Pray for Others

Please protect Yoshiko - and heal her with her many ailments also help her to stand so we can transport her and help her to sign her checks so we can pay her bills. Also pray for Norman P - who needs to calm down and not get so irritable. Also pray for rosie - who needs healing as well and for her to not get sick so she can care for Yoshiko - and also for her to pass her tests so she can go through her surgery. Please help the vog to be lifted so she can relax. Also protect our cats Velvet, muffin and kitty kitty and soxie and his two babies malia and bradabrada and panda, olukai and booboo and also momona and kaimana and also for shasha and her six babies. Please pray for tita and her two babies too. When the cats are out on the road please help them from getting hid by a car like felix - the other night and no one stopping to render aid.
Please protect the cats from the neighbors and being captured.
Also help yoshiko and all of us to get a good nights sleep. All of a sudden there is so much stress we need to get rid of and breathe easier. Please help Arianna - as she is on her way to Arizona enroute to Germany for six months and the mother is in distress as the daughter is going with the enstranged husband.
Please help Nawai find another job as a chef in which he is good at and help the new manager of Nordstroms Honolulu be really nice.
And not cause so much distress at the restaurant that we enjoy eating at. Help us during the vog as our nose is running and we can't get rid of the allergic feeling. Please bring Richard the driver back to us. For some reason I hope he is not mad at us for some reason. amen

i need a healing in my mind and body

Please pray for my husband Steve. He left me after 29 years of marriage two years ago. I am not divorced. I truly want my husband to return home to me. My prayer is that Almighty God will remove all hinderances in my life and my husband's life so that we can love each other again and our marriage will be restored. I really need your help. I need a miracle. I am so sad and broken. I know my husband still loves me and I know God can brings us back together

My gentle-hearted son Kelly - needs a good full time job with health benefits, and the motivation to finish his college degree. His good -hearted college graduate girlfriend Lucy Ortega needs a good full time job with health benefits too. My go-getter daughter Kimber - is in tears over a high stress unhappy nursing job in a vetrans clinic- her dream was to deliver babies... I, Leslie -, would like God to bring to me that man, with God in his heart, that he wants me to marry- I saw a vision of this man, with love in his eyes, as he spoke his wedding vows to me, and I could feel God's presence there and feel that God and Jesus were pleased with this man and our covenant marriage... I had this vision in 2007 and it is 2012 now and I am still praying in faith for this to manifest now and want it with my whole heart...

Please pray for my wife Silvia who is sick.
Her husband Luigino.

I recently retired from my formal job joining my husband who had retired five years earlier. In order to save on costs, we had laid off the househelp. wwhat I need prayers for is my husband to realise the current situation and stop expecting me to do all the work including waiting on him.

Please, pray for my husband David. He needs deliverance from alcoholism. Pray that God would restore his sanity, that the Holy Spirit would convict him and bring about true repentance. That God would put a new heart and a new spirit in him and turn his heart back to his wife and children.
Please pray for his protection from the enemy, that God would bring the right people around him.For the restoration of our marriage and family. I'm believing God for a miracle, believe with me.God Bless your prayers and this ministry. Thank you for agreeing with me. Your sister in Christ, Ann :)

Pls pray that the SSS check that my Nanny is waiting to be released be done immediately so she could come back to work; and for the coming Prov Jr Culinary Challenge on Feb 22 in -, Canada of my apong Polo...IN JESUS NAME.. amen and amen!!! Thank You Lord for answered prayers and for the volunteers praying for my requests...

I want to offer a prayer of thanks because my son and daughter-in-law are now expecting twins. They look forward to being fruitful.

Thank You Lord Jesus for the uplifting of all people/life healing today. Thank You for Catheron's tight strong healed circulation vessels tissues bone of L foot hip R foot knee hip upper-leg, so EZly! Thank You God for continuing ease in freedom from undesired energies emotions, in continuing healing of her teeth & jaws, w/ much Rest & Sleep for us & all needing. Thank You God for Your Guidance & Protection all who need in these volatile times. This we pray in Lord Jesus' Name. Amen.