Pray for Others

Lord, I give You Praise for Your unfailing love that You poured out on the cross for us sinnners. I praise You for the privelage of prayer and the gift of the Holy Spirit that lives within me. I praise You for the promise that You will go after the strays and bring back the lost.
Lord, You know my heart and how it breaks knowing that my beloved husband has given up on our marriage, family and most of all You, Lord. I claim Your promise that You will go after Danny and all other prodigals who have fell into the trap of the enemy, Satan. Send the Holy Spirit to speak godly sorrow into Danny's heart and all the hearts of prodigals around the world that will bring them to their knees in repentence and acceptance of the Lord as their Savior.
Lord, thank You for the promise that whatever I ask in prayer, believing that I shall recieve. You Lord stood as witness to me and Danny's wedding vows and made us a one flesh and spirit covenant. I am asking in the name of Jesus, believing You for the restoration of our marriage and family. Heal the hurting places and restore us on the solid rock of Jesus Christ. I pray this prayer to the glory of Your name. Amen

pls Pray that the ck that i put in my cking acct will clear so that i can pay my tithes and offering and rent and utilities. in Jesus name

Bring my mother Marilu close to my daughter Theresa and me (Mara), with love, great communication, respect and with a relation blessed by God. That my mom loves us and want to be closer and closer to us, and nobody around her will separate her from us or harm our relation in any way. Keep all negative people far and away from her and us.
In Christ I pray

Pls pray the ck that I deposited into my cking acct clears so that i can pay my tithes and offering and rent and utilies. Also that God will continue to Bless me with finances in Jesus name

please pray for me that i can find a nice apt that i could afford.
thank you
maria victoria

Please pray for my job interview to go well. I have been out of work for 3 years. We lost our house 2 years ago and are currently renting. If I don't find a job soon I don't know what we will do.

Please pray for my children that we will have a close relationship again. I also ask that you pray for their safety and salvation. Thank you.

Pray for the mighty hand of God to be on my son James as he lives each day for Jesus and tells of the Love of God, that the lost will be saved and live for Jesus, and that he soon will be transferred to David - so he can begin to witness to more people and begin his study and enlarge his territory. Thank you and God bless you

Please pray my son Blake will be allowed to postpone taking his last college class until the fall so that he can start at the beginning of the semester. thanks!

Dear Our Prayer, Please pray that Erin calls me and takes away a spirit of rebellion towards us. Pray that I feel no tension in my body from the medicine I must take. Pray I walk in Jesus. N.