Pray for Others

For my marriage, our family, guidance for our lives, for peace and harmony, for rebuilding of trust after my husband's affair which I pray his feelings for this woman will cease completely, for protection of our children, for our financial security. Lord please help

My cousin Benard had a bladder to colon conversion last Friday and he is not doing well will you please pray for him? His wife is Vicki and she is staying with him and she could use our prayers, too. Benard's Mother is 85 and she has been moved to a rehab and she doesn't know how bad her son is will you please pray for her that she will get stronger and be able to take care of herself? She wants to go home so bad but she isn't able. I love my family very much and would really appreciate you praying for them. God bless you for your prayers.

Please pray for my son Joel, that he will be well enough to get a small hernia repaired on Thursday.
Thank you!

I am going through a rough time our car needs a new transmission,and i owe the bank 1295.00,also lately it seems that since we moved my husband has lost 2pairs of glasses some money and it seems like we never have money left over to go out to a movie or have fun.Sometimes i wonder why we moved i was so happy where we lived,i wonder if God has a plan for us because we have had nothing but dissapointments,so please pray for a financial blessing.Thank You.

Please pray for our 16 year old son, Dan. Dan is a very handsome and talented boy who we adopted from the Philippines when he was 10 months old. He has a lot of emotional problems. Dan suffers from depression and he has anger issues. He also has a lot of anxiety. Please pray for peace and joy for him and that he learns God's will for him.
Thank you for your ministry of prayer.

Please pray for the success of our appeal letters to refund our money and to accept our hardship letters for our financial helps to the hospitals so that we can avoid collection agencies.

Please pray with me that my entire body will manifest perfect health.

Oh GOD please let me get some morey I am hungrey and I need to help m wif. Please GOD help me. please give me a miracle please. I pray this in your nam Please. Amen

prayers are needed that my husband is able to settle his nerves and stop worrying so much about food.and aging and about dying.

Please pray for our daughter Jenny who is a documentary film maker; she is in Egypt and plans to be in Tahrir Square tomorrow; it is the sight of the beginning of the Egyptian revolution one year ago; please pray for the safety of the Egyptian people.