so much for your gift of prayer.

Please pray for my husband who is having trouble sleeping at night. Also pray for the miracle of sight and his overall health.

Please pray for my Mother and improvement in her memory and cognitive skills as she recovers from a stroke.

Rita = Thanks for praying that I will work very well with all others having a keen, quick, clear and alert mind and making choices pleasing unto Christ.

Dear Team,
I ask you to pray for me as I have a problem with spatial relations.I feel that I can't move around things and my legs are stuck.It's very upsetting.I feel nervous about this and sweat.I pray for my nervousness that it may disappear.I pray for my family's needs that all is well with them.Thank you for your prayers and God bless you.Marion

Please pray for husband David that he his relationship with his family is healed and that he is able to find the right job for him. May he seek out God more in his life. I ask this in Jesus name Amen

Please pray that the Tinnitis in my ears goes away and I have the quiet and peace that I need. I ask this in Jesus Name Amen

Please pray for my daughter ANA KAROLINE (14 yo), to remove the worldly friends, and also for her return to the church. An evil arrow removed her from the worship of the church (people who are very jealous of her);