Pray for Others

Three months ago the worst job I have ever had ended. For the past going on four years I have been struggling to make ends meet and find work. The hardest part is the looking for work and trying to "sell" myself and my skills. I need a spirit pick me up. But please pray for my friend who also lost her job and is much worse off than I. She has had her electric and water shut off, has no car and her phone is out. She is trying to find work and I don't know how she is going to do it under these circumstances. Her name is Dawn. I know your prayers will help us both. Thank you. I look forward to Guidepost emails to pick up my spirit.

I need to sell 60 acres of land.

This is hard for me to do: I'm a widow with a 14 year old daughter. I quit my job on August 1,2011. And I need prayers that I find something soon. I've tried every where and nobody has hired me yet. So if you could pray that something comes around for me soon.

Please continue to pray for Y,for his salvation,from his deliverance from promiscuity,pornography,drugs,smoking,alcohol,healing for his family and a strengthening of his heart.

may no weapons of mass destruction be used by or hit Alkaron,Serbia,Albania,kasovo,Bulgaria,Norway,Kurds,Shiits,Asia,Azris and Syria. I am a minister and bless u for your prayer minister m.

Please pray that God will bless me for my financial blessing i'am behind in my rent and i need to pay off alot of bills.

Please pray for me Jessica-to have a clean mind,heart,soul i need God to be in my life always i need him. And i need a financially blessings to pay off bills that are back up.

pray for me and my family, lite,devine love,repantance,and joy, trust

i ask for prayer for better and better overall health for us saints now and into the future. Thank you.

Please pray that my husband will stop abusing the whole family. He verbally abuses us and tries to intimidate us. Please pray that God will change him and his ways. He is not religious and is very sarcastic too. In the name of Jesus, I ask it all. Amen.