Pray for Others

please help pray with me for my children to remain close to each other please help me get joey back please help me with this cause pray now with me all of you help me now amen

I am asking for healing of memories for my friend DB. She is a victim of childhood sexual abuse by a parent who is now deceased. The pain and trauma of the abuse... and all the far-reaching effects that go with it... continue to this day even though DB is an outstanding, Godly woman whose ministry is focused on helping others. I believe she needs the Lord's healing touch on every part of her mind, body and spirit to take away the horror of that abuse for good. THANK YOU SO MUCH!!

I need help with getting out of debt. I set my mind on it and suddendly my work slowed. I now God doesn't want me to be in debt so will you pray with me that he'll show me the answer and provide the means to do it? Thank you and God Bless you.
Also, please pray the cancer will be gone from my mom and she'll have pain relief all over her body.

I wanted to say, that I thank you for your prayers,, all is a little better at home with family ...Thank you so much.. Today was a very productive day .. Tank you for your prayer.. I have a job interview tomorrow please pray for meso I can get dis job. to make my home better. and my grandson starts daycare too.. Thank you so much..

Janet- straightening out tax concerns

pray for me to lose 40lbs. pray for my job and also our weather.
pray for my husband and my health problems. pray for my son
and daughter-in-law and for her nurse aide training. pray for
my grandchildren.

DLR has hurt me, so has JAT. I had counted on miracles coming into my life through both of them. Thank you for showing me the truth, and now I pray for healing and separation from them both and ask God to hear my pain. Amen.

May God forgive me for my sexual pleasure I struggle with this offen. That God will take this desire from me. And weather I should move to Tenn. I need God's guidance and forgiveness. Please help me Father.

PLease pray that my son finds full-time employment soon so that he will not lose his newborn daughter. Please pray that he finds an apartment soon also. Please pray that I am not sued by the persons that caused an accident that injured me and my family. Please pray that I am able to get my home repaired soon and that I am able to make my mortgage payment. I am now two months behind. In Jesus name--Amen

Pray that I find a job soon and that I have the money to pay off my school loans.