Pray for Others

For God to provide me a job in my field, meet my needs, support my family and get me out of this black hole

My marriage is in serious need of prayer. After almost 25 years, my husband has told me he does not love me the way he should and feels trapped and wants out. I value the vows we made before God and need prayer to heal our broken marriage and my broken heart.

Please pray for my Granddaughter who is diagnoised Bipolar & schizophrenia. She just turned 18 and the system is not her friend. She is also developmentaly disabled and has the mindset of a 15 yr old. The enemy is tryin to kill her with threats of suicide and others taking advantage. Please pray for her mind, that the WORD will rise up in her and take over and protect her from the evil one. God bless you for your ministry!!

Please pray for the families in the school where I work. Help the ones that do not know you to see Jesus.

Please pray for my son, C.J.-,as we await diagnosis of neurological problems / lesions on the brain. We are praying for healing of his body, that he will become disease free, that whatever is causing this will be completely cured so that he may live a long and healthy life in testimony to others of the healing power of prayer and love of God.

My husband is in denial of cooperating honestly with his kidney treatment and dialysis. He lies about his days of treatments and it affecting his health, which makes me worry about our longetivity of life. Pray for me to have stronger faith for God's time not mine!

please pray for my grandson, he has been in the hospital over a month, his name is Dorell- he is 22yrs old, he got a virus, and we dont know what it is or how he got it, it has attack his lungs/heart/kidneys and he has an ulcer in his throt they say he may need a bone marrow transplant, he cant keep nor eat anything, he is always vomiting, he cant really get out of bed for fear of falling,he has lost a lot of weight. please please please pray for him and please get other to pray. i know GOD answer prayes and Dorell needs all the prayer that he can get from you all and from all over the world.thank you very-very much.

I need prayer for my daughter & her husband who haven't been able to work due to health issues and their car broke down 2 weeks ago & have no means of transporation now.Please prayer for my son and his family to get them through his failure to appear in court due a fine and financial needs to meet house payments as they are buying their first home to provide for my 5 grandchildren. Please ask the Lord to contine my husband's work employmentto help us in financial and health matters. Thank you for standing in the gap for me & my loved ones. God bless you!

Our Lord Jesus Christ please loose upon my entire family&I & all pertaining to us the prayers in my prayer books &the powers of Your shed blood on the cross & Your bodily risiing again & Your Soon return.& Isa 11:2 & Eph 3:19& i Pet 1 We love & praise You, amen&amen!

My name is Yvonne and I am going through a very hard time in my marriage. My husband is having an affair with another woman. Although He keeps insisting that it is over and that she's just now a friend and that he wants our marriage to get back on track. It hurts so much that for some reason he won't completly let her go. Please help me pray to god to get her out of our lives for good. I don't want to have hate in my heart. I don't want to have resentment towards her for her total disrespect towards me and my marriage. Please help me pray that she'll find her own peace with her own life and leave mine and my husband's alone. I'm so devestated and heartbroken. Please god get this woman out of our lives.