Pray for Others

Please pray for our son-in-law who has a very serious infection of his foot. Please pray for healing and that the physician will address the infection with the appropriate treatment including anitbiotics that will be most effective. Also if he cannot prescribe successfully, pray that Steve will seek a further medical care. thank you for your time and caring.

Heavenly father, your will be done, I ask for blessing my mother Adela - from all the oain she is in, remove it please, I cant even go there without getting hurt with what we need from you is healing, I ask for blessing me with the strenght to go on, 7 to trust in you to help, I need for my mother to be healed right now that is what is needed, I ask for blessing here with knowing that you are blessing her with healing, I ask fo rblessing her with your touch of healing today, thank you in jesus christ name, Amen.

Lord I humbly come to u for help! I m oppressed almost every night and early mornings by the enemy. Its been non stop for many many years already and I cannot take it anymore even if u tell me to have faith and pray. I pray that u give me rest and peace Lord from the spiritual fight; it seems I cannot get out of this tunnel but I rely on you Lord! Have pity on me like u did in the Gospel and let me shout for joy when u will bless me and deliver me! Lord hear my prayer!

my daughter Sara is going through a lot and has turned to drinking she's got a real problem with alcohol... She needs prayer could you please pray for her?

My name is Floy- and I want you to pray for me cause I live in daily pain for about 4 years now cause of 3 falls on my low back. One fall messed up one part of my low back and I will always have pain there. Pray that the doctors can find a way to fix that pain without paralizing my legs.

Hi and thank you faithful prayer warriors! Appreciating You!
Please pray for continued healing from diagnosis of a rare nerve and muscle disorder. Doctors were unsure I'd be able to walk again...was not able to walk for 2 years; however God has allowed me to be on my feet again for short periods. Will you pray for restoration and healing of nerve and muscle function so that I can work consistently. Also due to inactivity my gall bladder was affected as well. Pray for restoration here also. Thank You so much! You are a BLESSING!!!

I am asking for everyone to pray for my son. He is in a bad place right now. We need the LORD to put his hands out and redirect him. We are very worried. We dont know how long we will have him if we do not get some help from the LORD. Please pray for him we love our son dearly.

please pray for healings for jackie,garry,greg,ashley,katie,steven,kelly amen

Please pray for Amy who has iv stage cancer. She is suppose to start radiation today for ten days on her pelvic area. She is in so much pain I wish to GOD I could take this cancer from my daughters body. Her father is looking into clinical studies I pray to GOD that she able to get into one and that it works. It is so hard to watch my beloved child suffer so much I Feel so hopeless. Please GOD hear our prayers heal my precious daughter. Please pray for Amy. Thank you and God Bless. Barbara

my daughter Sara is going through a lot and has turned to drinking she's got a real problem with alcohol... She needs prayer could you please pray for her?