Pray for Others

My husband found out yesterday he will be loosing his job within the next two weeks. All customer contracts have been put on hold indefinitely because of the European debt crisis. we have lost evrything already and my husband has lost his health too.could you please pray for us and all people in similar situations.

PLEASE this is an emergency. My daughter Danielle is going thru a very ugly custody battle over my 17 month old grandson. They are both great parents but just NOT together.
He has his family and their expencive Lawyer on his side and was told by Public Defender to get a better one because he is always usually wins. She has no money, no place to go and no car. She has a job but his is better. If she loses her son it WILL kill her. This is the hardest month in her life. They were to young to have him but they did the right thing and kept him. PLEASE PLEASE I can't be there for her I am to far away and no money or job to pay for air fair. It kills me to know my baby is hurting this bad and I can't help. With your prayers and mine I put my trust in the LORD!!! Amen

Lord I pray for the financial wisdom to pay off my debt and create no more debt. Lord I pray John - and myself have a lifetime of peace and happiness together. Lord I pray our relationship is based in love respect trust honesty and open communiction. Lord I pray I am able to purchase the house in September 2012. Amen

Please pray for wisdom and a better closer relationship with GOd for me....I am struggling with trusting GOD, because my life has been so hard.

I need prayer. I'm thinking of joining a nearby church, but have a lot of fear from earlier bad church experiences. I'd love it if you would join with me in asking God's help in healing the anxiety I have.
Thank you and God bless you all richly!

Please pray with me for my Great Niece Amanda going through sa custody battle that God will know the best for the baby and keep her with her mommy.

need healing of stomach pains. i am feeling really low, need God to touch me today in a special way. My cross is getting to heavy to bear. PLEASE help me God !!!!!!

Please pray my strength in the Lord and my re-dedication to being a good Christian and servant of God.

I request prayer for my husband and i we have been going through some difficult times in our marriage. Also for the other family whos lives have been disrupted.

Please pray that the lord will heal me comepletelt of my infermitys and that he will bless me with the geace to overcome all fears thank you.