Pray for Others

I need money to pay bills & work is slow. I pray for full days & abundance in my bank acct. thank you for praying & standing with me in this time. I pray for a breakthrough financially.

Please pray for my husband who has post tramatic stress disorder. It is a daily battle. He needs peace in his life and to have all his anger go away.

Father, please bless Chris' business and all who are involved. Give him peace of mind, kindness and prosperity. In jesus' Name, I ask this
Blessings to all who pray with us. Amen. Bless YOU, Father

Please pray for my upcoming surgery to be successful

Some people say if you try to force the hand of god things won't get readily answered, but what if you are looking for answers and you have no one to ask? The lord has promised me a soul mate and I know he doesn't break his promises, 2 times he has brought this beautiful lady to me,and I wasn't ready, last week was supposed to be my third chance, but there was no one there. The lord didn't say stop Isaid is she here? looked around and she wasn't there so instead of just waiting for a bit, I left, maybe she was on her way I don't know. But the last two intervals were 40 days apart and I just can't see myself waiting that long again. I want to be with this lady now! So would you lift me up in prayer that the lord will bring this beautiful person to me a lot sooner? Thank you.

I would like you to pray for my daughter, Chere, as she goes job hunting tomorrow. There are jobs out there in her profession, but sometimes she lack confidence when talking with a new employer. If God is there holding her hand, I know she will come across very professional and they will consider her. Thank you.

Today my prodigal spouse told me that I need to stop wearing my wedding rings and giving our sweet child false hope. That since we are divorce that we should get on with our lives and stop living in the pass. That he would like to presue a relationship with a lady named Stacey but feels he can't when I don't get on with my life. That he has been on dates with other people but feels since I won't let go he can't presue them. That God does not want us to live they way we are living. Please let him see that this divorce is not god's will and he needs to come back home. Thank you

Dear Lord,
I come to You asking for guidance. I have sent in my applications to the 2 Universities in England. I appreciate the opportunity and the sudden drive to go through with the application process. Lord I ask You to guide me through this process. You know what my dreams are career wise and travelling has always been a big part of them.
I have one foot through the door, and I do not want to affect my career negatively or waste time or put my career on hold by wanting to pursue my masters. I pray that I get accepted and That It will positively affect my career, accelerate the process and be the beginning of the experience I am longing for.
I place my career and my future in YOUR hands Lord. I believe that surely goodness and mercy shall follow me all the days of my life. Let Your will be done my Lord.
I don't know how, but i do know YOU. and You have never forsaken me. I love you and I eagerly await your blessings. I call down the favour of God on me, and that my new life will begin tomorrow.

Please pray for my 21 year old son Evan. He is a young man who loves the Lord. However, he is convinced he is gay. I don't get into discussions with him too much because I don't even want to entertain the idea. Also, he is unemployed. Please pray that he finds a job. He is very discouraged. Thank you.

Thank you Lord for letting ErIc open his eyes and mind to the evil in his path. You have chosen to give him a miracle. Glory to you oh Lord. Provide Eric with a job and the strength to defeat the devil. I place him in your loving hands. And give thanks that you have fought by our side to save him from evil. Praise and glory,,,Amen.