Pray for Others

Forgive my human frailty Lord and for my lack of willpower. Thank you for guiding me safely on my journey. Please help me today in my meeting and bless me with prosperity. Watch over my family especially Lexi as she travels and Dante for a healing. Be at my side always Lord and never ley me be parted from you.

I am so worried and anxious. God knows all of the details. Please pray that what I am so worried about will not happen and that everything will turn out okay.

lord i can not say this life was a total failure, for I grew to know and love you.
we pray for jackie,garry(myself), katie,steven, greg,ashley,kelly
please heal all we ask. in your name lord amen

My family and I have been going through rough times for 2 years now. I ask God for peace and hope for the future. Thank you for your prayers. Mary

Please pray for my daughter, Nickie. That God will move in a very powerful, clear way in her life, that will release her from drug addiction and all the things/people that hold her in bondage.

Please pray for my husband and his boss. They are not seeing eye to eye and my husband is so frustrated and depressed. Pray that they will work things out and that my husband will start focusing on his family and the good things in his life. Also pray for Dave's brother and family and Cathy's sister.

Rita - Thanks for praying that I will work well with all others having a keen, quick, clear and alert mind and making choices pleasing unto Christ.

I lift up my whole family to you God bless them and forgive them of their sinful way,may everyone see and hear clearly and do what is right. In the name of Jesus amen.

Please pray for my marriage. My husband wants a divorce, and I don't know what to do anymore. He is very angry, blames me for everything and refuses to take any responsibility for himself. I have prayed for guidance and wisdom, and also for healing. I just want to do the right thing for myself and my child. I feel very lost, afraid and lonely. I know through God all things are possible and I am trying to see His purpose and will in my life.

Pray for Grant - 7 yr old with asthma and when anxious tick movements (blinking of eyes, etc) - Pray that the grace of God's healing power will touch his life and that he will be healed from both problems.