Pray for Others

I have had a sinus infection for three weeks, the first two antibotic RX did not cure it. On the third now. Please pray that this different medicine will cure my problem.
Thank you,
Bill -, -, Ohio

Please pray for my Son and Me!!
Please pray that the move tonight goes smoothly!!
Please pray that today, Wednesday & Thursday are busy at Work.
I need the Commission money for moving, rent, bills and living.
Thank You and God Bless You!!

Linda would like prayer for finding a job.

Please pray that my eyes will be healed and will stay healthy forever. Thank you for your prayers & may God Bless you.

Heavenly Father, We ask for prayers for our son who is going the wrong way doing drugs showing no respect for his family or any rules / responsibility in his life. Please change his heart and mind towards you Lord God. Thank you.

Lord Jesus, please bless me to move on and up to F.T. now. I need Your help and Your hand upon me at all times. Please stay close to me and I will stay close to You. Please bless me with success in my special prayer request for Your Glory. Please protect me at all times, keep evil far from me, and let no weapon formed against me prosper. In Jesus Name I ask and pray. Thank You Amen B

pray for me to lose weight. pray for my husband who has a lump
on his elbow. pray for me to feel better. pray for my son
and daughter-in-law for fiances as well as us. pray for my
granddaughters Rosanna, Paloma and Zamira.

my partner is abusing alcohol. i ask that she be healed of this and that her want and need of alcohol goes away from her completely. i also ask that god guides us through our relationship so we can become one with god in the future. i also ask for strength in dealing with this problem.

Please pray that I will go in the right direction concerning my calling, that I can find the right training. And also that I can find income for myself to pay bills, and get out of debt. Thank you.

dear lord hear my prayers. lord i am in need of your protection. mysoul is so lost i cant stand it anymore. i have lost all hope that things will get better. i still havent found a job and noone is hiring me. my rent is due and all my other bills. i dont have money to pay them and i am so worried. lord please can you help me out lord. dont let me down lord please i dont want to lose. i love you so much and i dont want to give up help me lord.thank you