Pray for Others

Please pray for me. My name is Amanda -. I pray for the salvation of my 2 kids, Nadine - and my son, Tian - I want to devote my grandson's life to the Lord (he is 3 months old!) I want my business to be successfull. I pray for God's hand of Salvation, Grace and Prosperity over our lives. Amen

Because we have moved around so much, my son has fallen through the cracks in the public school system. He is a junior in high school and has all but given up on graduating next year. He has given up hope of a future or college. Please pray for an answer for us.

thank you so very much because I received a reply to my prayer request yesterday and I apppreciate that. Yet I'll continue to ask that my 8 yr. old grandson and his family be lifted up in prayer . His condition is on going, and as of yet we have found no medical answers or support which would put him on safer ground. thank you for being here to pray for our needs. Elaine


Please pray that God will repair my broken marriage soon. I had a dream last night, I was with Jesus...and He told me, "This is not good, You are not where you are supposed to are going back to your life I had once given you"...Oh please keep praying for this.
God Bless everyone,

My name is Iorrnneshia my rquest is favor with people,god

please pray so that we will sell the house

i would like to report victory and say thanks,i requested prayer for my diabetic father who was ill,and thanks be to God he is much better,the hiccups have gone and he is doing much better.pLEASE PRAY that his sight will become clear again. thanks

My name is lafonda my request is favor with god and people.

please pray so that my brother in law will cooperate with the family and sell the house