Pray for Others

Please pray for my family today, I need prayer as I have just gotten into a new relationship with someone and I am wanting this to work as I have not had a relationship in over eight yrs. Due to the fact of being hurt. Pray for my daughter who is in jail today that God will do miracles in her life. Praise God

Good morning,
My husband and I are going through a most difficult time and he says that he wants to leave. Please help us stay together and be stronger than ever. I know we can work through this if he gave us a fighting chance.i am 7 months pregnant. I prayer that our family stays together.
Thank you for all your blessings upon my family.

Please pray dear friends for a solution to issues I face with finances and bills. Allow me to get a good job close to home with benefits. In Jesus name I pray amen

I know God loves me and I'm never alone, but I'm lonely today. I don’t drink much, but when I do I don’t stop until I pass out. The other week I went out with a friend and don’t remember leaving the bar and I feel terrible about it. I feel like I have no one. My mother is deceased. My dad and sister are very judgmental and verbally and emotionally abusive. Please pray that I never drink again, and that God places some very good friends in my life. And that my dad and sister turn to God and they stop being mean. I’m single so please pray that God will send me a wonderful husband and that God will bless my small business and my health. Thank you!

My son Henry is seeking the Lord and has gotten quite confused from all the different information other people and religion are saying. He now acts as if he is losing his mind. I know that this is demonic. Please pray that he be delivered and returns to the true God of his childhood. He lost his sister, my daughter, and his grandmother, suddenly in April 2011, and is not handling it well. Now he has been told that his wife of ten years , with three small children, the youngest 11 months old, has cervical cancer. I know that these trials are nothing for the Great and Awesome I serve, But two can put ten thousands to flight.Wife's name is Rebecca, also the oldest child has been diagnosed with autism, he is seven,Kendrick is his name.God is a healer. Amen

Michael needs to become a born again Christian ASAP, and believe in Jesus Christ because he needs: Salvation for being an abusive husband/father they need relief from his atitude, he doesn't live with them.

Please pray for me so that I can be without the pain that I have in my liver and is very uncomfortable and hard to bare and please pray so that the good Lord makes it possible to have my blood test be negative and I don't have to be taking a lot of drugs. Thank you for your help and have a good day, God Bless you all.

My brother Steve is in hospital and will be having a heart cath. tomorrow possible new blockage also my parents are having health problems. Please keep them and my family in your prayers.

Greetings in Jesus' name. Please pray for me that i will be able to find a more stable job to support my family's needs ang also help me pray that i will be able to continue to lead my family in a more deeper relationship with the Lord. God bless.

Thank you for all of your prayers for our son Trent. He is out of the hospital, feeling better and back to work. Please continue to pray for him and for all people with cystic fibrosis. Also, please continue to pray that all the changes in Trent's life are good and planned by God. He is moving to a new place with new roommates. Please pray for God's guidance in this and all things in his life. Please pray that he will hear God's guidance and follow it. Thank you so much for your continued prayers for our son!!!!