Pray for Others

Linda Pretty husband who has Alzheimer and Lina daughter to she sick and will not fellow doctor orders this can cause her death.

Praise the Lord for helping me help myself on
substance abuse: alcohol and food.
Praise the Lord for giving me clarity of mind.
Please pray that I seek His help on this burden, everyday....
Sylvia @ San Antonio

please pray for me; ken -. ive just become pastor of - bapt in - ga. pray for my revival and christian girlfriend of the lords choice. pray that i would be the holy pastor i am called to be. pray for greenlawns growth financially, spiritually, and numerically. i thank you! ken -.

Pray for Joyce Moore and her mother.Joyce was take carry of her mother,but now Joyce has had hip & knee + spine surgery not able to walk hardly or do for her self.Pray for a miracle healing from God for her and her mom.

All I want is my health. Please, dear God, help me in this extremely difficult time.
I am so afraid I will never be well again. I am losing ground, I feel.

Prayers are desperately needed! I am being harassed by a neighbor. I need this to stop immediately and for things to be civil between us. Please help me, Lord. Sacred heart of Jesus, I put my faith in you. Amen!

Dear Lord, please help me to be strong financially, so that i will be able to pay my bills on time, take care of my children, and help others that may need me. Please lord bless me and my family dearly, Amen.

I am a 70 year old woman who has difficulty sleeping at night due to bladder urges. I have been to 3 different urologists and an oby-gyn and my family doctor. There doesn't seem to be a solution for this problem, but I am a believer in Jesus Christ and I know he can heal me. Please pray that God will calm those urges and allow me to sleep normally.

Dear Lord thank you for everything, to you be the glory. Thanks for the gift of prayer.
I am safe with you o Lord.
Always Hawa.

please pray for Amy who has iv stage cancer. Every step my poor daughter takes she seems to be knocked down. The chemo is not working it is killing her but the cancer is growing. We found out she not eligible for the clinical studies. Today she had to go for blood work and she needed a transfusion of potassium and
a blood transfusion and of course she had a bad reaction to the blood. I don't know how much more my poor daughter can take. I am losing my faith it is so hard to watch my daughter suffer. I don"t know what to do for her. I have stopped praying and asking GOD to guide ua and give us strength. Please pray for Amy. Thank you Barbara.