Pray for Others

Heavenly Father, I pray that L and L would have a most wonderful honeymoon, pure and good, better than they'd hoped or dreamed possible. May they draw near to you during this time as well, trusting in You. In Jesus' name. Amen.

Please pray for Nathan and Elisa B. a young married couple with a young daughter. Both have been diagnosed with cancer. Nathan's cancer is stage 3, Elisa's has spread throughout her body.
Please pray for Courtney C. a young married mother of 2 children who has a reoccurrence of ovarian cancer.
Please pray for Msgr. Bill H. who is being treated for stage 4 esophagus cancer.
Please pray for Scott R. who had a stem cell transplant after a reoccurrence of lymphoma.
Please pray for Artie E. being treated for cancer.
Pleaser pray for Philomena C. being treated for cancer.
Please pray for Ruth B. being treated for cancer.
Please pray for Rebecca P. recovering from breast cancer treatments.
May all experience God's healing miracle. Please pray for God to give them and their families strength during this time.

Please pray for Ida and her family. May God grant them peace, good health, safety and joy in their lives. Thank you for your prayers for Ida and her family, God Bless.
Please pray for Chase and Michelle H. May God guide them to where He wants them to be in their lives. May their baby be born safely and may mother and child be healthy. May their move go well this week. Thank you for your prayers.

Heavenly Father, Concerning the difference of opinion between our daughter and her husband regarding Christmas, please bring reconciliation and understanding. May each see the other's point of view so they may share memorable, treasured moments at this time of year. May she not feel resentful or deprived of joyous, anticipated family traditions because of her husband's disdain for the season. May he see the good and wisdom in building relationship with his wife in ways that are dear to her heart. May she be at peace and trust you in this prayerfully. In Jesus' name. Amen.

Please pray for Gary H. who had surgery last August for a brain tumor, this past Fall for lung cancer, and 2 weeks ago for the cancer that has now spread to his stomach, intestine and colon. May he be strong, heal quickly from surgery and may his doctor's give him hope in this battle. Also please pray for his wife who is overwhelmed with working, staying at the hospital and everything else that comes with caring for someone so very ill. The hospital is an hour away from their home and winter snow has made the trip back and forth for her difficult. Please pray for Debbie H. to be strong, protected, and may she find peace from God's love and protection of her and her family. God Bless and thank you.

Please pray for my son who is smoking and is not obeying us parents.Please help ,I'm on the verge of breaking down ,I'm filled anxiety.I have fasted and prayed continuously but to no avail.I'm giving up hope in God completely

Please help me battle depression and retirement

Please continue to pray for Joann J. She was recovering at home from kidney disease while waiting for a kidney transplant and on December 26 she suffered heart failure and is now hospitalized in very critical condition. Today, Thursday, January 26, 2012, her children must make the difficult decision as to whether her breathing tube she be removed. Please pray for her and her family during this very difficult time and may God give them the guidance they so desperately need.

Heavenly Father, I pray that Harvey and Helen would make their peace with you, and become ready for their departure from this world. May they be accepted into your eternal presence. In Jesus' name. Amen.

Dear God, please help me with my problem at home with my son Leonard - God, kindly and please show him the way. Enlighten his heart, mind, body, soul and spirit that he will soon see the light. That what he is doing with his life is wrong and that he will make a turn around to make it right. Dear God, please cure his mental illness and please tell him to go get a job and join the service asap. Dear God, help my husband wherever he may be. Guide and protect him. God, please have him pass his physical exam so he can still drive. God, I want my husband home. He deserves to come home because it is his house too, but with the situation we have at home it is very impossible to happen. But God, I do believe nothing is impossible in your name. You make miracles happen Lord and we need that miracle Lord, asap. Lord, my husband been away for a long time now. I think it is high time for him to come home but how can he come home Lord, if my son doesn't want him home. So Lord, I am asking you to tell my son to join the service soon. He is my son my he needs to be on his own and not depend on us. Lord, please help and solve the situation/problem we have at home, Lord, please I beg you, in Jesus name amen....