Pray for Others

Pray that i do not lose my job

money to pay all my bills and buy myself a house and also a buyer for my stand

My name is Lori from -, MN. I was told I would not have a job in two weeks. I have no savings and child support for my 2nd child ends in June when he graduates from high school.
I need a job that will pay enough so we can stay in our modest house and maintain my old car. I want to do God’s will, work where He needs me and use my gifts and skills in a job that I enjoy going to each day.
I ask for discernment so I can recognize people who have been placed in my path to guide me and recognize opportunities that become available.
I ask for focus and energy so I may find my new job in two weeks so I do not have to rely on unemployment again and risk losing our home.
Thank you Guidepost prayers!

I have a tough situation at work. Additional duties were given to me 2 years ago after budget cuts/layoffs. This decision was ill-advised. Other people should be doing it. They know it. They do nothing to help. I am trying to state my case to all involved. Nobody is listening. I am becoming more frustrated with this situation. This situation is harming our business by harming my job efficiency. I am becoming more concerned that my job will be at risk when then this blows up. Sooner or later it will! Im in my 50s. I am in a business that has a long history of casting aside mature employees in order to hire younger/pay less. Getting this job 10 yrs ago was a small miracle. I cant see lightning striking twice if I lose this job.

Healing in my body

Please pray for my niece. She is in a coma after she gave birth by c section this past Sunday. By God's grace there are signs she is getting better! She still has a long way to go. Please pray that she continues to get better and that she will soon wake up from this coma. She has a new baby boy and four beautiful girls that need her.

I request that my partners in prayer will pray for my relationship with Mike. I feel that the LORD has blessed me with this person in my life, but he has some issues he needs to work thru. I pray that the LORD will bless me with patience and understanding.
I also ask for prayer for a serious matter in my job. It is very stressful right now and investigations going on. I have asked for a transfer to get out of the negative environment that I am in

Father, save, protect, provide, heal, grant mercy, wisdom, favor, comfort, peace, grace, restoration and love to my family, loved ones and me. Darrick, Barbara, Louis, Linda, Karyn, Rickey, Dee, Karyn, Jill, Marcus, Carla, Heather, Dorian, Christine, Joe, Ratisha, Reginald, Claudia, Cheryl and unnamed loved ones and friends. Thank you Father. In the name of Jesus. Amen.

its my prayer this year that i become stable in my walk with God and also to be lifted up in every area of my life.
thank you

Thank you Lord for all of your answered prayers and blessings. I love you Lord. Please pray that forgiveness, happiness and love find my husband's heart tomorrow. I pray tomorrow is a better day. I pray that my husband allows us to move forward happily. I pray that no one or nothing come between my father and husband ever again. I pray for success and happiness for my husband at his new job. I pray that David West finds a nice woman very soon to love and be loved by. I pray for happiness and peace for all of those requesting prayer support. In Jesus' precious Name I pray, Amen.