Pray for Others

Please pray for Todd's health and well-being, job security and that he finds a wonderful lady to spend his life with. Thanks

Please pray for Jill to have strenght to handle all the challenges in her life and that she will be happy. Thank you

I have had stomach bloating and pain for over 18 months and no doctor's have been able to explain why. Please pray God heal's me from this affliction and eliminate the pain. I can't fasten my clothes around my waist, everything causes pain. Thank you

My grandson Gabriel has been living w/us for over 3mo. and refuses to return to my former daughter-in-law after she told him to leave and had me come pick him up.Hes hurt an angry coz she not once tried to call him or come to see him, not even on the holidays an kept the other 4 siblings from us. Hes happy here an pleas to stay. His dad lives here also. My husband and I helped raise these babies since they lived here for 12 yrs.We jus cannot get free legal help since she has already used them. We pray for Our Lord to please make a way where there is no way in the courts. Gabriel is 14. His other 2 brothers also want to come home here. I also pray for her to have find love in her heart for us again. We can learn to live in love again, I believe this. God bless you and your family also. thanks P. C.

My husband said something dirty to a granddaughter.
Please pray that he would repent of such horrid behavior.
Thank you for your prayers.

I have been having some vague symptoms such as numbness and tingling, weakness in various parts of my body. I was seen by a neurologist yesterday and I have to undergo test on Monday to rule out several serious conditions in which this could be. Please pray that God will heal me and give me peace from worry and anxiety about this condition. I believe that God can do all things. Thank you. Jamie

I have been battling self esteem for about 5 years now. I do not look in the mirror and i am terrified to take pictures. Acne left me with darkness on my face and some acne scarring. Most of all it left me with emotional scars. I pray that through your prayer and support that the LOrd will put his hands on my body and heal me inside and out. I pray that one day i will love myself fully and be able to look back and tell people how Jesus brought me through. I KNOW that the lord can do this for me. I just need extra support and prayer to help recieve my blessing. I pray that you have mercy and take the time to pray for me. I would greatly appreciate your help and time. I hope that in return God blesss you. My prayer is to just be restored fully. Amen.

Hello My Name is Charlene - I a asking you to,pray for me in need for you to pray for me. I am going through a lot. I applied for a Loan Modificaion for 2.0 Affordable Mortgage. please pray for me My Mortgage is bank and they said
they are working on it. They told me it would take 30 days
for me to get an answer i applied for a 2.0 and i am aking God he Father to give it to me. Pray for my husband charles he is sick. please pray for me to keep our home. please pray for my tow son's Dushawnt and Duvon that they will find a job. it is hard but I am trying very hard.I am praying for a Motgage for $1000.dollars to 1,300 a month. please pray for me that i can get this done because it would me my life much I can pay my bils. I love you all. Please Keep my Grand Children Minko and Jonah safe. they are 4 years old and 7 years. They need
my home to come to and enjoy i love them very much.Only God can make this happen no one else.Please pray for me 24/7. I love you.

Prayer for salvation for husband, kids, son & daughter in law, nephews,. For Restoration of marriage and for our love to be renewed. For Spiritual, physical and emotional healing, financial blessings to pay our debt and be debt free. For the Kingdom of God to be established in our lives, my marriage, my husband and my kids lives. In Jesus Christ name, Amen!  

Please pray for me. I just want one friend to go places with me. I am a middle aged, nice married lady who is a Christian but can't seem to find friends. I don't have any bad habits but it seems like everybody has somebody and I am left out in the cold. Husband is content to just stay at home and read.