Pray for Others

pray for some help for me. I need to get my house cleaned
and have some foot problems. pray for me to lose weight.
pray for our weather to be less stormy. pray for my day tomorrow
I have an interview for a full time job at the library.
pray for my car that I be able to see out the windows.

mY HUSBAND merle has cancer..PLEASE pray he is healed soon Wed he is having pet scan & others tests PLEASE pray that are all clear,,NO CANCER thanks alit mildred

Isaac - that i may love the Father with the same measure as Jesus had

pray for me to lose weight. pray for me to feel better. pray
for our travelling mercies for work. pray for my interview at
the library tomorrow at 3:00. pray for me to get some sleep
tonight. pray for my husband health and our finances. pray for
my granddaughters I don't get to see them too often but they
have some problems. Zamira has hearing problems and Rosanna
have eye problems.

My son has a court date this Thursday. I'm praying for a good outcome. Also he needs a job in his town because he has no license. Thank you for your time and prayers.

Pray for my blessings agianst Rape,Family,Past,futor and present. I bless u for ur prayer minister m.

My husband's mental state is declining more and more each day. he is 76. My Mom (who is my rock) has been showing signs of mental decline as well. My sister suffers from ADD (I live with her). With all these people who depend on me for support I get a bit overwhelmed at times. I try to be positive but when all 3 are having a bad day... it really drags me down too. I am for the most part the soul provider and so need to work all day outside the home.
I just need a some prayers for the strength to help everyone. And when I need a little help to keep me going, I know someone will be praying for me. Thank You, Karen H

Please pray for my sister in law she is having her thyorid removed tomorrow. They won't know for a week if it is cancer. Please pray that it isn't cancer.

Life is throwing a lot of problems at me and my back is hurting. This then creates a lot of anxiety and I just don't know sometimes if I will get through this. Please pray that the Lord walks with me tomorrow so I can see hope.

Dear God please help my son John go down the right path. Please help me figure out a way to stay healthy please dont let anything serious be wrong please help this lump in my mouth go away. please help me financially help me get some additional money this month