Pray for Others

My heart is heavy for our grandchildren. We wish that my daughter and son in law would be more attentive and more caring towards them. It's like they don't have time for them because they are too busy watching tv or doing what they want to do. The oldest, who is 15, comes to me for advice or just to talk because she knows I'll listen. I'm not saying I was a perfect parent, but I'm a better grandparent than I was a parent. I've asked God to place His hand on the parent's heart and help them feel and see what they need to do.

Heavenly Father,
Please allow my daughter to have courage and strength to pass her pharmacy school exam and pass with a 90% or greater on this Friday 1/28/12 She is working so hard.. In JESUS name we pray.

I am having major surgery in February and having a lot of anxiety. I am trying to just put it in God's hands and have faith so I would love the additional prayer support. Thank you

Please pray for Parker that he can go to school and the babysitter without having panic attacks.He is only 4 and always loved both places.He is fine once he is dropped off and his mom is gone.Please pray he will learn to not panic when he goes,and loves it like he use to.Thank You

Heavenly Father - Please grant me a financial blessing that will allow me to pay off my credit card, buy back my retirement service and quit my second job so that I can spend time with my family. I miss them so much and I am so tired. Thank you. Amen.

Please pray that my depression is lifted and for me to receive the baptism of the Holy Spirit and that my son, Jimmy, and sister, Cherry, return to the Lord. Please pray that my other sisters, brother, and their children find the Lord before it is too late. Thank you and God bless you, Angie

I have been diagnosed with a bulging disc in my lower back whick
causes me much pain. I would appreciate your prayers for healing. Thank you C. -

Please come along side me asking for prayer for the restoration of my marriage and the protection of our family against the enemy. I ask to have victory over the enemy and the hold he has upon my spouses heart,soul,mind and spirit. Our family is truly hurting and we would ask the Lord to reign his tender mercies upon this horrid situation...that my spouse would not let the enemy take over. Please Lord we pray. Amen

Please pray that I will go in the right direction concerning my calling, that I can find the right training. And also that I can find income for myself to pay bills, get out of debt, and move out of my elderly mothers home. Thank you.

pray for my fiances