Pray for Others

Pease pray for Lisa, that she may find the happiness that she has lost and return to Matt that they may again be a happily married couple.

I ask God for forgiveness and blessings of good health and happiness. Dear God stay close to me and love me like your child..!!


Please pray for healing for Hayden,a teenager who has recovered from leukemia but is now fighting a fungal infection in his lungs. Please pray for the medical staff to be able to treat him effectively. Please pray also for Hayden and his family to feel God's presence, hope and comfort.

I ask you to give me a life and a living. No more thoughts of bailing out by suicide when it all gets to be too much. A career, a purpose not just a job, thank you all who pray for me, I return your prayer and ask God's grace on you.

Please pray for our family that I might might a job REAL soon. I am so worried I have always took care of the medical benefits for the family. I have worked non stop since 1980 had a nervous breakdown and had to leave my job. I was harassed by my employer and threatened and was best to walk away from all that. I forgave the people who did this to me and have moved on. I know God has a plan and takes care of us but I need to provide the insurance and be able to pay for medication for myself and my family. God Bless you those that pray for those in need and I myself pray for you. Amen and God please God Speed.

Pray for me and my sister to pass the examin on the 9th of Feb, and pray that we will have the wisdom and understanding to prepare for the examin

Jean P- Pray for my health and that my Real Estate Job would pick up. I NEED SOME SALES so I CAN PAY MY BILLS. GOD HAS ALWAYS BEEN GOOD TO ME i only had two sales last year and not any this year.Iknow he will take care of me he always has. Bless YOU Jean

Please pray for baby Shawn to be strong and get well. Thanks for all the people at the hospital who are helping him heal. Prayers also for his family to feel God's presence and comfort.

o father i need help with my money. i have been working but i can't seem to make any headway. im be hide on ever bill i have wive dose want seem to work so please help me so we can hold on to arre home