Pray for Others

Hi my name is finnette and I am praying for me to get my mortgage loan modify and approve so that my mortgage can be lower.

my name is Jessica i need a prayer to help me with my job. I started the business along with my brother in law and it is not going well for me. to make a long story short he is a brutal man but if i quit now i lose all my stocks which he would really like. Please please pray for me i feel so helpless and scared.

Hello beloved - please pray for my husband to get a well paying full time job as a Landscape Operations Manager at either O- or V- Landscapes in the -, FL area. I am getting laid off on the 31st of Jan, and my husband has been under-employed for over two years. I need a rest from being the main breadwinner of the family. I pray the Lord shows me the direction he wants me to go as well. Thank you, God Bless

My Lord, please assist all who work at pubs, restaurants, malls, shops, and supermarkets. Encourage them and their families to stay faithful and rely daily on Your love, guidance, and care. Grant them hope, inner peace, tolerance, patience, and strength, I ask my prayer in Jesus name, Amen.

Please pray for Mary and Suz who are in need of healing for their
cancers..may God's grace shine upon them and bring them to health and healing. Give the the strength they need..Amen..j

Yes, please. This time for me & the various health issues that have had me up a tree for months now. Relief from hip pain; relief from pneumonia which keeps recurring & is causing heart problems. Please give me a better spirit, Lord. I am really down in the dumps. Thank you.

Please pray for Diane who is having cervical cancer surgery today..
May the Lord guide and provide her comfort and supply her needs.
May God supply the Drs with knowledge and skill..amen thanks..jk

Please pray that I do not loose my job of 12 years due to a bad decision that I have made. Please send prayers my way! GF

Please pray that my daughter Renee and I will reunite. I want my family to back together and complete. Thank you

pray for me ann - and my family and close friends for health ,finiancila wealth ,peace love and happiness.for myself health to heal my body and to get out of debt some kind of way. and to keep my job i am thankful for every aspect of my life. i just want a closer walk with god. and get my self in to a church home.thank jesus for every thing. amen