Pray for Others

I have Faith and a strong conviction that my prayers will be answered - I pray for peace of mind/heart/body and soul - peace from my troubles and anxiety about driving to and from work and not having enough time with John. I pray that we are blessed with a windfall of finances so that we can retire and serve others in need. My platform would be to help the homeless as that is where my heart is - That is who my heart goes out to.

Im the reason why I'm struggling financially. I can't stop gambling. I gamble to make my situation better but it's worse. Please pray for me.

Please pray for me. I feel like I am being attacked by Satan in a huge way right now. He knows my weakness is my grandchildren and he is using a family to tear at our relationship because they want him back with a girl in their family who is shallow not a believer and not a lot of values. I feel like I can not make it through this and I am so worried about my grandson. He is insecure and not a Christian and can be swayed easily when he believes he is finding acceptance.

Lord you know the need

Dean -, - for accurate diagnosis and relief from sinus and dental problems

Please pray for me to find the right words to say to may husband. He has been out of work for several months and i feel like this is such a struggle in trying to encourage him to look for a job, he has not really looked and wants to figure out a way to go back into business for himself. i really need some support I do not know how much worry I can take feeling really overwhelmed at this point. in Jesus name I pray

Please pray for my 12 yr old daughter Nicole to receive God's healing blessing and to restore her fully. She has had a head injury and is suffering. Please pray for God to heal her. Also, pray for me to receive an immediate financial blessing. I am a single mother and need God's help now. Thank you and may God Bless You. Amen.

Dear Lord, please help my husband to see how blessed he is to have our family and to be content in our marriage. Please bring him closer to us and keep our family together. Please let him see the good in us instead of all of our flaws. My children need a happy stable home - thank you for your blessings.

Please pray for me I am so lost. I am so tired of working for nothing and seeing no way out. I cannot believe this is what God had in mind for me. But I need to know what he DOES have in mind and he is so silent. also please pray for my son that he wins his struggle with addiction. I can't take much more. thank you

Please pray for our family. Please pray that our lawyer is able to make it where Dallas can be enrolled in school up here. AMen.