Pray for Others

Please ask God to soften my wife's heart, to forgive me and want to reconcile our marriage.

I took care of my mother for 2 years round the clock. It was a joy and a privilege. Now, 6 months later, I am still so fatigued I can hardly move. Please pray that I recover my health and energy. I still have my father to care for, and he needs more attention than I am able to give now. We need help. If I could just have my health restored, we could manage. Please pray for us.
Thank you and God bless you. Donna

I have been in a serious relationship for the past four years. We have helped raise is son(from another marriage) and have grown into a family. I messed up along the way and cheated. I know that I was wrong. God has forgiven me; however, my partner has not. We are now seperated; we have tried to get over this issue but he can't let it go. We were talking about getting married this year. I am asking for prayer request because I don't want to loose the person that I am in love with. He says he still loves me. I can't believe I gave into such temptation. I would like the Lord to take this hate and hurt out of my partners heart and fill it with the love and joy that we have had for the past four years. To keep temptations out of our paths right now and lead us back to each other. Fill is heart with the love that he has always had for me; so that, we can be more dedicated to each other than ever before. Help to heal his heart and protect what we have been building for the past four years.

That my daughter house will sell, her name is Terra

Lord, may I have the strength and fortitude, with you guidance, to weather the days ahead. Also, bless my family and friends.

Preston - Thanks for praying that this son's many decisions will be fully in line with the will of Christ concerning furthering his education, career moves and relationships. He has many major decisions going right now. Thanks ever so much for praying that each one will line up with the will of Christ.

Zac - Thanks with all my heart for praying for this son to remain alcohol free and graduate from college a.s.a.p. Please pray for nothing to interrupt his educational process. God bless you each of His prayer warriors.

Pray for our Weekend Retreat at the Youth Academy (Boys Unit) we will be ministering. The we reach the Boys spiritually.

Please pray that God will show me a direction to go in life. I am very unhappy in my current situation and long for a change. Pray that God will show me an opportunity to change my life.

Oh Lord, you know life is hard at the moment. I lost my job in October and my mother died in November. It has been hard to find my feet again. Thank God I am energized again. Please pray and give thanks that my application for a job at A******** may be successful, that I may find a suitable man to spend my life with and that I may find a good value apartment. Please Lord hear my prayer and my thanks!