Pray for Others

I am 61 years old and unemployed and my benefits have run out . My wife makes $600/month on SS. Last week my furnace quit and got a bill of 5000.00 to replace it. Don't know what to do. Please pray for me and my family

The builder Sven -, stopped construction of our home. He has all our money from the bank to complete but has stalled. We have a lawyer who says he is out of money and we might have to finish the home ourselves. Our household goods are in storage, we are living in a hotel. We will need 100,000 dollars to finish. This is a criminal act but the lawyer says the builder is out of money. Lawyer costs, storage, hotel and bills are mounting. Terrible situation.
God please bless the builder financially so he will finish our home. I ask that your spirit will weigh on his conscience that he realizes that he has an obligation that he must finish. Weight on his hart Lord. Put the fear of you in his heart and the heart of his partner Ralf -. Lord show them both your salvation. Use my wife Joy and me to witness to them both through our words and actions. Lord if we must finish on our own, make the finances available. I love you God and believe what Ps 37 says that you reach down your hand to your children to pick them up. The psalmist has never seen those children forsaken. Lord please help us.

Pray for Tony and Susie to mend the problems in their marriage.

I pray for three young people who are struggling terribly with
depression trying to find their way in life and college.
I pray they will turn to God and find peace in their minds and hearts as I cannot watch them suffer like this anymore.
Please help me pray especially for Todd. Thank you

--my brother Chip Beers. He is battling Multiple Myeloma and his last message to me was that he is so scared....and doesn't want to die. We are all praying for a supernatural miracle, but more than that I pray that God would speak to his heart and take away the spirit of fear.....Thank you, Judi -

Please pay that my wife and I do not lose our rental, I am behind on the rent and I am trying desperatly to get caught up, please help me pray for those with no place to call home, thank you.

I am praying for a young man named Kyle -. Kyle has spina bifada, and his kidneys have failed. I am praying that someone (maybe me?) is inspired to donate a kidney so that he can fulfill his dream of going to college and living a long and happy life. He is an inspiration to so many people with his infectious optimism.

Please join me in prayer for my beloved sister Barbara -. Her current health condition is ulcerative colitis. Some of her doctors believe that surgery to remove her colon, resulting in a permanent colostomy, is her best option. However we believe that through prayer, she will be completely healed. I pray that she will be open to the wisdom from God that will lead her in the right direction as she makes decisions about her health. Thank you so much for your loving support. Connie -

My wife had a job interview on yesterday 1-25-2012. We felt that God was present during the interview because everythng went well. Now please for God to be present also during selection process.

Please pray for Joe as he mourns the loss of his beloved twenty-year old cat. Thank you.