Pray for Others

I must decide whether to pursue a volunteer job that I am not sure is a good idea. I need help in deciding whether to take this job and help in knowing that I made the right decision. I feel very tormented.Please help me. Thank you.--CSH

Praise be to the Holy Trinity. Kindly pray that my son Deepu and his job be blessed abundantly. With prayer-John

In dealing with a difficult church situation, I've written a letter. Please pray that, as I read through it for revisions, that the Lord will show me any corrections that I should make, so that I am clearly conveying my message in the spirit of Godliness. As well, please pray for me for wisdom in choosing the best time to send it. And please pray that the Lord will use it and that the recipient will receive it well. Thank you.

Rose my 55 Year Old Sister In Law sh ehad a Heart Attack the other Day and is in The Hospita in Georgia.Rose has also been loosing Blood.Hse has 5 Drs and they are running test.Its hard because she an dmy brother have no money and they live 45 miles from the Hospital fo rmy Brother to get back and forth to see her.Please also Pray for Natalia their Daughter Graham her Son and Trevor her Boy friend.Thank You Sincerly Joan -.Things are horrible right now for them.I live In Louisiana and they live in Georgia :(

My daughters employer has requested a meeting tomarrow.... Please pray her job be secure and there will be a forgiving and renewed spirit from her manager...Please Lord bless them both with confidence that they can work together

Please pray for me and my housing situation. I got behind with the rent last year and my landlord took me to court. I didnt have a full time job but now I do. I was on a payment plan and made the payments but missed the last one. I made that payment two weeks ago and now I came home from work and found an eviction notice on my door. Please prary for me for wisdom and guidance as I do not know what to do and I do not have time. Sunday I will be kicked out. Please pray for God's providence for me and thank you so much

Sickened and saddened by my wife not calling, or showing up. Married for seven years are christian...I don't know how much longer...please pray for WInston- and Tijuana -that we will be faithful to each other.

I need prayer for my oldest grandson[demeries] he is following the wrong people and doing the wrong things. I just pray that he willstop and think about what he is doing. Thank you very much.

A man I know by the name of Ralph is seriously ill with whooping cough and pneumonia. He was told he may die from this if the medicine does not work. Please pray for a miracle healing for him.

My daughter Michelle 23, is about to give birth any day now to a baby boy.Please pray she will have a smooth and problem-free delivery and that the baby will be healthy.Please pray for grace,calmness,for Michelle and be with the doctors and nurses during her delivery and recovery.