Pray for Others

I need help, I need to feel like I am needed at work. I need to feel like the owners do not think I am stupid. I feel so down all the time because I don't ever get asked to do anything new or different and I don't feel important. I need help not feel hate and anger at the owner lady and the HR person, who really bother me. I am truly depressed about this. I need to know where to go and what to do Lord. I need direction and I need help getting through this. It hurts. I just don't get it, I am a hard worker, more qualified than anyone and I just don't get asked to be a part of anything.

For my wife to forgive me, soften her heart and want to reconcile our marriage.

Dear God I come to you tonight in prayer an seeking your protecting for my family and I as we rest tonight,let no harm come to us,give us strength to be strong.I come to you tonight God an prayer seeking your help.God I don't have one dollar to my name and need to pay my water bill tomorrow and I know I will get a shut off cause I don't have the money.need food in my house,need money for my rent,light,etc bill.God I wish you would send someone to help me tomorrow with a donate so big that I wouldn't know what to do with jesus name God I put this in your hand as I rest tonight and hoping for a rescue from you on tomorrow amen Dianne.

Someone always sick in our house. Illnesses are now getting more serious. Non Christian couple lived here before. We have been here 7 yrs & someone always sick. We bought fixer upper but feel it is more than that. Pray God will bind all illnesses, powers & principalities. Because of my present illness, which doctors can't figure out, I have trouble with breathing. Non smoker. Thank you.

Please pray for Mary - that she doesn't have cancer, or if she does, then she'll be healed.

please help my aunt to heal from the death of her parents last year, she is in emotional pain and lonely. you know her needs.Amen and please heal N from my church who had emergency surgery today.

Please pray for my marriage. My husband went back to gambling, smoking etc. We use to attend service and as a matter of fact he is a part of the worship band. But due to gambling and influence of his friends he wants to walk away from this marriage and he blames me for almost everything lately.

First of all thanks for always praying for me when i have a Request..My Prayer is numerous and here goes..1st I pray for God's Guidance and wisdom in all things..I pray for wisdom in dealing with selling my car to a friend..I pray for Knowing God more intimately..I pray for financial healing and blessing..I pray for all people of the world that they may come to know Jesus = God..I also pray for My Shannon and Her Restoration and Healing ..i wish her Financial success because is is a brilliant and intelligent Lady..i pray for my Sweet Ashley..whois also brilliant and intelligent. to continue to keep up the Excellent work of Turning her Life around and making a Better Life for Her and her Son Ashten..I love these ladies Dearly..especially my Shannon..but we can no longer be together .and i am also sad of this but She is 22 yrs younger then i and it would not work and God Closed that door and I will leave at that. I am confident that that door will stay closed for Shannon and I..I would like this to be prayed for on a Dailly Basis as I will do this same..Love Peace and Honor and always Praise His Name..God Is Good..So Good..Daniel

Pray for me as I need more time with God each morning & more Bible study & prayer. My husband is an alcoholic & I attend Al-Anon which helps greatly but have been down lately. It is lonely living with someone who is emotionally unavailable. I ask for healing in my life, emotionally, physically & spiritually. My daughter Tracy needs a job & is also in recovery from being addicted to heroin. She needs a job to keep her busy. She is getting discouraged since she can't find a job.

Please pray that my son will be healed of all disease & illness. He had an abnormal MRI, showing lesions on his brain following some blurred vision and numbness on one side of his body. One possible diagnosis is MS. He is only 25. Please pray for healing and good health for him.