Pray for Others

Piecr prayers into my prayers agianst the Antichrist and Devil in a book :Noustradomous: who predicted 9/11 and then atomic stuff so I put a whole works of prayers into his proficies since he had that one. agianst mass murder and thou shall not kill. I bless u for ur prayer minister mike

Pray healing to all my "kingdom of god is near to you" that I did on kindle joy. past futor and present. I am a prayer worrior and I got to much cancer and people in the hospitle. Could use some healt stuff. I need past on this ones I found old ones and blessed a few pages so make sure they were back their. I have my efforts blessed past,futor and present by a priest. I bless u for urnprayer minister mike

Heavenly Father, have mercy on me. Bless me with the miracle of love. Intervene on my behalf, do a new thing, Father. Restore, renew and grow my relationship with Louis. Bless us with a Christ centered love and lives together that glorify you. Help me, Father, have mercy on me and grant me favor, help us. Bless me with the desires of my heart. All things are possible. Your will be done. In Jesus' name. Amen.

I am requesting prayer for my husband's health please.... he has been having trouble with his blood pressure and other health problems.. Please pray God to touch my husband and heal him and bless him with a healthy body ....... I also am asking prayer for a Financial blessing, as I am taking care of my mother, and could really use God's blessings upon me..... and I am asking prayer for my Friend, Jacobo, from Mexico. I ask for restored communication, as I am trying to teach Jacobo about the Bible , and Jesus .. but I cannot do this without has been weighing heavy on my heart, please pray for his salvation, and that he will be saved and give himself to God..... Thank you to everyone who prays for my requests.

Dear Lord: I pray that you help me find the right job so that I can take care of my family....wherever it maybe. I thank you for the gifts you have bestowed on me and know that if I open my heart and mind to your guidance the right opportunity will come my way with your guidance.
Thank you Lord.

Please pray for the return of my little 10-yr-old male Italian Greyhound, Basil. He's been missing since midnight last night.

I live on an SSI/disability check, and I am afraid I will run out of money before I get my next check. Please pray for my finances.

Please pray that god will heal my manhood and masculinaty as a child I was molested please pray thank you.

I would like a prayer for my son, Jeffrey, seventeen years old, who is suffering from bone marrow disorder. All his blood cells are low, including the plateletes. Doctors feel that the only remedy is to transplant the bone marrow from a matching donor. But this carries a lot of risks, and I'm waiting for a miracle from God, so that he does not have to go through this horrible procedure. Please pray for my son, Jeffrey. Thanks.

Please pray that god will heal my manhood and masculinity I was raped as a child and now I am so unable to get a hold of myself please help.