Pray for Others

Unspoken request from a mother's heart that all will go well for her son and that he will experience healing--spiritually and physically.

Lord get me my medication and allow me to do it with ease Lord make it totally easy and make all of my coworkers respect me and bless me God show up and bless my life continously and God shower me with your devine presence and help me to give to Cameron for his chrity and help him to respect me to help him get saved tot the kingdom of God I ask all these things in Jesus holy name Amen

Please pray that H. will have a good week at work, and that he will experience peace and joy in his life. Thanks.

Please pray for Joy who rushed to the hospital due to pain. She will probably need surgery today or tomorrow. Please ask for God's hand to protect her and heal her body. Please ask that her doctor's use wisdom and skill in helping her. Ask and you will receive in Jesus Name.

My long time friend Almeda posted this on her fb account and really does need lots of special prayer. Thank you and God bless.
Is currently dealing with a lot, which is God's way of sifting through my life to see what friends will still be hanging in there with me at the end. God Bless you all to night....Sweet dreams you all's.

Please pray for Church. We are now on our second day of a twenty one days fast and prayer. Kindly pray that all leaders and other believers will be united in prayer and that we be in one Spirit as we intercede on behalf of our country (Belize) and for the church and believers needs. Delphin

God,I humbly ask you to please be with me thursday when I have my medical scopes done at 1 pm. Please guide the doctors and help them. I know that YOU can heal me because You ARE the Great Physcian, the maker of all things, so please lay Your hands on me and heal me. Give me your strength, comfort and peace.I give You all the praise and glory for these answered prayers and for all things good in my life. I ask this in Jesus name. Amen. Claudia

Please pray for my 25 year old daughter who recently graduated from college with her master's degree and started a new job. She hates her job, hates living in Dallas and is very depressed. She has a strong faith but right now she doesn't see the point of living and I'm very worried about her. She calls me in tears every night. Please pray that God will give me words of wisdom and encouragement to say to her and that He will show her something positive in her life and help her to make the right decisions concerning her future.

13 yr old grandaughter in kidney failure 4 days ago,now in Hospital awaiting kidney transplant in next 8 months.Prayers for complete healing of these kidneys so that no transplant necessary in Jesus' Name Amen.

My 13-year marriage is struggling and my husband refuses to submit to the Lord. He says he's angry with God and wants nothing to do with Him but he agrees to pray with me. Also, he's been out of a job since Jan. 2011. My children have been witnessing our awful, loud arguing and are really feeling the effects. Please pray for us!