Pray for Others

Please pray for my Aunt Joan. She is in the hospital, with fluid on her lungs, heart failure, her kidneys and bladdar are not functioning properly. She is in rough shape. Pray that she can and will be healed.

Please pray for my wife.She is pregnant and we worked very hard to get here. I pray that God would protect my wife and our unborn child. I pray that God would see fit to allow us to have a normal healthy child with no side effects to my wife or the baby and that He would guide and help us through the decisions we need to make during this time. I also pray that we can build our savings for the future, that we would both stay employed in our jobs and make wise financial decisions.

Pray that Mary and William can share a life together-in faith with kindness-joy-love.

Find A WaY
Please pray that I can find a way to pay the lawyer for him to be able to help me. I beleive the Lord can do what we are unable to do. Lead me
guide me, help me.

Pray for Emily in her depression.

Will someone pray with me for the Lords clear direction for my life; I need frienship, activities, a life after decades with hardship and isolatin as a single mother without network or help.

I have a request for prayer. I am a supervisor of nine employees. I am on my way into a maeeting in regard to poor decisions that two of them made in regard to performing their duties as an employee. The meeting is between the two owners of the company myself and the two employees. I am asking that the truth be told in regard to the accused incidents. I am inviting our Lord Jesus to sit in on this meeting. There is a possibility that I could be terminated or put on probation due to this incident. Due to me giving them too much information and not monitoring them as employees more closely. I have come up with a plan to ensure that my monitoring will not fall through the cracks again. At this point in time in my life I need this job more now than ever my husband and I have just completed the process for claiming bankruptcy and are on a repayment plan to our creditors. My income is the primary income. I am requesting the Lord to give me the words to speak during this meeting. May I present myself well and not be at a loss for words through out this meeting. In your name Jesus I ask this.

Father, Li said his life was broken and he has no hope. Please forgive him and develop his life again and love him. I love Li. Thank you.

Powerful Father, I agree with my Spiritual Brother in Christ that you are faithful and true. Thank you Lord for moving mightily in Zacharia_A- life. His witness is a inspiration to what you can do. Your boundaries are endless your blessings are filled with mercy and grace. We lift your name above all and give you worship and praise. Thank you Lord for loving those who are not worthy. Thank you for hearing our prayers. Thank you for your Loving attention. In Jesus name we pray. Amen

I need prayer for my brother Scott and his wife Roberta. Scott has heart problems, and isn't expected to live to be old, he needs to getGod back in his life, also my sister in law. pray that someone or something will turn their lifes around. they have no friends and have lived in Okla for 10 yrs. I ask this in Jesus name, amen Terri