Pray for Others

Dear God,
Help me to straighten out our financial problems. I place this need before You knowing that You will guide us to a good solution. Please grant us the patience and tolerance necessary to calm our spirits and help us to remember that You have everything under Your control and we have nothing to fear or worry. In Jesus’ name, Amen.

I pray Dear Lord you bless and help these people in Alaska.
Let your face shine upon them.
In Jesus name. Amen

Lord Jesus, I need your special blessings in my life right now. In Jesus Name I Pray Thank You Amen B

Asking for prayer that he will not get involved with her. Jesus, please put an end to this before it begins.

Please pray for those who do not know how to pray for themselves. Pray for me, my family, and our Country. Pray for those who are homebound and unable to care for themselves and those who are caregivers. I will pray for you today.

Pray for Charlene. She is in the hospital with steriod induced psychosis.

Continued healing of body and mind. Thank you!

please pray for my family. My husband and son do not speak and this is tearing our family apart. PLease ask god that they find forgiveness in their hearts

Please pray for myself and my husband. The Lord knows our needs. Thank you for your prayers!

my husband had an affair that lasted several months, the affair is now over but he is still not back home. I believe he is punishing himself for the pain he has cause to our children and me. I Do forgive him and the other women and I just want my hussband back home with our family. I would like for the my family to be whole again. Please say a prayer for the devil to leave my husband and make my family whole again.