Pray for Others

heal the pain of arthritis.

Special intention.. Thanks for your prayers and Blessings. Dawn.

Please pray for me as I have lost a job again and have one small job and due to weather will not get paid. I just had $1600 in car repairs and took out payday loan for part. I live on social security and small pension. I keep applying for jobs and trying to work things out budget. I have faith, but get so angry with myself and so sad that I am in this situation. I keep it in prayer and hope you will for me. thank you

Urgent Prayer needed for my son, Jordan, who is incarcerated at the Correctional Facilitiy downtown Columbus. He is experiencing a great deal of pain in his ear, most likely an ear infection, since he was recently sick. He called me this morning, twice, and said he isn't able to lie down and has been up all night and day. Even though inmates have rights, so they tell you, the deputies, staff, etc., do whatever they want, when they want. He reported this to the deputies who told him to wait until the nurse comes around and when she finally did she said that she would put in a request for him to see the Dr. today or early next week. Believe me, he can't wait. He's calling me again, right now. He has put in request (call cards) many times before which never makes it to its destination. It took over 3 months to exchange his wool blanket for a cotton blanket, because he is allergic to wool. This is so frustrating for all of us and of course I feel so very helpless and he is trying not to break down. Thank you for your prayers. Eternally grateful!

Thank you for a previous request of mine concerning my daughter. She was trapped in a hopeless situation. Thanks to prayers,she gained personal strength and has successfully separated from a dangerous man. Now as she is starting over, she needs a good job. Thank you.

Please pray for my health and that of my husband. We are both battling diabetes and he also has an issue with his liver. My diabetes is not getting under control and I'm scared as I lost my mom 11 days ago and just got married for the first time last summer. I need peace.

Please pray that I could find income so I could get my own place again and get out of debt. 45 years old and living with my elderly mother is not part of Gods plan. Pray that my income will be blessed. Thank you.

Please pray for my son. His name is Eric. He has no job. Please pray that he will get his collection until he finds a job. Please dear GOD bless my son Eric. AMEN...

God, please heal Conner.

I have praying for a marriage miracle for 10 months. Husband won’t change his mind. His reason is I put my elderly sick mother 1st in our relationship before she died. Not true. 3 yr old son wants family whole. I’m falling apart on the inside & outside. I almost lost my job this morning because I’m so depressed. I hardly have any money to keep my head above water. I’m tired & worn out. Please God HELP ME!!!!!! I need You & would love to have my family together again!