Pray for Others

God, I am coming to you and your followers with a dilemma. I am in a relationship that has the odds stacked against us. My girlfriend lives in New York and I live in California. I have never seen this woman, but I love her because she is sweet, affectionate and understanding.
But there are some personal differences and issues between us. I have ADHD and she has manic depression. I am a battle hardened Marine who grew up in the wrong side of the tracks and she grew up privileged and sheltered. She's in the east coast and I'm in the west coast, so we literally have an entire country between us. I am weak with anger and she is weak with emotional instability. But, there are times when I do need her emotional tenderness so that I may gain clarity. I wouldn't be asking for any prayers if I didn't love her. I waited a year to get in contact with this woman and finally call her mine. But, now that her and I are in a relationship, I am coming as a lost man in need God's wisdom and blessings. I need God's blessings for us as individuals and us as a couple. I am reaching out to God and his followers because I know God can and will grant me the wisdom and strength to defeat all odds. Life may create odds, but God created life.

I would like to pray for a friend of mine who has ongoing health issues. He's had 3 bouts of cancer and has been on dialysis for 10 years. He has helped my departed family members before he got seriously sick. My departed brother said he had a good heart. I pray for his internal healing.His name is Kirk.

Please pray for my wife.She is pregnant and we worked very hard to get here. I pray that God would protect my wife and our unborn child. I pray that God would see fit to allow us to have a normal healthy child with no side effects to my wife or the baby and that He would guide and help us through the decisions we need to make during this time. I also pray that we can build our savings for the future, that we would both stay employed in our jobs and make wise financial decisions.

Thank you for letting me send my prayer request. My request is that My husband of 24 yrs. will come to know the Lord. And my other request is that this will be the year that I get a full-time job. My God bless you all. Thank you,

Jillanna, crohn's disease, diabetes, sjorgrens disease, other multiple illnesses, lost job due to illness, depressed, doesn't see why she's here. Was a faithful Christian and now is mad at God because things continue to get worse, not better. Husband divorced her...devastated. Turned down for disability and public aid. Only income is $250.00 maintainance from ex.

Please pray I dont need surgery. In Jesus Name

Good Morning! As a teacher, I need prayer for my finances and a need to possibly relocate to help aging parents, if that is God's will. I may be having interviews in March. I'm praying for God's direction for employment.
I also have a heavy heart of lonliness....being 55 and single for the past 11 yrs, due to an EX having an affair. I just don't understand why it is so difficult to find a good Christian man. Maybe I'm supposed to be alone. I just can't seem to be content with that.
Thank You!
Cathy in -, AZ

I need prayer for healing of my left side jaw. Recently I bit on some frozen fruit and injured my left jaw. Now left-sided sleeping causes my jaw to hurt. Past injuries to my right shoulder and neck had restricted me to sleeping on the left side. Now I can not sleep on any side. I am very tired from lack of sleep. I am 70 years old and need good sleep.

Please pray for my daughter's family, especially my grandchildren, Morgan & Max, going through a divorce of their parents and house foreclosure. Pray that they don't turn to drugs and alcohol and for my daughter's success in her education. Thank you.
Dorothy -

-please be with me and guide me and pray for me during these trying times. I have a job - and I thank you for that. Please let me make more money so I can live and can bring Glenda and my family here. Please ask GOD to help me with the money that I own on Tuesday Jan 17th. Please GOD I need a miracle. - please bring to me a Miracle. I pray this in GOD's holy name Amen