Pray for Others

My request is for the P. Family. We just lost our dad on January 13, 2012 he was 84 yrs.old. I have two younger sisters one named Linda and the other is Marie. Our sister Linda in in the hospital now for only God's know what. I say it like that because it's her mind that is the reason she's in there. So I ask that you pray for the doctors to find out what is coursing all this mess.
Thank you all,
Joseph -

I pray for my daughter who is being accused to abusing children and she was trying to help them learn to work and she would reward them with shopping trips and vacations. She is a godly person and would never hurt anyway including these children. Please cast out the demons who are trying in every way to do wrong things to my daughter and stress her out and distress the family. Surround her with you prayers and send the angels to watch over her. Thank you for your prayers.

Please pray for us:
We had been praying that God would send a nice young man to meet my daughter.Now,please pray for us, that my daughter would forget her shyness and become good friend with the young man that was being introduced to her.

Here I am againM please pray for my 16, year old daughter she just out of control. leave home on friday and come home when ever she get ready. My pray request is that prayer for GOD to bless me with the finances to send my daughter to military school to save her life. She sexually active and out of control very disrespectful to me. Just stay in prayer with me for a breakthrough for my daughter. her name is jasmine

I need financial help. I also need a car.

Please pray that Patrick -and JoAnn - will find their way back together again. Pat feels overwhelmed and ended the relationship after a very close and loving relationship with the potential of marriage for 10 months, he felt the need for space. please pray that he no longer feels jealousy or irritability towards Joann, who has been extremely loving towards him and wishes to be with him in holy matrimony. Please pray that Patrick will pick up the phone and call to fix what has happened between us.

Please pray for me and David...that our relationship can be saved. Please give us guidance, grace, wisdom, and patience. Thank you!

Please pray for my daughter Georgia, that she may find her way to a job opportunity with a future. Amen

Father God, I ask for blessing mom with healed her tonight, I ask for healing her to night from all her pain, thank you in jesus christ name, Amen.

Please pray for great blessings on these relationships: Tessa and Bryan,
Brooks and Heather, and Jeff and Polly.
Praise God for the way he is working! Thank you!