Pray for Others

Please pray that I find a full time job position soon.
Thank you,
Barb L.

Please pray for my husband Chris can be happy and out of his depression that I know that I caused two years ago. For my family and my children please help him to snap out of it and find a way to deal and cope with his anger and his hurt. I am with him and love him but he needs prayer and understanding that I do care for him. Continue to pray for our family........

Please pray for today's afternoon phone call to E.B. will be positive, prayer she will agree to Tuesday am visit.

Please pray for my brother, Larry, who is having follow-up testing after being diagnosed with cancer last year. Please pray that all the tests come back negative. Thank you and God bless. CG

i applied for this class and its a choice from my heart..Please pray for me that i get this i.c.t.t class...plz let my lord fight for me

Please pray for my business as we are going through a time of crisis. We need an urgent infusion of cash, (a miracle) we need come contracts to come through, we need favor with those to whom we are indebted, we need new and fresh ideas to compete and we need financing to purchase new equipment. PLEASE MAKE THIS AN URGENT PRAYER!

Please pray for 13 year-old Joshua to behave extremely well in school and to do all of his homework without a struggle and to EXCEL with "A" performance as he is very smart! Thank you and God bless you!!!

Lord, help me to develop my passion to help the needy. I pray that my plans are in accordance to His will.
I pray for my son Keith to get closer to the Lord and to get a job.
I pray for my daughter Rhonda to know God as I am beginning to know Him. To trust Him to lead her path. And not wait until she is 60 to find out how great God is and that He can give her the pieace she so despreatly needs and wants.
My name is Minnie -.

Heavenly Father, Louis and Linda. I thank you that all things are possible. I pray for the miracle of love. Restore, renew and grow us. Do a new thing, Father. Bless with with a future together that glorifies you. I pray that our relationship progresses to a joyous, intimate, Christ centered, marriage. Please grant the desires of my heart. Your will be done. In the name of Jesus. Amen.

Would you please pray for My mom's (Della) back. pelvic, legs,and feet to be healed of arthris, swelling,pain and good restults on her CEA and all blood work from Dr. today? Also, for my sister's (Sheila) face, nose, eyes, swelling, pain. She has no money to go to Dr., they said it could be a stroke or cellulitius or? Please pray for them to be healed and finances for all our families.
Thank you and God Bless.