Pray for Others

I would like God to put the desire within my daughter-inlaws heart and in the heart of her parents and family to be friends with me. I pray also that he humbles them and brings them off of their arrogant pedestals.

Lord, I pray that you will help dallas - realize today that she still loves my son alex - and that she still wants to be part of his life. Lord, I pray that you will help my son alex - realize today that he wants dallas - to be part of his life as friends. lord, i pray that you will help dallas - get over the bitterness and anger that she feels towards my son alex - and bailie -. Lord, i pray that you will help dallas - forgive my son alex - for any hurt or pain he has caused her. Lord, i pray that you will help my son alex - forgive dallas - for any hurt or pain she has caused him. thank you for helping to heal my son alex - and dallas - relationship so that they can become friends again.

I have been searching unsuccessfully for a career path for 15 years. I have gone from one dead end job to another. I am broke. My rent is due in 5 days, and I don't have $1 to pay it. I I have to move in 3 months. My car is due for repossession. And the new job I've started only has me working 10 hours per week. I am believing God to intervene and turn my situation around. I am believing Him for a well-paying job that will allow me the flexibility to be home with my children and will also develop my career. I am expecting Him to do abundantly far & above all I could ask or think. I am expecting amazing favor and guidance in my job search and finances, and I am expecting him to bless my family with a new home. The right job will make all the difference in mine and my children's lives right now. Please be in agreement with me. Thank you

I live in -, NJ a very dangerous city. I want to get my family out of the city and want to get a purchase a home in a healthy environment. My credit is tight which could hurt my chances.I pray that the lord helps me find a way to get this home. May he help me open every available door so that this may happen.

cory sells house this month or real soon better finances for me mike mikie jenny cory lacey please guide me to do right thing with credit cards!!!!

guardian angel jplese protect mackenzie especially when she is with her mom plese gudie seth and mackenzie in school with grades and test mackeinzie especially in math

babies healthy lacey and alecias health donnie continues to do good mikies health and kidneys and eyes do not get worse corys back better good health good health seth and mackeinze seth ears good mikies health and smoking good health me and mom jenny guardian angel to pleaseguide and protect me mike mikie jenny cory lacey seth mackenzie kenny alecia linda karen barry keith gerald and their famliies rileys surgery sucess find dads ring

Please pray for our friend Cindy who due to divorce proceedings is having desparate financial problems that may result in eviction from her apartment.
Please pray for Cindy to be calm and to receive financial assistance so she may take care of her child and avoid eviction.
Please guide her and pray for God's presence be felt at this difficult time.

Please pray for my friend Patricia to be heal from cancer in the name of Jesus please. Thank you in advance for your prays.

Lord Jesus, I am humbly asking you for healing my depression. I also humbly ask you that I find a job that is fulfilling and reflecting my education, abilities and needs. Amen.