Pray for Others

Please, pray for my husband David. He needs deliverance from alcoholism. Pray that God would restore his sanity, that the Holy Spirit would convict him and bring about true repentance. That God would put a new heart and a new spirit in him and turn his heart back to his wife and children.
Please pray for his protection from the enemy, that God would bring the right people around him.For the restoration of our marriage and family. I'm believing God for a miracle, believe with me.God Bless your prayers and this ministry. Thank you for agreeing with me. Your sister in Christ, Ann :)

Pls pray that the SSS check that my Nanny is waiting to be released be done immediately so she could come back to work; and for the coming Prov Jr Culinary Challenge on Feb 22 in -, Canada of my apong Polo...IN JESUS NAME.. amen and amen!!! Thank You Lord for answered prayers and for the volunteers praying for my requests...

I want to offer a prayer of thanks because my son and daughter-in-law are now expecting twins. They look forward to being fruitful.

Thank You Lord Jesus for the uplifting of all people/life healing today. Thank You for Catheron's tight strong healed circulation vessels tissues bone of L foot hip R foot knee hip upper-leg, so EZly! Thank You God for continuing ease in freedom from undesired energies emotions, in continuing healing of her teeth & jaws, w/ much Rest & Sleep for us & all needing. Thank You God for Your Guidance & Protection all who need in these volatile times. This we pray in Lord Jesus' Name. Amen.

Dear God, kindly protect my father Michael from any harm and danger, Bestow financial bliss happiness, freedom and success upon him. Dear God please allow my father Michael to walk a free man, for all to work out in his favour. Dear God I ask that he be set free from all problems, please heal him Lord and let us put all the troubles behind us this year and always, please Lord allow that all work out in Micahel's favour. God I trust and belive that you will hear my prayer request. Amen

Dear Folks who love Jesus at Guide Posts, Just recently I requested prayer to receive an renewal application form from a woman at The S- P-P- Office, so that we could renew the P-P- plot that my family has rented for the last 16 years. Because the staff worker in charge of our garden kept stalling and stalling, and sending everyone else we knew in the garden a renewal application, but not us, I emailed the Director of The Department of Neighborhoods, Bernie M- She helped us. She told us that Julie B- would mail us out a renewal application early next week. I have worried and stressed about not being able to garden in this garden I love, since late October, 2011. Could you please continue to pray that Julie B- will send us out this renewal form, as Ms. M- has told us she will, and then pray that they will receive the application renewal, and let us garden in the garden plot that we have gardened in for the past 16 years? Thank you so much, and God Bless You!--Barb H., -, WA

Please pray that I am finally getting some answers for the anxiety that I have been having. Please pray that the medicine is working and the suggestions from the therapist are working.

Please pray for my son Kai and his wife, April who are spliting up. He has just started a new job with a great opportunity and I so fear for him during his split up. His wife has threatened to harm herself and I fear that she will also try to hurt him. I so want the best for both of them and hope that God can be with both of them to comfort and provide them with the guidance they both so desparately need. Kai was brought up in the Lutheran church and knows God, but his wife is an athiest, and does not have God in her life. This is the first time I have ever requested a prayer and thank you from the bottom of my heart. May God Bless you. Signed, a mother in need.

I'm asking for prayer according to these scriptures, Ephesians 4:26,27. Colossians 3:2 and Psalms 51:10. And I also ask prayer for my Aunt Irene to feel the presence of God most in her alone and troubling times. Thanks so much and Godbless! :)

Hi! I am happy to write this prayer points to kindly wife..Mrs.Atolu - is a Thyroide patient and she is so depress about it.2.My family financial is in bad position.Please pray for us,so that through your prayer we will restored back into right track.Thank You all.
Yours in Christ,
Teiso T=,=,=,India.