Pray for Others

Please pray for my sister-in-law Kelley. She is going to have some tests done tomorrow and we are praying that it is nothing serious. She has 5 beautiful children and a great husband who need her very much. She is a giving, loving person - - and needs your prayers very much. Thank you.

Please pray for me I cant get into my facebook page my password has been hacked .I been trying for weeks to get into my page. I need a call from a live person .

Please pray that Rory will be gone permanently from Bella, Luca and Stacy's lives. He is a dangerous, predatory, drug addicted felon. Please pray that they and everyone else will be immune to his charms. Thank you.

I suffer from many chronic health conditions may God and His angels answer my prayer,
Pour out, Thy Healing Angels,
Thy Heavenly Host upon me,
And upon those that I love,
Let me feel the beam of Thy
Healing Angels upon me,
The light of Your Healing Hands.
I will let Thy Healing begin,
Whatever way God grants it,

I would like to make a prayer request for my husband Robert. My husband is in the Navy and he is currently going through some intense mandatory training that he must complete before he deploys to Afghanistan. This training is so intense, that it leaves him physically and emotionally drained. Since most of the training is psychological, it has brought up many negative feelings from his past, and he is having a hard time trying to overcome them. Please pray that he is able to overcome his fear and anxiety, and that he is able to get through this training with minimal problems. I really hate to see him like this, but there is nothing I can do for him. He still has two more weeks to go, and all I can do is pray that he will be ok. I pray that God will guide him and protect him, and calm his fears. Please pray for him, he needs all the love and support that he can get.

Pray for Don, age 30, dealing with anxiety, back pain, severe anxitety and now has been warned about keeping his job. Dear God give my son strength, guidance, and healing and protect Him. amen. .

Lord I pray that my love for you will be enough to get me through my medical tests tomorrow, I am freightened, and feel like such a fool to be so . I do feel your presence around me Lord I pray that you never leave my side . In Jesus name amen.
Prayer team please pray with me about this. I have never been baptised and have sins many times in my life, Im not even sure how to pray right,but I do knw that I love the Lord and have tried to be a better person. I would be very grateful for your help. Thank-You so much

Please continue to pray for E as she begins to rebuild her life without T and without an income. Please pray that she will come back to Jesus, and to Christian fellowship. Please pray that God will heal her from all her illness.
Thank you.

For my son, Brent, to be better with the bad thoughts he has as is Schizophrenic. He is 38 year old and a very sweet and giving man. . .but suffers mentally so much.

I have been praying for my oldest son John for years and I know God answers prayer. I don't know what is going on with John,but I haven't heard from him in 2 weeks. The last I heard I had sent him money and he said he would come home. John is 49 tears old and I'm scared for him. I pray and pray that God will direct him and that he will get on the right path.
John is on my phone plan and he has not used his phone since last thursday at 4:30 pm and his phone has not been used since.I pray he is safe. As a rule he is on his phone all day long. He is homeless and has no job. He is in ,Tx and I live in Indiana.
I pray John will be safe and turn his life around.
Thank you
John's Mother